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elenchus , 1 virtue knowledge of human good, 2 human good virtue itself 1 human good virtue 2 virtue is knowledge, yes, but not of human good but of a higher universal good akrasia cynic, skeptic stoic school , One is chained by the Socratic love of knowledge and the delusion of being able thereby to heal the eternal wound of existence , This is interesting and particularly strong in the first chapter and fifth chapter The first chapter deals with other sources we have for Socrates as well as an entire genre we see referenced even if we only have Xenophon and Plato The next chapters on Plato s Socrates are interesting but truly introductory Although Taylor does do justice to some of the problems of Socrates s presentation of truth and goodness in Plato s dialogues as well as Plato s apparent evolving of the Socratic position The fourth chapter traces how all the Hellenistic philosophies but the Eupicureans and the Pyrrhic skepticism traced their lineage to Plato including the hyper hedonistic Cyrenaics and the Academic skeptics The last chapter gets a little muddled between Hegel and Nietzsche, but the exposition of both Hegel s position on Socrates and Nietzsche s is excellent I would say this is one of the few of these Very Brief introductions that is actually an introduction in the true sense while also including just enough that a knowledgable layman or even a specialist could get something from it. This is one of the most obscure, poorly written, jargon full pieces of nonsense I have ever read I hated it I hated the writing, and while the figure of Socrates is interesting, here there is no sense of him or his philosophies there is only lots and lots of impenetrable academic pomp that made me want to tear my hair out An INTRODUCTION to Socrates, as this is labeled, should not attempt to confuse its reader nor actively make them wish to stop reading said introduction The point of language is to provide human beings the means with which to communicate to one another Academics who write like this, without metaphor and seeking only to uplift their own inflated egos, are doing a disservice both to academia and to those wishing to learn I am now soured on this series. Socrates A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions 27 , C.C.W TaylorIn this book, Christopher Taylor explores the relationship between the historical Socrates and the engaging and infuriating figure who appears in Plato s dialogues, and examines the enduring image of Socrates as the ideal exemplar of the philosophic life a thinker whose moral and intellectual integrity permeated every detail of his life, even in the face of betrayal and execution by his fellow Athenians. The general historical and biographical background was helpful, as was some of the information on textual evidence about Socrates outside of Plato s works The philosophical sections didn t reference as much contemporary Plato scholarship as I would have liked, and some parts, such as the section on Socrates s disavowal of wisdom, seem to stray from textual evidence when doing so isn t really necessary Overall, though, a helpful introduction. Socrates has an eternally intriguing and enigmatic figure This book attempts to aim at the historical Socrates, and discovers unsurprisingly that there is not much to hit at the other end He discusses the relevance, naturally, of Plato s dialogues and the Apology, but also, interestingly, Xenophon s Memorabilia Put together, this makes for a study that promises rather than it delivers. chapter 5 was getting a little bit confusing until Nietzsche came in and the flow of the book recovered.Taylor also mentions different views of Socrates historicity and tries to stay neutral as the accounts available to us vary overall ,a quick read and a fairly examined introduction to Socrates. Socrates Has A Unique Position In The History Of Philosophy It Is No Exaggeration To Say That Had It Not Been For His Influence On Plato, The Whole Development Of Western Philosophy Might Have Been Unimaginably Different Yet Socrates Wrote Nothing Himself, And Our Knowledge Of Him Is Derived Primarily From The Engaging And Infuriating Figure Who Appears In Plato S Dialogues In This Book, Christopher Taylor Explores The Relationship Between The Historical Socrates And The Platonic Character, And Examines The Enduring Image Of Socrates As The Ideal Exemplar Of The Philosophic Life A Thinker Whose Moral And Intellectual Integrity Permeated Every Detail Of His Life, Even In The Face Of Betrayal And Execution By His Fellow Athenians It is different than what I expected.Though this might be true Socrates wrote nothing himself, and our knowledge of him is derived primarily from the engaging and infuriating figure who appears in Plato s dialogues I expected from the book. A bit than an introduction Fairly technical.