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aer 4 5.98 01 11 T M K TAPLARINI BU K TABIN EV RMEN NDEN OKUMAK N MR MDEN 5 SENE FEDA EDEB L R M W K C Guthrie s incredible series A History of Greek Philosophy begins here with Volume I The Earlier Presocratics and the Pythagoreans Originally published in 1962, this volume, and the series continues to be reprinted today, and for good reason Professor Guthrie manages to make the entire subject very readable and very informative He provides tremendous notes as well as insights into his reasoning as to why he considers the information he provides to be correct This is very important to the subject overall, but especially when covering the early philosophers, most of whom are only known through the words of others.At first glance this book appears to be a very weighty 500 pages, but once one starts reading it they realize that Professor Guthrie is able to discuss the subject matter in a fairly easy to understand way That is not to say that there aren t areas which are difficult to follow due to the contrary information which different sources provide, but Professor Guthrie manages to navigate these areas with skill and without leaving the reader behind.The volume opens with a couple of introductory chapters and then proceeds to take on the earliest philosophers, The Milesians This chapter looks at Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes and though the information is scant, Guthrie collects the small fragments from many sources to put together a picture of these three very early philosophers It is the following chapter Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans which is the real meat of this volume At 200 pages it is a very detailed look at what is known, and not known about the philosophy religion, its founder, and those who came a bit later The chapter on The Milesians is easy to follow, partly because so little is known that there aren t contradicting sources for the most part, but with the Pythagoreans Guthrie has to fight against the biases of the sources in order to reach his conclusions, and he supports those conclusions very well.After the Pythagoreans, the chapters on Alcmaeon whom Guthrie separates from the Pythagoreans for good reason and Xenophane, the poet philosopher are fairly easy going, quite informative, and even entertaining to a certain degree The volume then closes with a chapter on Heraclitus, which offers a very strong discussion on the differences of opinion on that philosopher, similar, though certainly not as complex as the chapter on the Pythagoreans.This is a six volume series, which unfortunately ended with the passing of Professor Guthrie in 1981 and so it ends a bit prematurely but that doesn t change the value of the volumes which were published Volume II picks up where this volume leaves off and finishes Guthrie s discussion of the Presocratics, but this volume can also stand on its own as a tremendous achievement. A seriously dense, yet rewarding, book about early days of Greek philosophy This is the first of total 6 volumeA History of Greek Philosophyby the author.This is NOT popular reading Plenty of scholarly ponderance, weighing the source, etc Guthrie was full blown classicist of the 20th century, and it shows If you are first timer in Presocratic Philosophy, there are suitable books Among the newer ones is John Barnes The Presocratic Philosophers if you re looking for freebie, then John Burnet s Early Greek Philosophers can help It s public domain Yet if you are willing to go the extra mile, then Guthrie s book it is Not only he explained context and subtext of the first Greek philosophers, he never shied to quote his fellow scholars and did philological analysis He paid attention to difficulties extracting ideas from fragments, and perhaps most edifyingly he linked what philosopher influenced whom, what philosopher wrote review on another, etc Not always easy to read, but once you get the hang of it, it s worthwhile.Guthrie also didn t transliterate his Greek letters So it s good to prepare yourself first in that regard.In the end, only read this if you ve been familiar with Greek philosophy for some time. Really good book So far I m a Heraclitus fan, with all his contradictions in drawing apart, it draws together and Immortal mortals and mortal immortals living the death of these, and dying the life of those Pythagoras and his beans gave me hours of amusement and several interesting conversations with workmates and friends. Un llibre escrit amb amor i passi per un autor que t un coneixement profund de la filosofia antiga Enganxa i aprens Qualsevol cosa menys un manual. Just not what I was looking for I was hoping to read about the beliefs of the philosophers but too much time is spent on analyzing sources and lecturing on the history of philosophers and their schools, had to quit half way through Excellent recap. All Volumes Of Professor Guthrie S Great History Of Greek Philosophy Have Won Their Due Acclaim The Most Striking Merits Of Guthrie S Work Are His Mastery Of A Tremendous Range Of Ancient Literature And Modern Scholarship, His Fairness And Balance Of Judgement And The Lucidity And Precision Of His English Prose He Has Achieved Clarity And Comprehensiveness