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She Was The Heroine Of Her People With Her Extraordinary Violet Eyes, Ebony Hair, And Ivory Skin, The French Countess Melisande Was A Prize For Any Man But The Teenage Hellion Who Rode Into Battle To Defend Her People Belonged To The Warrior Who Saved Her Life, Made Her His Bride, Then Disappeared For Years Now Conar MacAuliffe Had Returned To Claim His Wife, Now A Ravishing Woman Determined To Fight For Her Freedom At All Costs But The Proud Beauty Who Feared No Man Suddenly Feared Herselfand The Passionate Embrace Of The Husband Who Vowed Never To Let Her GoHe Was The Mighty Viking Conqueror They Called Lord Of The Wolves, A Legendary Warrior Whose Greatest Challenge Would Come With The Woman He Was Destined To Wed In The Fiery Countess Melisande He Would Find His Heaven And Hell Even As He Waged War For Her Heart, He Dared Not Yield His OwnEven As He Laid Sweet, Seductive Siege To Her Body, He Tried To Shield His Soul It Would Take A Common Enemy, A Little Trust, And A United Front To Awaken Them Both To A Love That Could Change Their Lives Forever

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    Oh, boy Lord of the Wolves I don t even know where to start See, Lord of the Wolves is a 400 or so page romance novel with a flashback that is than 300 pages long I m not saying framing a story can t be good Wuthering Heights, for example, uses this technique splendidly Unfortunately for the readers, Heather Graham is not Emily Bronte The part before the absurdly long flashback Countess Melisande s holding is being attacked She is rescued along with her people by a man who is revealed to be her husband It s been five years since they were married which is good because child bride yuck She s escaped from him and is angry at him and hates him They have sort of consensual sex What isn t revealed until the flashback Based on the pre flashback, I had thought Melisande and Conar husband hadn t seen each other in years It was a surprise to find out that for most of those five years, Melisande lived with Conar s family, where she was educated and treated like a family member And that she is pregnant with his child The flashback During the flashback you get all the plot and relationship building This is the last of a series although it stands alone so you get updates on his brothers and his parents who had their own books You also get to see Melisande s character not grow up for five years The book is set sometime around the late 10th century early 11th century and I think that a man who marries a beautiful 13 year old, doesn t consummate the marriage, sends her to his family to be educated and raised, comes back home, claim his wife but lets her keep her people and her land as hers is not a bad guy I don t know why but Melisande spends most of the book hating Conar She also does that annoying thing where she sends him away and is pissed when he goes The text after the flashback This section covers one day where we have the resolution of the battle that you forgot happened before the flashback followed shortly by hugs and kisses and the happy ever after The end.Aside from the weird structure of the novel I have one major problem with Lord of the Wolves It s what I ve described as sort of consensual sex In romance novels I m used to no, no, yes, yes, yeeesss Seduction I would prefer yes, yes, Yes, YES, YEESS GOD YES, but I m good with the other Lord of the Wolves is no, no, no, yes, yeesss, wait, wait I meant no The eroticization of rape makes me uncomfortable Look, this book was written in the early 1990s It wasn t that long ago Aren t we past this Lastly, just as a note, Melisande is described as having violet orbs Seriously.

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    3 5Se me ha hecho pesado en algunas partes Es que es siempre lo mismo.Me gusta Contar pero Melisande resulta ya cansina.

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    I love me some viking books This viking series and Catherine Coulter s are my favorite Very dominant male and arrogant, resisting females.

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    What a fantastic series I m so glad I got to read the entire series I own the second book and missed buying the first and third and don t recall why I didn t buy them I ve never read Ms Graham s PR genre but plan on this I ve followed her as an author since the beginning of her career and she is one of my favorites I think all of her books that I own and have read have a 4 or 5 star rating Ms Graham never disappoints.

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    i don t know why the hero didn t beat the heroine within an inch of her life she fought him verbally and physically for the entire booki mean, she was quite a beeotch nevertheless, i enjoyed this story of vikings i would recommend it.

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    Life went on, always, for the survivors.

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    Great Viking Romance This is the third in Graham s excellent Viking trilogy Set in 9th century Ireland Eire , England and the north coast of France, the trilogy tells the stories of Prince Olaf of Norway, the first Lord of the Wolves, and his bride, Princess Erin, daughter of the Irish High King, the Ard Righ of Tara and their descendants I warn you that the Viking men in this series are strong willed, arrogant and domineering and those in the last two books are half Irish Their loves are independent, stubborn and courageous women who have lost much and still can fight with the best of the men They have no intention of allowing a Viking male who has taken everything from them to dominate them But then wolves and the cubs of wolves mate for life or so says the druid who is advisor to the Irish king s family and these men are wolves Each of the marriages is arranged over the objection of the females who fight the husbands laying claim to their lands and to them This third in the series tells the story of Olaf and Erin s son, Conar, who like his father is known as the Lord of the Wolves for he has been great in battle, and Countess Melisande whose castle lies on the north coast of France Melisande s father, Count Manon, a virile and handsome man, loves his daughter deeply and takes pride in her beauty, her intelligence and her independence At nearly 13, he knows her growing beauty and her vulnerability as Countess will require that she must one day wed and he s been surveying worthy candidates for the eventual day With such a purpose in mind, he invites the Wolf s son, Conar, from Eire Ireland who he s been impressed with before, to visit his lands in France and meet Melisande He will not force her to consider him if she doesn t like him, however Conar arrives just as the Count is slain by a neighbor who covets his daughter and his lands With the Count s men now leaderless, and believing Conar will protect their lands, they decide Melisande must marry Conar though the marriage cannot be consummated for many years Melisande, who takes an instant dislike to the arrogant and demanding Viking, is forced into the marriage Conar is only willing to marry the difficult child to get the lands Once wed in a hasty ceremony , he sends her away to Ireland to his sister who is a nun so she can grow up His family falls in love with her and many years later he decides to come for her But she has escaped to his brother, Eric, who is in England She has no intention of being Conar s wife in truth She wants an annulment But Conar will never let her go.Conar gave his body to his mistresses and his mind and heart to his family and his rune reader, the lovely blonde Brenna So it was a bit hard to see how he could love Melisande, It does come together in the end It s a worthy installment in the series, and as always, Graham delivers a good tale She can create tension between a couple, that s for sure.The Viking Trilogy GOLDEN SURRENDERTHE VIKING S WOMANLORD OF THE WOLVES

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    A Viking romance set in the 800s, the book features Conar, the Lord of the Wolves, and Melisande, a French countess who would do anything to save her people, thus she married him when she was very young He sent her off to the nuns so he wouldn t be tempted by her Now he has returned to protect her and their people.The characters were intriguing Melisande is very strong, but doesn t lose her strength in loving him He, in turn, loves her from the beginning and remains strong There is plenty of angst and tension here.My problem with the book lies in its structure It starts off very strong, with a prologue where Conar talks to his father, prior to his marriage and then with Conar coming to Melisande s aid, just as her keep is attacked by the enemy who wants her at all costs.Then the problem Chapter 4 starts off a flashback of how Conar and Melisande came together, and that flashback IS the book it goes on and on until Chapter 20 when we pick up Melisande in the present again.This totally disrupted the already begun story, and destroyed what otherwise would have been an enjoyable read I really didn t care about the background of their relationship, nor, after reading it, do I feel it was necessary I wanted to see how they would work to come together after she was abducted, emotionally and physically If so much of the story was flashback, why not start the book at the beginning, instead of getting the reader me into the story only to jerk me out of it Or better yet leave all that out entirely and just tell the story of Conar going to rescue her and how they came around emotionally to be together I don t think I ve read a book where the bulk of the book is a flashback before, and I have to say I didn t like it The author had a good thing going I was very into the story and the characters, but was completely pulled out when the flashback started, and disgusted when I began to realize how long it continued.I may try another book by this author not sure but if I do, I ll be sure to check and make sure it s not structured like this one was.Had a hard time rating this book due to the flashback Because of that I wish I could ve rated it 1 1 2 Otherwise, it would have been about a 3.

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    Tercera y ltima entrega de la serie Vikinga de Heather Graham, aunque lamentablemente la primera no ha sido traducida al espa ol Mantiene la fuerza del segundo libro La mujer del vikingo arraigada principalmente en el temperamento apasionado de los personajes principales, que se manifiesta en casi todos los sentimientos posibles que van del amor al odio El ritmo es tan gil e intenso que no da respiro al lector.Tambi n me gust mucho la estructura cronol gica del libro, ya que comienza con los hechos que producir n el desenlace antes de comenzar a narrar los inicios de esta singular relaci n, que se produce por el prematuro y necesario matrimonio entre un pr ncipe irland s de origen vikingo y una ni a de 12 a os que aprovecha cualquier oportunidad para enfrentarlo y contrariarlo Por lo mismo, pasar n muchos a os despu s de la boda antes de que vuelvan a verse y dar rienda suelta a los sentimientos y resentimientos mutuos.En resumen, es una historia de pasi n, incomprensi n y venganza, en un per odo hist rico muy bien documentado adem s Muy recomendable.

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    This was the first grownup romance novel that I read as a teenager I m not going to lie, I loved it I don t know how I would feel if I re read it now, almost a decade later, but at the time I was enchanted It was this book that sparked my Viking obsession, which now luckily extends beyond romance novels, and into scholarly work I thought Conar was a worthy hero, especially now that I have romance novel heroes to compare him to Melisande could be trying at times, but I suppose that is part of the formula Also, I ve read a few other reviews that criticize the structure of the novel, but I have to say, I actually enjoyed the lengthy flashback.