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There s nothing better than a book that surprises you in a good way My story for this book is a long one, dating years back to when I added pretty much anything and everything to my ever growing tbr pile I was picky back then, too Don t be fooled However, I didn t quite know what I loved and how to decipher what made me tick, down to my deepest molecule So when I did my most recent delete spree for my tbr pile, this had to go I mean, it had all the signs of books I try to stay away from Fugly cover I know, I know, shut up , hardly any friend s ratings, no quotes that appealed to me but I ll change that in my review , and just nothing to back it up and not enough ratings But, after reading my beloved Mediator series again, I was in the mood for this book And guess what I immediately added it back onto my tbr and bought it immediately Best decision I ve ever made well I pulled the Dodge over to the side of the road on Henderson, next to the tennis courts, flipped the hazard lights on, and waited Alona hadn t committed suicide, I knew that The girl had enough arrogance and self esteem to choke a horse She had, however, died a violent and unnatural death, which probably meant she was still tied to the exact place of her death So, I guess since it s so late, I need to get right to the book, don t I This story, while not wholly original what story is these days, really , is done extremely well That s just my opinion, but I think I read enough books to have a little bit of room to say that I know what I like, I know what I don t, and I m actually quite picky This book, what with all its quirky humor and obvious disregard for what is now a social faux pas for our top reviewers today, stood above all clichesby making itself into one I sighed Alona Good luck with class, she said with faux cheer Hope you like musicals I ll make sure to tell them Annie is your favorite Wait, just wait a Without another word, she slipped through the closed door, humming Tomorrow under her breath Great Not only do I have an angry spirit guide, but an angry spirit guide with a vindictive streak and an unnatural knowledge of show tunes Better and better already Now let me explain Alona is your typical stereotypical bitchy cheerleader So overdone, yeah Wellthat s all in who you ask Me I can appreciate a fun, over the top, cliched and even cheesy book if done correctly Do you know how many times I desperately wish for books like this that aren t trashed with horrid grammar, misspelling, and nasty characters you just can t root for It s just unheard of these days, and I find it so comical that I turned my nose up to this one because, frankly, it was actually quite adorable Good I m not goth Your hair is black, you have piercings, you wear black all the time and act all freaky My hair is naturally this color I have three earrings in one ear, that s it This shirt I tugged at the fabric across my chest is navy blue, and if I act weird all the time, it s because of ghosts like you And that s the thing it s all in your personality For one, Will wasn t even a goth I meanperhaps he dresses a little dark, but he s hardly Emo And his personality, another shocking factor, actually had me swooning from his first POV He was actuallybutterfly inducing from the moment I was in his head Yikes Shocked Chelsea Chelsea is shocked Are you staying or just passing through I asked through gritted teeth Why Does it matter to you A thousand smart ass replies leaped to mind, but she would be expecting that So, I went for the truth Yeah, it does Her eyes widened and the faintest hint of pink spread across her face I grinned Had I just embarrassed Alona Dare, the Alona Dare So back to my original point man I can get off topic like no one s business typical cheerleader Judgmental Rude On a pedestalbut she was meant to be this way, therefore making her wholly likable and don t forget what I said Don t ever judge a book by its cover She had me laughing out loud from chapter one on Nothing felt overdone, nothing felt cheesy it was all perfectly balanced and, frankly, had the sweetest message But, hey, this obviously wasn t without its flaws or I d have given five, right I think a lot of my problem stemmed from how fucking tired I was Endless tiredness Endless running Go Chelsea run Chelsea find Chelsea clean Chelsea Go go go So, yeah, putting this down every 10% really pissed me off, if I m being honest When you pick up a book fifty times in 100 different moods, it tends to effect a book And yes, while not wholly cheesy, it did have its exaggerated moments like his therapist puh lease And Joonie bleh Also, I guess I wanted a little But, candidly speaking, that s really all that bothered me shrugs I just loved it so much You don t have to follow her, I said It s Friday I know exactly where she s going after school No way would Joonie miss a visit to Lily, not after what she d told me today So are we going, too, or what Alona idly flicked a piece of ghost lint off her shorts Refreshing, sweet, lots of banter between Will and Alona, and a story that actually fuels itself without reaching, I fell in love within moments Will was a beautifully tortured boy that I totally didn t expect and Alona had a hidden life that no one could possibly see behind the veneer.just like she wanted A story constructed of not only laughter and wise ass remarks, but learning what it means to be a kinder person even if she isn t with her kind any and even if she struggles with it up until the very end perhaps A book filled with muddled social tiers such as jocks and mean girls and cheating bfs, cliched to the max merely to make us laugh.and it surely succeeded Whether this book is for you or not, I really don t know But when life got just a little too tough around here, I turned to what makes me happy, and that s apparently a ghostly significant other, happy to haunt and annoy the one they love just because they can a la Mediator P For of my reviews, please visitWell, color me surprised This book was not at all what I perceived it to be, once again proving that you can t simply judge a book by its horribly cheesy cover Cute, funny, witty, sarcastic, well written, and not at all what I thought it would be like, I fell in love almost immediately with Alona s snarky attitude and Will s desperation to not see those who haven t went to their final resting place I still can t believe I loved this book as much as I did Even surprising is that I can t wait to read the second installment For those of you judging this book by its coverdon t It s way better than you would ever think Even with it s stereotypical nature and play on the social tiers of High School Though, I think this was done on purpose for comical intents and purposes which I loved, btw But, for those of you who need convincing..RTC The Ghost and the Goth was a quick, light read It s cute but incredibly shallow The story has no real unpredictable plot lines The writing isn t ground breaking don t get me wrong, some of it is very clever, but I don t think Kade challenged herself with this very formulaic story and these very formulaic characters I think she has enough talent to do something a lot better than this, which isn t something I say often or lightly I d love to read another book by her unrelated to this series and I think by the time she finishes this series the training wheels will be off My big hope here is that she ll learn and grow instead of just getting stuck in this gear and turning out identical mediocre book after mediocre book like Maureen Johnson This is a good start, but I think Kade s got in her and I hope she digs it out.The characters are fun and the dialogue is natural Kade did an excellent job with Alona, so good in fact that I m willing to guess the author was a fair bit like her in high school Will was enjoyable enough if flat at times.As you can guess by the cover Alona Dare is pretty, blonde, perfect, and very dead When she was alive she worked at that perfection and her whole persona is defined by cheerleader, mean girl, and resident homecoming queen Kade tries very hard to let you know that Alona s home life isn t as perfect as it looks and that she s mean because her life is hard It s complicated and most definitely not perfect. Shrugs I wasn t really into this I think most of the audience has enough empathy to know people have complicated lives and aren t just hair and a smile It was weird to get treated like Alona having a life outside of cheerleading and homecoming queen was shocking It felt on par with younger kids, you know ten or eleven when they re shocked to see their teachers outside of school or something.Will Killian is the goth, except he s not He s just weird because he hears and sees ghosts Again, I felt like the execution here was a bit off Will didn t have a lot of evolved coping mechanisms for a condition he had most of his life If you re born without the ability to walk then by the time you hit high school you ve pretty much figured shit out The whole thing read like the author figuring out what would work and then cramming it into a teenager rather than reading about a boy who has dealt with this all his life It just wasn t really believable and since a huge portion of the book is about it I couldn t get into it.Will copes by using an iPod The principal takes the iPod away even though Will has a doctor s note for it If I relied on a piece of machinery the way Will relied on that iPod I would have had four Two on me at all times.The iPod helps him ignore the ghosts, but again eh The ghosts don t know he can hear them so if a ghost is standing around talking to someone, like a really obvious ghost in a bloody prom dress, why can t you tune it out the way you d tune out a conversation you re not involved in I can understand him needing the iPod to ignore the ghosts if they knew about him, but since they didn t he should have been capable of pretending they weren t there without the additional help.Meh This book was okay, I liked it, but it was pretty cliche all over I don t know if I m reading the sequel I might just meet up with Kade in two or three years when she s moved onto something else. This was a pleasant and easy read This screams YA, from the title to the cheesy cover Actually, I was enticed by the cheesy cover, and the models looked exactly as how they were described in the book The plot is simple but entertaining nonetheless For this review though, I would like to focus on the heroine Alona Dare She s the main reason why I enjoyed reading this book I like reading YA but I ve become selective when it comes to this genre as I get older Maybe it s just my age, but I ve noticed an unnerving number of cookie cutter heroines They are different from other girls within their own stories, but ironically just a dime a dozen in the YA genre Besides this, I wonder why they imply that just because someone is different she s not into hair and makeup, she d rather read a book, fight demons, etc she is somehow unable to relate to normal girls Further, that normal girls will never understand her and she will always be ostracized or bullied by them unfairly This classification of normal girls and weird girls can t contain the diversity of young girls in this world, let alone a classroom.Alona Dare subverts this trope Stacey Kade has created a character that is stereotypically an antagonist and instead made her the unabashed heroine She is the epitome of a gorgeous queen bee and she doesn t let other people make her feel bad for her actions or her thoughts unless she is truly at fault Actually, the story itself doesn t shy away from tearing Alona down, and she has to come to terms with the ugly truth of how her actions affected the people around her Despite that, Alona doesn t accept responsibility for the behavior of her friends or her enemies, and she doesn t try to change herself so that people will like her She knows who she is, and she knows who she is isn t wrong When Alona admits her mistakes, she admits them as mistakes in actions, not in character.As queen bees go, Alona is pretty good at getting what she wants but her skill at manipulation isn t treated as villainous Instead, they re used to assist her love interest s character development Will Killian begins the novel as your stereotypical emo kid Alona comes in, watches his struggles, and tells him, We can fix this We can make people see the real you, but first you have to understand how society functions You have to play the game, and then things can go your way Their dynamic reflects another subversion of the YA romantic trope that the girl is an unwelcomed misfit, and the guy is a popular Adonis just waiting to find the right manic pixie dream girl to call his own Instead, Alona is Will s Aphrodite, and Will her manic pixie dream boy.What I m trying to get at with this extensive review and for such a light book, at that , is that we need characters like Alona Teenage girls need to realize that the popular girl in their class is not their archenemy She can be their friend She can be their frenemy She can be whatever they want her to be in their lives, or whatever she wants to be Every girl can be whatever they want to be Diversity is beautiful Dang, I feel ancient I just finished this two minutes ago and I have THE BIGGEST grin on my face.I don t know if I have a soft spot for ghosts yeah, right or for KICK ASS characters,but luckyly for me, this book happens to have both.So imagine how happy I was all through this read.I randomly found the book description here in goodreads and was blown away by howsimilar it sounded to Shadowland my all time favorite YA series And opposite to what others might do,being all like Aw there s no way something can be as awesome as Suze Simon s story series mentioned above but I m open mindedand was glad to find something similar so I decided to give it a try, and went and get the book by all means begging, crying and acting like a 2 year old and oh man I M SO GLAD PLUS JUST LOOK AT THE COVER I don t think I ve loved a cover so much, like, EVER I m thinking aboutgetting a full back tattoo of it I loooove how accurate it actually is,it s like THOSE are Alona and Will, they re exactly like that, clothes and everything Since the very first chapter things are attention grabbing and I find myself immersed in the story,it starts when Alona, the queen bee of her high school, seemingly perfect in every way possible gasp DIES But despite what people like to think about her, and what you re already imagining snotty bitch nooo far from the truth GIRL IS FIERCE she s a fighter and has the master mind of Brainfrom Pinky and the Brain, no really, she could totally take you in a guess the murderer contest.Not that there s a murderer in this book, just tons of hilarious, interesting, sad, hot, fun, and kickass moments.I can t complain here, cause I got everything I was asking for, so I will just continue summarizing the plot,so yes, Alona dies but hey stop sobbing, girl is not going anywhere for now, and that is because if you ever read a ghost s book or have been going to the movies watching tv this past 20 years you already know this she has unressolved issues.And what s her to do, she doesn t know anything about being dead, and no one can help her, right WRONG There s someone out there, someone who can help Alona with her newly acquired troublesand that someone is Will Killian aka Will Kill, you might recognize him as the pseudo goth guy sittingin the farthest cafeteria table that apparently talks to himself out loud and wears his hoodie over his head all the timeto keep the voices out.Yeah, Alona thinks that too NO WAY I M GETTING NEAR THAT FREAK.But the only other person who she knows can communicate with the dead is in Puerto Vallarta andI mean it s a long walk to Mexico D.So Alona and Will make a deal, he would teach her everything he knows about ghosts, death and moving on IFshe serves as his bodyguard, that is keeping the other ghosts off of his face so he can finally have some peace and quietafter years and years of ghosts haunting him I bet you can guess where that leads me fun fun fun, Will Alona damn damn damn Despite what you might think after reading this that is if you re still with me after all this babbling Oh but it sounds SO clich d I have only one thing to say about this, okay two a what s not cliche these days , I mean, come on nothing is 100% original now, after all this is 2011.and b Cliche can be FUN.But whatever, clich aside, this book is infinitely entretaining and with very real main charachters,a realistic MALE teenager and a realistic GIRL teenager, and that s not easy to pull off let me tell ya,not everyone can portray a boy and a girl so relatable.So yeah this book is ALL ABOUT THE FUN plus some twists you might have not seen coming.If you just came back from a trip to a child s hospital, got out of jail, witnessed an animal massacre,got your heart broken, read Mockingjay or lost your favorite lipstick at the mall and are SO DEPRESSED you can t take it any, I suggest you read this, it won t dissapoint IT S MADE OF FUN, no seriously, read the tagit says it s made with the same stuff SIX FLAGS is made of.go buy this book, or you might find a spook Man do I love this book It s definitely not perfect, it s full of cliches and stereotypes, but it never fails to put me in a good mood It s just fun This book was really tough to rate, at first it started to be a 3 star, but after I went on I seen it as a 5 There was a few flaws in it that stirred me away from it being a perfect 5 stars though so I ll give it a 4.7, this was such a wonderful read I went into it knowing this, Alona Dare was the popular girl in school who had it all, till one day she was hit by a school bus and was killed Will Killian who can speak to and see ghost ends up getting haunted by Alona Quickly they learn they might be of some use to each other and an unlikely partnership arises I loved this book It did have some minor flaws with detail and the writing but all in all it was a very cute and light hearted read I loved the partnership that slowly forms between the two of them and I loved the characters in general It also had two of my favorite character qualities, ghosts and goths I cant wait to read the other two novels in this trilogy And I hope they re just as good if not better then this one. Alona Dare Senior In High School, Co Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad, Homecoming Queen Three Years In A Row, Voted Most Likely To Marry A Movie Star And Newly DeadI M The Girl You Hated In High School Is It My Fault I Was Born With It All Good Looks, Silky Blond Hair, A Hot Bod, And A Keen Sense Of What Everyone Else Should Not Be Wearing But My Life Isn T Perfect, Especially Since I Died Run Over By A Bus Of Band Geeks Is There Anything Humiliating As It Turns Out, Yes Watching Your Boyfriend And Friends Move On With Life, Only Days After Your Funeral And You Wouldn T Believe What They Re Saying About Me Now That They Think I Can T Hear Them To Top It Off, I M Starting To Disappear, Flickering In And Out Of Existence I Don T Know Where I Go When I M Gone, But It S Not Good Where Is That Freaking White Light Already Will Killian Senior In High School, Outcast, Dubbed Will Kill By The Popular Crowd For The Unearthly Aura Around Him, Voted Most Likely To Rob A Bank And A Ghost TalkerI Can See, Hear, And Touch The Dead Unfortunately, They Can Also See, Hear And Touch Me Yeah, Because Surviving High School Isn T Hard Enough Already I Ve Done My Best To Hide My Gift After All, My Dad, Who Shared My Ability, Killed Himself Because Of It When I Was Fifteen But Lately, Pretending To Be Normal Has Gotten A Lot Harder A New Ghost An Anonymous, Seething Cloud Of Negative Energy With The Capacity To Throw Me Around Is Pursuing Me With A Vengeance My Mom, Who Knows Nothing About What I Can Do, Is Worrying About The Increase In Odd Incidents, My Shrink Is Tossing Around Terms Like Temporary Confinement For Psychiatric Evaluation, And My Principal, Who Thinks I M A Disruption And A Faker, Is Searching For Every Way Possible To Get Rid Of Me How Many Weeks Until Graduation Good I m not goth Your hair is black, you have piercings, you wear black all the time and act all freaky My hair is naturally this color I have three earings in one ear, that s it This shirt I tugged at the fabric across my chest is navy blue, and if I act weird all the time, it s because of ghosts like youLove this so much Stacey Kade is definitely becoming one of my favourite young adult authors.This book was so interesting funny.I easily connected with both Alona and Will I really enjoyed reading about their adventures.They both realize that you shouldn t judge a book by its cover and that there are a lot of things they need to learn about death,the after lifeand,well,each other.I seriously can t wait to read the sequel,I ve already got and I m starting it this evening Woohoo,Queen of the Dead,here I come 3.5stars Meet Alona Dare The Ghost Alona is your standard Miss Perfect Popular, a cheerleader with the jock boyfriend, shallow, snobby and thinks she s better then everyone else She s living the typical high school dream and living it large.That is, till she gets hit by a bus, dies and finds out that her life was basically a lie.Meet Will Killian The Goth , he s eccentric, the weirdo and basically a loner.I guess I would be too if I could hear and see dead people since I was just a kid.Together, they form an unlikely partnership where Will helps Alona stop being her typical mean girl self so she wont go poof and Alona, kinda, unintentionally, became Will s spirit guide and also helps Will from a ghost who is out to kill him.The Ghost and the Goth is a really fun and light read, but to be honest I couldn t stand Alona s character at first She just had one of those stupid personalities that was all look at poor me and I pretty much wanted to punch her nine out of ten times while reading, but then she got all tolerable and even nice I blame Will In fact, if it wasn t for Will s pov, I probably wouldn t have liked this book as much as I did.For being all tortured and haunted, Will is a funny guy and when the two are together they make a rather amusing, adorable and sweet team.In a nutshell, I enjoyed this one The writing is well done, maybe a little maddening when all the ghost start talking at once, but well done none the less.The storyline is definitely entertaining and the characters are a hoot If your looking for a fun fast read then you should get a kick out of this book.It really is too cute This summer has officially been the BIGGEST READING SLUMP of my entire life Its so sad because I have OVER 70 books on my tbr pile and I feel like I ve hardly gone through any of them nor have I wanted to Thank god their haven t been too many summer releases, otherwise I d be buying books and letting them gather dust on my bookshelf Basically, I struggled all of June with reading I d either a find a book I liked and read through it so incredibly slowly that I d fall asleep while reading and be so incredibly bored or b start and immediately abandon a book So far, before this book, I had already abandoned three books said to be bestsellers and many others before that as well I was seriously beginning to lose hope.Thankfully, in a moment of sanity, I picked up The Ghost and the Goth off my bookshelf, which has been on my bookshelf since September Sad I know I just kept putting off this awesome read And now I m in love Seriously, I absolutely LOVED this book What I truly like about Stacey Kade s writing style is how she managed to write in such a teenager s perspective without trying so hard to sound like a teenager herself I know that may not make sense but I ll try to elaborate A lot of times when writers write from the POV of teenagers, they write the characters very well The only thing is, the characters they often write don t feel quite real They re either really great or really awful but their voices sound like adults trying to be teenagers and failing at it But Stacey Kade made these characters so real Alona and Will were such a joy to read because they actually felt like teenagers nowadays Yes, there were some aspects okay a lot of aspects of Alona s personality that were rather annoying and unbearable but her home life really explained it all She was really a vulnerable girl on the inside, covered by years of malicious behavior, mainly someone who had been ripped apart by her parents It s not so hard to relate for a lot of people And god do I love Will I feel like he s one of the ONLY guy characters in YA that sounds like an actual male teenager these days whose not a jerk but not unrealistic either A lot of writers forget that yes, guys can be sweet but not to the point where they start sounding like a girl and Will was definitely and thankfully not a girl Another major important fact NO INSTA LOVE ROMANCE Hallelujah Even though the relationship did happen quickly, it wasn t love at first sight It was two people, who honestly did not like each other at first but were able to work through each others differences to see how possible it could be for them both to have a relationship So great Will will also be going on my Top Sexiest Guys I Would Like To Fuc Rape And Keep In My Closet Forever List.Overall, I really loved this book I haven t reviewed any books in such a long time so it feels good to finally write an opinion on something I loved as dearly as this Although I absolutely love Alona and Will s relationship to death, it makes me sad that Alona is dead I m so excited for the sequel Queen of the Dead but I m unsure of where the relationship can goeven though I love this couple dearly Rating 5 out of 5 Stars