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Edited By Richard McKeon, With An Introduction By CDC ReevePreserved By Arabic Mathematicians And Canonized By Christian Scholars, Aristotle S Works Have Shaped Western Thought, Science, And Religion For Nearly Two Thousand Years Richard McKeon S The Basic Works Of Aristotle Constituted Out Of The Definitive Oxford Translation And In Print As A Random House Hardcover For Sixty Years Has Long Been Considered The Best Available One Volume Aristotle Appearing In Paperback At Long Last, This Edition Includes Selections From The Organon, On The Heavens, The Short Physical Treatises, Rhetoric,among Others, And On The Soul, On Generation And Corruption, Physics, Metaphysics, Nicomachean Ethics, Politics,and Poetics In Their Entirety

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    I read this book to understand the meaning of Soul , from a Western point of view, after I ve read quite a few books on this subject from the East The chapter De Anima in this book does a great job in illuminating this, if one takes the patience to read through it, and if one remembers that it was Aristotle who developed the notion of rhetorics in the first place.It s a dense but complete read, not only one the subject of soul, but also on everything, from Physics to Medicine to Politics It s amazing how a man can be so versatile, and can have insight into so many truths.

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    The best, standard, one volume edition of Aristotle s works in translation It has, for example, complete, W.D Ross Metaphysics That said, I have not seen this reissue, and I don t know whether or not Reeve left the actual translations alone, and restricted his contribution to mucking around in the introduction I sure as hell hope he did McKeon s own comments in the Introduction are worthless and can also be safely ignored by serious students of Aristotle.

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    In my freshman year at University I took a course on Aristotle I remember having this book in my bag everywhere I went, and chatting with all my friends about the cool and fascinating concepts found in here Aristotle was probably the singular, most important influence on my philosophical development It laid the foundation for all subsequent thinking and approach Aristotle is extremely important, and should be read by, really, everyone Many think he is outdated and obsolete I assure you this is not the case While contemporary science and metaphysics has moved far beyond Aristotle, there are deep truths to be found here Namely, his approach to living a happy and virtuous life, I think is beyond is dispute His concept of friendship has never been challenged by anyone aside from Montaigne He was not only the first thinker to investigate everything he encountered, but his influence served as the basis for subsequent investigation for over 2000 years His metaphysics and physics provide one of the first rigorous studies of ontology, and many of his notions we still think according to whether or not we realize it When you read Aristotle, his notions feel very basic and common sense this is because much of our thinking has its roots in Aristotle Even if you don t buy into his Ontology, understanding it is an absolute necessary prerequisite for understanding all subsequent metaphysics Most importantly, I think the PHYSICS and METAPHYSICS are the singular most important philosophical texts, next to Marx Das Kapital Many people regard the Republic as the most important philosophical text of all time and antiquity at the very least , I believe those two texts are far important that is not to undermine the importance of the Republic or the works of Plato The reason being is for Aristotle, and all subsequent philosophy until the rise of Catholicism and the Scientific Revolution namely, Galileo science and philosophy were one and the same The two were not separate and nowhere is this evident in the Physics and Metaphysics, as well as in De Anima Rarely, especially now, do philosophers or scientists take this approach There is a schism between disciplines now, reinforcing our categorical and mode of thinking thinking in the manner of verstand Usually, this is only overcome when there is a philosophical critique of science but this is not a unity of science and philosophy proper What we need is a resurrection of the unity of science and philosophy, rather than propagating animosity between the two subjects an animosity grounded in not only method, but ideology Merleau Ponty is someone we can all learn from, who made attempts to not simply synchronize the two, but see them as one and the same Philosophy and Science are one and the same and depending on the telos of your investigation, both fields are striving for something fundamentally the same Anyway, I digress This is a very good compilation of Aristotle s essential works Ideally, you want the complete works of Aristotle, but many of the works included in the complete works which are not in this edition are those which aren t read by most casual and lay readers This text, however, provides a nice, well rounded, comprehensive collection of Aristotle s most widely read works namely the organon, de anima, physics, metaphysics, rhetoric, poetics, politics, and of course the nicomachean ethics There are little excerpts from history of animals, parts of animals, on generation and corruption, on the heavens, on dreams, and others Usually, this text is also sold for a reasonable price, in which case you can t go wrong It has a nice, flexible binding, and is easy to navigate through Good text for anyone interested in Aristotle I would actually recommend getting this edition before the complete works if you are just getting a taste for Aristotle Regarding the content well, it s Aristotle

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    I only read Ethics and Politics from this book If you want to understand Western thought, read him, Plato and Socrates Aristotle is the least exciting to read out of the three some would uncharitably call him boring , but where Socrates set the stage, Plato started the ball rolling, Aristotle hammered out details like only a scientist can, and with as much charm as a white paper I don t give this a 5 stars because it had me on the edge of my seat, entertained until the last word, but rather because it is so important to understand where we have come from and how Western Civilization as evolved and why Aristotle had a powerful mind, getting acquainted with one of the foremost thinkers in history is well worth your time.

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    I thiiiink I used this for my grad treatise and not my undergrad thesis, but I m not 100% sure But hey Aristotle

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    This text was my introduction to Aristotle during my college years I read from this work alongside readings from the dialogues of Plato Then I decided I was at heart an Aristotelian That means among other things that I desire to know as Aristotle puts it in his Metaphysics It also means that I am interested in the real world and that there is such a world that exists independent of my mind Aristotle s works have been part of my reading life ever since This is one of the best one volume collections of his work I would recommend it to all who are interested in philosophy and have the desire to know.

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    I accept that this is regarded as a major milestone in human understanding but it s very hard to follow A picture here and there would be illuminating An edition with pictures or Cole s Notes explaining what the heck Aristotle is talking about would be nice I m mostly reading this to dispel the mystery of what it s about and to check it off the list so I m not taking the time to try and understand the content based on the content itself I d go to Khan Academy or a similar resource if I actually wanted to learn the content Maybe learning from an ancient text alone would strengthen my reading comprehension and academic conviction but I m not passionate about either of those.

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    I recently returned to the biological works to clarify a few points recounted in the book HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method A natural approach to a safe, easier, comfortable birthing If your interested in this, there is a good summarizing article by P M Dunn located here Perinatal Lessons from the Past

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    Review coming soon

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    Aristotle focus in The Basic Works of Aristotle is that all men suppose what is called wisdom to deal with the first causes and the principles of things These causes and principles are the subject matters referred to as first philosophy Considered to be one of the first true scientists, he created an early version of the scientific method to observe and draw conclusions The approach begins with reviewing the opinions of others and even the history of thought He drew distinctions between things that are better known to us and things that are better known in themselves, He said we start with what is best known to us and then move to things better known in themselves Aristotle s said the study of being qua is frequently and easily misunderstood, because it seems to suggest that there is a single subject matter being qua being The subject matter of being included within it three things 1 a study, 2 a subject matter being , and 3 a way the subject matter is studied qua being.Much of Aristotle s teachings were preserved by Arabic mathematicians and canonized by Christian scholars His works have shaped Western thought, science, and religion for nearly two thousand years Richard McKeon s The Basic Works of Aristotle is the one volume source for understanding this scholar The books approach is especially useful in comparing him to Plato Plato s world was one of changeless things assigned for lofty contemplation and for Aristotle, as we are told in the introduction, it was a world for empirical investigation Aristotle had a fascination with living things.The contents list a Preface, Introduction, Bibliography, Organon logical treatises , Physica, DeCaelo, De Generatione, Parva Naturalia, Historia Animalium, De Partibus, De Generatione, Metaphysica, Ethica Nicomachea, Politica, Rhetorica, and De Poetica.In the preface it tells us that this book is an aid to understanding the man and his thoughts A study of an ancient writer The re discovery and assemblage of useful items of information and knowledge and inquiry into truths whose specifications do not change with time The Basic Works of Aristotle by Richard McKeon is a must have book to understand and have a useful reference for understanding this important scholar For on this book see web site at