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Read this one back in 1998 and loved it to pieces The sequels weren t up to scratch, especially the last volume in the trilogy, but this one was quite enjoyable Recommended.Later edit It was worth reading a second time around, too. Baird S Stunning Debut Is The Cybershock Novel Of The Year Dosh Has Sold His Good Looks Once Too Often To Rough Customers He S So Desperate To Get Off The Planet And Start A New Life That He Persuades Friends Moke And Cass To Sign A Cybercinema Contract A Decision That Proves To Be As Dangerous As It Is Lucrative I really liked the narrative voice of Cassandra Blaine, the dialogue, and the texture of the setting The plot was a little flimsy for my taste, but I will certainly want to try of More on the 2.5 stars side A bit dated, probably won t read again Going into the library donation pile. This book yanked me in by the hair, and I stayed for the duration I have often imagined this book as a movie, with Information Society s Peace And Love Incorporated album as the soundtrack Images from this book linger with me, for over a decade I love this book. One of my absolute favorites Cass is one of my all time favorite sci fi protagonists And Swordfish an amazing bad ass sort of anti hero. Unfortunately I read the back cover copy after three or four chapters which pretty much gave removed the mystery, which was the only reason to keep reading. Unfortunately read this a few months ago and forgot to write a review now I ve just about forgotten everything That being said, it was a perfectly entertaining novel whose originality when published in 1993 might have been appreciated than it is now, but is still a fine book to read for a cyberpunk dork albeit it lacks the sensational expectations.I read this novel while doing a blitz through whatever cyberpunk fiction I could get on my hands on, and this book both did, and did not, satisfy the expectations and trope expression sought from the subgenre The book has a cast of three, Cass, Moke and Dosh, and these are low class thieves prostitutes artists who are just trying to get by without the man, man As is the case with cyberpunk, there s the incredibly dark literally underworld where most people live and suffer in filth and crime and low fi computer hacking, and then this Paradiso upper world where a gluttonous rich are, well, gluttonously rich.In Crashcourse though, you don t get the normal cyberpunk adventure, where there s this cautionary, rather amoral approach to the upperworld while still being drenched in the behaviors and values of the lower Cyberpunk sort of defines itself by having pretty shithead main characters the core purpose is that you can t define what s good and bad, that the information age has really scalded moral certainty, and now we get all these characters who we don t necessarily root for, often being drug addicts or not Robin Hood like criminals, but at least want to see finish up whatever their dreams are.With Crashcourse, Cass, Moke and Dosh are Good Guys, and the upperworld are Bad Guys This is probably the biggest problem with the book in terms of being fun, but whatever can be forgivenOverall, this novel is a pretty flat, black and white take on morality basically, rich people are so rich they make films out of real life catastrophes which their movie studios are responsible for causing There s some technology, just some magical piece of unexplained technology, that lets the viewer feel the emotions of whoever they are watching, so if they re scared aroused violent etc then the viewer gets to feel that way as well which the rich upperworld appreciates, because they re soooo rich and soooo evil that they can t feel anything otherwise.So basically the hapless trio sign their lives away for this sudden offer to be in a film after they mess up and are low on cash and then that s sort of the whole book They get involved in a plot which may or may not be that movie contract we just signed, and then yeah some expected twists here and there, and then it s over.It s not a great book at all, but I did remember thinking it was fine It s fluent, you can read it fast and enjoyably but I don t really know what the takeaway is It doesn t have the fun Cyberpunk tropes and images sought for, and as a sci fi thriller it just isn t that thrilling.It s not a bad book though I think, possibly, somebody could really like this The main female character, Cass, is really a lot of fun as a cyber thief as well but there s definitely not enough done with either her skillset or actions to stand out enough So just a Fine book moving on now I enjoyed Crashcourse, actually I d give it 3.5 stars if I had the option to There s diversity than I expected when I picked up the book.The main three characters are Cass, Moke, and Dosh They all share a remodeled warehouse as an apartment in a sci fi future that doesn t care about the little guys down on the street The world is screwed up in too many ways to count, honestly Cass has made her living as a thief with underworld friends Moke is a sculptor Dosh is a prostitute Together, they hope to earn enough money to get off planet and live somewhere nice, away from their life of fighting for scraps on the streets.You see the whole story from Cass s perspective, who is much streetwise than her housemates When Moke and Dosh sign up to be in a movie for money than they ve ever seen in their life per person, they drag Cass along for the ride.The concept of movies being sensory because they re truly real people and real reactions should horrify anyone Real people dying for drama Definitely not ideal Why anyone would sign up for a movie where it might be their heads on the chopping block is beyond me.My favorite character was Swordfish Easily He s the biggest hard ass in the book and spends 99.9% of the book invisible because he s physically altered himself in a number of horrifying ways.Personally, I found the diversity in this book to be an unanticipated delight Within a chapter, it s revealed that both Moke and Dosh are interested in both men and women Later, Cass describes herself as being dark, meaning she s not your typical white girl protagonist I m hopeful that meant she was black because that s how I pictured her for the rest of the book The villian is also revealed to be interested in both men and women, though she s obviously not meant to be liked.Cass wasn t my favorite main character For being a professional thief, she rarely got to use those skills and walks off into the sunset at the end with a man she doesn t love who has money She also doesn t speak up for herself when she senses that something s off until it s too late to protect herself and her friends.The other thing that bugged me was the things in the future that were normal that weren t quite explained On the on hand, it s nice that they didn t spend an eternity explaining everything, but a little explanation about the history of how it went from now to then would have really solidified this world for me I was never really comfortable pegging where exactly this was supposed to be taking place.I enjoyed this book, but I don t think I d reread it I would recommend this to people that like dystopian futures with future slang Think Clockwork Orange lite, but with a kind of militarized street gang vibe.