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She Was An Angel At The Gates Of Hell When Kenan, An Incubus, Finds A Caged Angel For Sale In The Hellsgate Marketplace, He Sees Her As A Challenge Certain That His Skills In Seduction Will Work As Well On A Heavenly Creature As They Do On Mortal Women, He Buys Jahel, Intent On Having Her Soul As A Novelty In His Collection Knowing He Must Gain Jahel S Trust If She Is To Come To His Bed Willingly, Kenan Treats Her As His Guest Than As His Slave When She Reveals What Brought Her To The Mouth Of Hell In The First Place Retrieving The Soul Of A Young Girl She Was Guarding He Even Offers To Help Her Complete Her MissionThough He Has Promised Jahel Freedom, Kenan Soon Realizes She Has Captured His Heart Instead And As Their Passion For One Another Grows, They Find Themselves Caught In A Struggle Between Heaven And Hell, One That Will Lead Them To The Very Edge Of The Apocalypse, Words

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    Going in to this short read you would think it would be pretty identical to other storylines of angels and demons After reading this you would be thinking differently to the way the author has tackled this narrative Warning spoilers are beyond this point.Jahel is an angel and is captured as she was trying to find her charges soul in Hellsgate She feels responsible for her charge being led astray She is not only angelic but has a lethal and deadly weapon on her person at all times Her Voice Kenan is an incubus demon He uses his skills of seduction to gain control of souls, which turn into coins and becomes his means of currency Once he sees Jahel he immediately wants to add her to his collection His seduction begins with agreeing to help her find her charge Some pretty hot scenes were included in this short novel Some involving Kenan seducing a wicked queen, to gain her soul, in front of Jahel and some hot and heavy parts with Jahel Damn Yes there is all this smuttiness going on but I am glad this short novel does focus on other aspects involved in issues occurring for both Hellsgate and Heavensgate There is a deeper conspiracy running amok and it will impact both sides Can angels and demons work side by side I love the writing in this read by the author They way this is written is very poignant and mellifluous. A beautiful read in all honestly but of course it was too short I would have loved to see background to Kenan and Jahel s relationship Starting at the beginning with Jahel s reaction being to what a normal person would be thinking when brought into a strangers home I loved the action in this but I also wished I could read Other than this, I liked this sweet, steamy and short read I personally give it a 3 star rating.My favourite part in the novel was the ending and how its meaning was written in such a beautiful, beautiful way Then she took his hand and they began to walk out of Heavensgate A feather fluttered in the breeze, and fell Then another, and , until they left behind them a soft white trail that once had been her wings.

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    I picked this for, you guessed it a challenge HOWEVER, it was WAY too short Demon s Fall was a super quick audio that was filled with some short stories about a, you guessed it an angel and a demon In it, you will meet Kenan and Jahel Interesting names and they are pretty interesting characters Kenan buys Jahel, because she s a caged animal I mean angel Instead of treating her as a slave, he ends up falling for her.Color me shocked people Now it s not just him falling for her, nope they fall for each other Rather quickly if you ask me, but since it was a super quick book it was bound to happen They were okay and so was this book, I just wished it was a bit longer.

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    The world building is fascinating Demons seduce or trick or steal souls from humans, which solidify as coins, the person s face on one side and true name on the other The coins are used as currency Angels protect humans but only take souls at death If humans avoid either fate, and possibly also because of moral implications unclear , they can choose the Third Way, where demons and angels are not allowed to go Incubus Kenan discovers an angel locked in a cage and buys her She s come to Hellsgate to try to retrieve the soul of her charge from a hellhound Kenan wants her soul the soul of angel is a challenge Their attempts to find the hellhound and bargain for the human s soul become entangled with a conspiracy to start the Apocalypse.The romance is nice, and there s some nice evasion of turnabout of the usual tropes of angelic innocence the angel Jahel is curious about sex, enjoys it, feels no bodily or moral shame about it I wish it had been longer the relationship arc feels complete, but I would have wished for distrustful attraction in the beginning, just because I like that kind of thing More objectively, the bigger conspiracy plot feels shoehorned in and rushed it should have been expanded or left out.

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    Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews Demon s Fall is a novella and ended up being quite a quick read Yet, despite it s minimal size this story was packed with multiple plot lines, interesting characters and creatures as well as lots of action The main characters, Keenan and Jahel, were interesting from the start Keenan is an incubus and Jahel an angel caught and sold as a slave in Hellsgate, a place were mortals and demons mix Keenan is something of a scoundrel and there s a charm to him that I really loved While his original intentions are untoward getting Jahel to give him her soul he quickly becomes infatuated with the enigmatic gutter wing Jahel however, was something of a question mark for me We never really get a good look at her personality, in fact she s aloof then anything making her feel under developed and leaving me not really caring about her one way or another There was just no spark in her character unlike with Keenan However, I did enjoy the romance between them Often times it was sultry and yet often then not it was simply sweet proving to be a way of developing Keenan s character farther from demon into something hints the title demon s fall Often enough this is shown through references as to how he no longer seems to be as demonic as he was prior to his meeting Jahel and his lesser reactions to things such as holy water.By far, however, was my enjoyment of the varying story lines from a dark re telling of the famous Snow White to the awakening of one of the Four Horsemen to herald in the end of the world While all of these aspects added to the action of the story, I think the fact that this was a novella detracted from the force of them It would have been wonderful to see all the plot lines fully developed and explored a bit rather then having them glossed over briefly In truth, with all the plots going separate ways it was a bit much for such a short tale It would have proved useful to choose one thread and explore it For example using the length of the novella to explore the Snow White aspect and allowing the development of the world and of the characters to truly blossom.The world itself is interesting as are the creatures that reside within it By far my favorites being Edom and Lilith While they only appear briefly they really captured me and I would love to see of them The time this world takes place in seems to be a mash of time lines giving it an almost historical feeling that I really enjoyed reading as well It fit in nicely with the plot lines as well as a setting for a demonic marketplace The locales are likewise appealing We spend most of the novel exploring Hellsgate and all it s varying enterprises but there is also a Heavensgate, these settings being mirror images of each other and equally fascinating for the reader to explore though we don t spend much time in the latter All of these aspects, however, only added to my sadness to see this cast as a novella.Overall this was an interesting read but it was by no means un flawed and certainly isn t for younger readers as it is at times graphic This is definitely a world I would love to see further developed and explored by the author on a bit larger, or should I say longer, scale Truly the potential here is wonderful but I was left feeling that it was unrealized.

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    Demon s Fall is an interesting combination of a fairy tale, dark fantasy and biblical myths I thought this really added to an atmospheric tone that was both haunting and memorable and these elements gave this a unique take on the setting However I do wish the novella was longer because I felt it was too short and because the world building was established and well thought out with these combined elements, there was definitely growth to explore the setting and expand the characterisations especially suffered.Kenan who is an incubus living in Hellsgate, which is a domain that borders heaven and hell, was fleshed out and developed than Jahelthe enslaved angel As the story is narrated in his POV there was time developing his character and even though he was a demon, he never really appeared cruel or even morally dark I actually liked the ambiguousness of the characters who lived in Hellsgate and like Kenan they actually felt human than demon Although Kenan bartered and tricked humans to sell their souls to him, there was no sense of him being evil so his strong attraction and feelings for Jahel was believable and sweet.I wished Jahel was developed and that we had of an insight from her POV, I found that she was two dimensional, just too perfect at times Her feelings for Kenan and trust for him was also too fast and convenient but then this was a novella and there was not much time to expand on this But I did find she quickly trusted a being who was seen to be a traditional foe who sets out to tempt and steal the souls of her charges that she is entrusted to protect.However i do have to say the romance between Kenan and Jahel was sensual and sweet and it was a highlight of the book, and I liked how that developed and evolved throughout the book and the love scenes added to that Although when Kenan calls Jahel a gutterwing during one love scene which is his nickname for her in the midst of lovemaking was off putting and threw me off the scene.The strong point of the book, is the side plot that explains why Jahel was captured and enslaved and made for a great action packed ending The elements that make up the different subgenres such as the fairytale of rescuing a lost Princess, the fantasy setting and the biblical myths such as the four horsemen of the apocalypse combined to a climatic and exciting ending I really hope there is about this world because i immensely enjoyed this aspect of the story.The final scene of this book is my favourite I wont spoil it but I love the image that is conveyed Although Demon s Fall has its flaws, it is a quick, imaginative and sexy read, with a fantastic setting and premise I would definitely read books set in this world and I look forward to what Karalynn Lee offers next

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    It has been ages, but you might remember that I m taking part in the Horns and Halos Reading Challenge hosted by Aimee of my fluttering heart I went fairly angel happy at the start of the year Then my interest tapered off, and I went the route of straight fantasy, zombies, and all that other stuff fairy tales, anyone I am determined to finish strong, so when I had the chance to request a copy of Karalynn Lee s Demon s Fall from the NetGalley catalog, I took it.Just in case you didn t catch it in the summary, this is a ROMANCE NOVEL Adult level reading Very scandalous Well, a story about an angel and a demon falling in love was going to be scandalous anyway but let s times that factor by about a hundred for the ess eee ex, okay Okay If you re not into it, no worries But the story s good Serious.Kenan is a demon with a lot of allure Jahel is a caged angel They meet in a marketplace in Hellsgate, which is just what it sounds like a city on the edge of the gate of Hell Kenan has his own reasons for buying Jahel, but the main plot follows their adventures trying to fulfill Jahel s quest And that quest is surprisingly familiar Throw in a little bit of the fairy tale of Snow White, some of the Biblical apocalypse, and you have our story Perhaps surprisingly, it s a mash up that works.Of course, the focus of the novella is the romantic relationship between the two protagonists Four words steamy, and too quick I m all for the reforming bad boys clich , but Demon s Fall moved at a pretty fast clip in that department I would have appreciated a little development, a couple pages in that section I wasn t disappointed, but it was a little thought in the back of my head while I read.Bonus the secondary characters and setting This story worked for me mostly because of the wonderful description of Hellsgate, the funny and endearing secondary characters, and how the protagonists interacted with both Some of the supporting characters provided crucial moments of hilarity in conversation, or made me randomly smile So that was a huge plus I can also tell that I love a fantasy setting when I find myself hoping that there will be books set in that world I ll say it I want Recommended for fans of steamy romance, angels, demons, unconventional fantasy mash ups, and original world building Again, an advisory adult level reading.

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    Read Full Review HereI ve been looking for a good dangle that s demon angel books since I finished Covet, yes, I am a J.R Ward apologist and I m not sorry I m a firm believer in sticking by the BDB author and like the illustrious Brittany Spears, I believe she will come back to us She will bring back shivalinga to our poor starving Indian village Someone was watching the Indian Jones series again on DVD Five naked hottie photos to those who guess which one.When I saw the Demon s Fall blurb on Netgalley, I practically gave my index finger whiplash to request a review.The story starts off with Kenan, a succubus demon, at the Hellsgate market place where he happens upon a rare find an angel After trading souls collected in coins he takes Jahel home with him hoping to seduce her into giving him her soul To gain her trust he agrees to help her find the soul she lost to a hellhound What started out as seduction soon leads to passion and emotions Kenan has never felt for any being Why did he hit you she asked, absently tracing the outline of his fingers.Kenan cleared his throat I wanted to touch your hair His voice was deeper than usual And then you bought me and took me out of that cage Are you sorry I did No But her smile was a little cooked I m grateful If what you wanted was to touch my hair Do you still want to He had to force himself not to grab her Instead he reached out with his free hand and sank it into the cloudsilk of her hair.He tilted her chin up and kissed her.More often than not paranormal urban fantasy books will have extensive world building right front and center which can cause me to have sci fi overload Or as we like to call it Scifitus I liked how it was spread out in this one and focused instead on the two main characters Although it didn t bring anything new to the demon angel genre, I was ok with that Sometimes I m not looking for newness instead I just want to read a good sex romance story.If you like of the erotic paranormal reads from this publisher, Demon s Fall is a enjoyable read that kept me engrossed all the way throughout the story.3 1 2 Stars

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    The inhabitants of Hellgate live on the human side of the veil, they re mostly demons, or humans who have forfeited a vital part of themselves.You see, demonic currency is unlike any currency we know on Earth Theirs is a coin based economy, and their coins are infused with the souls taken from mortals In this world, Kenan has done alright for himself He s a succubus, and as such, his seductive charms can persuade even the most stubborn mortal to give up her soul after a night in his arms However, the thrill is no longer the same, they re falling for his nature, not Kenan the individual When he spots a bedraggled angel in a cage, he promptly buys her, thinking this challenge will be unlike every other deal he s ever struck But his unassuming Gutterwing will be his hardest challenge to date, but for other reasons that he initially fears Jahel is an angel on a mission She s in Hellgate to save the innocent soul of a young princess who was lured into the forests to be killed because her beauty rivaled that of her step mother and queen When Kenan offers to help her, she is naturally suspicious of his motives But before they know it, they are dragged into events that are far sinister than one misplaced soul the very future of the world could be at stake Jahel and Kenan become prime suspects, and neither demons nor archangels are happy about their temporary union Demon s fall has been created around a really intriguing idea Unfortunately it fell a little short, partly because of its short length of only 100 pages The blend of PNR fairlytale was a new one for me I ve never seens the evil queen from a demonic POV before.Ultimately, it was the ending I liked the best There may not be room for a demon in Heaven or an angel in Hell, but what is left when you let go of your demon and angelic selves Jahel Kenan s final choice made for a good ending to an otherwise forgettable book.2.75 stars.

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    Reviewed on Romancing the Darkside and hell meet for a shot at love As an incubus, Kenan lives his life seducing women and collecting their souls in Hell While walking the streets of the Hellsgate market, Kenan stumbles upon a rare find, a captive angel for sale Never one to pass up a challenge, he purchases Jahel from the seller and takes her to his home There, she reveals the reason for being in hell is to save the soul of a young girl in her charge Kenan is awed by Jahel and decides to help her find the soul held by a hellhound, with intentions to seduce her When the tables are turned and Kenan find himself falling for Jahel, these two find themselves fighting a battle that can bring on the apocalypse and end the passion they share.This is a short read with excellent world building, engaging characters and driven by action Jahel is a fascinating character that I wanted to learn of, even as an angel she s not the strong and outspoken heroine I m used to but has an innocence and sweetness to her that is very endearing Kenan is a real charmer who s used to seducing his way through anything and is caught off guard when he meets Jahel who evokes an unbridled passion in himit s always great to watch the ladies man fall in love Although the romance takes a back seat to the threat of an impending apocalypse, there are a few erotic moments between the two main characters that are worth mentioning Demon s fall is a well crafted novella in a fascinating world of angels and demons that is a heavenly delight for those who enjoy a fight of good vs evil and a forbidden romance

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    This review was posted at Under The Covers This was a quick, short read I really liked the concept of the story We have an incubus, Kenan, who goes to a sort of slave auction in Hellsgate, and gets himself an angel, Jahel She is in desperate need to get back the soul of the young girl she was assigned to So Kenan convinces her that he will help her, and they set off in a chase through Hellsgate of this girls soul, meanwhile they start developing feelings for each other They both fight the attraction at first, and he even seduces another girl in front of her, but they slowly give in to their feelings.I liked the concept of Hellsgate, the town However the town was missing some spark, some action, some danger, something Of course this is a short story, so it s hard to cover all aspects of a story in regards to world building, romance, action The romance between Kenan and Jahel starts off pretty quick, it s mildly erotic, but I was not too attached to their characters from the beginning They do go through some troubles trying to get the soul of the young girl back from a hellhound, and the storyline gets a little bit better towards the end where some action comes into play, having to prevent the apocalypse and all.I think the author might ve tried to put too many ideas into a short story, and definetely it has potential as a full book, but it was still an ok story