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Ever Since Legwarmers Were Cool, Best Friends Tara, Katherine, And Fintan Have Survived Small Town Ennui, Big City Heartbreak, And Endless Giddy Nights Out On The Town But Now That They Ve Graduated To Their Slightly Serious Thirties, Only Fintan Has What Can Honestly Be Called A Love Life With Tara Struggling Daily With Her Eternal Diet And Her Dreadful, Penny Pinching Boyfriend And Katherine Keeping Her Single Existence As Organized As Her Drawer Full Of Matching Bra And Panty Sets, It Seems They Ll Never Locate The Exit Door Out Of The Last Chance Saloon But It S Always When You Are Least Ready For Change That Fate Insists On One And When Catastrophe Inevitably Follows Crisis, The Lives Of Three Best Friends Are Sure To Change In Unexpected Ways And Not Necessarily For The WorseYou Devoured The Hilarious Antics Of Claire In WatermelonYou Laughed Til You Cried In Lucy Sullivan Is Getting MarriedYou Took A Vacation Gone Mad In Rachel S HolidayYou Flew Away With Margaret Good Girl Gone Bad In AngelsYou Got A Peek Inside The Cutthroat World Of Women S Fashion Magazines In Sushi For BeginnersNow, Raise Your Glass To Tara, Katherine, And Fintan In Last Chance Saloon

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    I cannot understand how this book is getting such rave reviews I could barely finish it, I wanted to pull my hair out with boredom The characters were so silly and stupid that you just want to smack them in the head, especially Tara Give me a break woman, how is it that you accept living with a man who dotes on his cat while spewing verbal abuses at you in the same second Ridiculous And really, Marian Keyes, all the unnecessary detailyou re killing me I was skimming through passage after passage after passage of text that meant absolutely nothing to me and added absolutely nothing to the story I mean, this is a BIG book 600 pages for a story that could have been cut down to about 270 300 pages I could not wrap my head around all the chapters that I could ve literally torn right out of the book and still had a complete, full story intact And LorcanWHO THE F K is Lorcan I spent than three quarters of the book reading random chapters about this man who disgusted me to no end, only for his purpose to be revealed in the last few chapters of a 600 page book REALLY Are you kidding me right now He is unbelievably sickening, I cannot even begin to imagine how stupid women need to be in order to fall for this man based on looks ONLY I mean really, nothingNOTHINGelse is redeeming about him but his looks, and even that, I find hard to believe that he s so good looking you lose sight of everything else Shoot me now The only thing that kept me going at one point was the interaction and later, relationship, between Katherine and Joe Finally, something worth reading in this book Something sweet, and pure, with the regular ups and downs, but at least realistic and normal in this great spectacle of a book Keyes wrote I do not recommend this book to anyone, and I am disappointed at the amount of rave reviews it s gotten that fooled me into buying it and wasting my time.

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    I ve read all of Marian Keyes novels now, and I have to say that this might be her best yet Watermelon was great, Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married a bit disappointing, Rachel s Holiday mildly depressing and frustrating, but Last Chance Saloon had me hooked I very much enjoyed the cast of characters, each very well sketched out The book really is a clever look at how easily one can become complacent, how easy it is to settle or simply float through life The novel was a perfect mix of having something worthwhile to say about life and being immensely readable I oftentimes have the feeling that most books make me choose between substance and pleasure Tara, Katherine, and Fintan will make you laugh and cry with their lives Most definitely recommended.

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    This is my favourite Marian Keyes book The characters are funny and flawed but in an all too familiar way I can see myself and people I know in each of the main characters.I ve read this book many times over the years and I can happily pick this book up and start from a page chosen at random The storyline is really engaging and I ve laughed and cried reading this book I think this was one of the first chick lit books I read but I feel it s than that It s about the sometimes complicated relationships between friends and family, love, the past and figuring out what you really want in life.

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    I am so happy that I m finished with this book I love Marian Keyes but this book left me with an agonizing desire to throw it across the room But I was determined to finish it no matter what I just couldn t get into this story Perhaps, it was just too long and therefore, became quite boring Or perhaps, it was because I couldn t seem to like the characters, with the possible exception of Tara It had a good premiselive life to the fullest I liked that, so that s something positive Something that s even positive.the book is FINISHED Cue music while I do my happy dance

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    Last Chance Saloon continues to speak to me and it has been almost six years since I have read it for the first time I don t know why I re read this constantly Maybe it s because I keep thinking that the ending of the book will unexpectedly change I fell in love with the main characters in this book and really just wanted them to have nothing but good things.Even though this book is supposed to be about three best friends since child teenage years Tara, Fintan, and Katherine Most of the book devotes itself to Tara and Katherine s lives and how Fintan s health problems end up impacting both of them to do things that they never thought they would.Last Chance Saloon comes from a saying that Tara always says when it is brought up that she should leave her horrible boyfriend Thomas Thinking of herself as old and decrepit, she thinks that if she does eventually leave Thomas or she him, that she will have no further chance at love.Katherine on the other hand is alone in between periods of when she dates a man and finds herself turning into a stage five clinger The only one of the trio that is in a happy and healthy relationship is Fintan with his boyfriend And life continues on it s way until Fintan is diagnosed with cancer With everything becoming topsy turvy we have all of them being affected by his illness Fintain eventually calls his friends together to give them each a request that he wants them to do or he plans on dying just to spite them I think the character I found myself feeling affinity with was definitely Katherine You eventually find out why Katherine acts like she does, but at the time you don t get it Being the most self assured of the trio and most grownup you don t think that things affect Katherine like it does everyone else It was great to see Katherine starting to let other people in and have her learn from her mistakes.Tara was maddening I think that everyone has been in a relationship like Tara You are dating someone awful And you find yourself staying in it since the thought of being alone feels like a fate worse than death Heck I am friends with some people who did this fairly recently and it gets tiring to listen to I can t imagine dating someone like Thomas in real life Bigoted, mean, cheap, and just a general asshole, Tara dating him made me dislike her since I was tired of her making excuses for the guy Though this book is set up as a trio with Fintan You don t really get inside his head too much except for the parts where you find out how he met and fell in love with his now boyfriend That is one reason why I could not give this a full five stars I think it would have worked better if we had insight into Fintan and his pain and fear due to his cancer diagnosis.We instead flip flop around with another character named Lorcan At first you don t understand why Ms Keyes included the guy and what he has to do with anything If anything you start to realize that Ms Keyes was leaving clues to why Lorcan was important throughout the book You don t get to the payoff until almost the very end though Lorcan was so horrible to not even feel real at times Unfortunately I have met this guy s doppleganger in real life so I know that sometimes people like this do exist womanizer, cheater, liar, etc I do still wish that we had gotten less information involving Lorcan and with Fintan.I really don t have any complaints about Ms Keyes writing or pacing She writes very well and you don t have to worry about getting lost with which character is speaking The entire book is told in the third person which allows you to keep track of who is speaking quite easily.

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    No, this is not great literature It isn t perfect, it may not even the one of the best Marian Keyes books What it is is funny, gentle, sweet and relatively calm exactly what I ve been needing to read In typical Keyes fashion, the characters are all terrible flawed and all the likeable for it I really think Katherine is not up there with my favourite Keyes characters, as is the lovely Fintan which makes the usual heartbreaking plot line of the book even heartbreaking view spoiler Having dealt a lot with cancer in my short life through multiple family members journeys through the disease, I am always fascinated to see how authors deal with such a tricky subject I thought Keyes did a fairly good job, most particularly with the friend s and family s reactions and support of Fintan throughout Again, the characters flaws show up hugely, but so do their strengths, just as in real life hide spoiler

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    No lo he podido terminar No he podido con l No puedo con los personajes ni lo que se cuenta de ellos y me ha parecido super aburrido.

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    Just out of the book Just finished in other words Last Chance Saloon really captured me Definitely better than the Marian Keyes I ve read lately that is Lucy Sullivan ans Sushi First Last Chance Saloon also seamed just too much like them Almost boring to read about the same things low self esteem etc again But of course MK is ALWAYS entertaining.But Last Chance Saloon is actually different Kinda serious The message is that we shouldn t presume life is forever, so we should make the most of it while we can The very serious matter took up in the book is cancer, which one of the characters suffers of I knew it was cancer immediately when there was some talk about some lump in Fintan s neck, and I didn t like the way the book was going Cancer and MK don t go together, cos MK books always end happily So I never expected Fintan to die, cos such doesn t happen in MK books So I presumed he would be miraculously cured, even thou I don t believe cancer can be cured Well, actually Fintan wasn t definitely cured at the end after all He might well die of it some day, but he s going to make the most of his life till then Well, however, he was t even the main characterThe main characters was Tara, who couldn t make herself leave her awful boyfriend and Katherine, who doesn t want a boyfriend Sounds pathetic, but it isn t really when u get to know about them Tara is very sympathetic actually, and I love her Katherine seams stupid sometimes, but she is the one who s past is reveled little by little in the book Sometimes I actually thought that wasn t the book ever going to end There certainly is many turns, but they are very unexpected actually, so its only good Anyway I think I was going to write a great deal , but I have forgotten the restConclusion A Very Good BookPS Last Chance Saloon was very good to read beside all the schoolbooks I m reading for the matriculation examination I think I m going to read some MK straight away

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    This was another Marian Keyes book that I liked the sound of and was looking forward to reading.Straight away I got a sense of fun from the main characters, they had a great friendship and were comfortable and relaxed in each others company Tara had a bit of a problem with food and I could totally relate to that Any parts that mentioned her hunger either had me nodding my head because it s something I do, or laughing out loud at how hilariously she behaves when she s hungry Seeing everyday objects as food was a particular favourite of mine and I found myself doing the same after I read this Her relationship with Thomas made me feel uncomfortable because it was so obviously wrong, I just wanted to shake her to make her see sense.Katherine was interesting, she was a strong, confident woman on the outside but had obviously been hurt at some point in her life and this made her push people away I really enjoyed watching Joe try to make his move on her her responses were cruel but made very entertaining reading Fintan was fabulous, I loved everything about him His illness was one of the main things that stuck out for me in this book it was a real turning point, not just for his character but for everyone They all seemed to re evaluate their own situations especially after Fintan makes a couple of difficult requests.I couldn t figure out where Lorcan fit into the story, I knew he had to be important in some way but I couldn t predict how He was a horrible character and once I had discovered why he was there, it all made sense I think I ll have to re read this at some point because now I can look at it from a different perspective.Fintan becoming ill meant that there were quite a few heart wrenching moments but these were balanced out by some very funny moments, for example a disastrous mud wrap adventure for Tara that is not to be missed A surprise twist near the end pieced everything together and it was something that I hadn t seen coming which made it even interesting to read.This is an enjoyable book that really makes you see things in a different way.

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    Another story for me where I couldn t connect with the characters Keyes is very skilful at drawing pictures of relationships and I did feel the friendship of these people but I didn t care enough about them Even the guy I should really have felt sorry for was so obnoxious at times that I wanted to slap him Tara also needed a slap But maybe that s showing what a good job the novelist did If she makes you see you don t have to put up with that sort of behaviour from a guy, then she s done some good But Tara took the whole book almost to see it.