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    Dorion Read

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    The Cambridge Companion to Socrates is the best introduction to Socrates I have ever read The chapters of the book are linked together well and have a clear progression The first chapter begins with the so called Socratic problem, which involves trying to find the real Socrates in the historical literature, and the final chapter ends the book with Socrates influence on the Greek philosophy that came after him.My favorite chapter was Terry Penner s Socratic Ethics and the Socratic Psychology of Action It s a fine example of the quality of work in the book It details Socrate account of human behavior and shows that issues related to living the good life are integrally tied to what it means to be a human being, according to Socrates.Highly recommended.

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    I believe that this book deserve 3.5 but goodreads rating system isThis is a good introduction, especially considering it s on a difficult subject like Socrates The authors treat him fairly There is neither hero worship nor condemnation However, I believe that this book can use better editing I find certain passage to be suitable for journal than a companion I understand that Cambridge Companion isn t exactly Socrates for dummy, but Socrates is probably the first philosopher for most people and this may scare them away This complexity should be fine in, say, Companion to Aristotle.

The Cambridge Companion To Socrates Is A Collection Of Essays Providing A Comprehensive Guide To Socrates, The Most Famous Greek Philosopher Because Socrates Himself Wrote Nothing, Our Evidence Comes From The Writings Of His Friends Above All Plato , His Enemies, And Later Writers Socrates Is Thus A Literary Figure As Well As A Historical Person Both Aspects Of Socrates Legacy Are Covered In This Volume Socrates Character Is Full Of Paradox, And So Are His Philosophical Views These Paradoxes Have Led To Deep Differences In Scholar S Interpretation Of Socrates And His Thought Mirroring This Wide Range Of Thought About Socrates, This Volume S Contributors Are Unusually Diverse In Their Background And Perspective The Essays In This Volume Were Authored By Classical Philologists, Philosophers, And Historians From Germany, Francophone Canada, Britain, And The United States, And They Represent A Range Of Interpretive And Philosophical Traditions