[ Download pdf ] Early Chinese Religion Part TwoAuthor John Lagerwey – Sharkmotorcyclehelmets.co.uk

After The Warring States, Treated In Part One Of This Set, There Is No Fecund Era In Chinese Religious And Cultural History Than The Period Of Division AD During It, Buddhism Conquered China, Daoism Grew Into A Mature Religion With Independent Institutions, And, Together With Confucianism, These Three Teachings, Having Each Won Its Share Of State Recognition And Support, Formed A United Front Against Shamanism While All Four Religions Are Covered, Buddhism And Daoism Receive Special Attention In A Series Of Parallel Chapters On Their Pantheons, Rituals, Sacred Geography, Community Organization, Canon Formation, Impact On Literature, And Recent Archaeological Discoveries This Multi Disciplinary Approach, Without Ignoring Philosophical And Theological Issues, Brings Into Sharp Focus The Social And Historical Matrices Of Chinese Religion good encyclopedic knowledge good reference