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    This book was really good It was very detailed and I fell in love with the characters I truly felt like I was there and jake is amazing I was crying by the end hoping he d be ok This book was great and I would have given it a 5 out of 5 stars had the ending been better This book better have a sequel This author, I ve found, does this I read the death by series and loved them However they ended with the couple not being together In trance the ending was so open ended and didn t really end I loved this book just not the very ending Had the last three lines not have been there I think it would have been better I really do hope though that Linda writes another book.

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    This book is very interesting and it makes you think I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that make you think outside of the box The main character is not your normal high school girl, she is way Within the book it includes life lessons as well For example, you can only control yourself not other people and you do not want to ever lose a friendship with family or friends I would recommend this book to any age group, I think it is a good read for boys and girls.

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    Trance is ultimately my favorite novel of all times The minute I started reading it, I couldn t put it down When she feels the familiar tingling at the back of her neck, she knows whats about to come Ashlyn Greenfield finds herself falling into these trances that lately have been coming often than usual She tries to keep quiet about them, fearing no one will understand her or even believe her These trances gives Ashlyn a scene from an event soon to come, but these trances are not a scene of happiness, but a glimpse of danger When she lost her mother in a fatal car accident, Ashlyn began to blame herself, convincing herself that it was her fault for the car accident happening because she didn t get the trance, only her sister did Her sister disappeared after the car accident, trying to stay hidden from her, but once Ashlyn begins to get these trances again, her sister is the only one that can help her find out what the trance is trying to show Jake enters Ashlyn s life, and just then, these trances become intense than ever before She is pulled in, blindsided and become an unwilling witness to a horrible upcoming event Ashlyn realizes she needs to find her sister in order to figure out the rest of the trance, but her sister is no where to be found Fearing that Jake may be in danger, Ashlyn goes out in hopes to find her sister, while also being pulled into these ongoing trances that she just can t seem to find an answer to It s now up to Ashlyn to save Jake from a near certain death I highly recommend this book to anyone who finds an interest in mystery and suspense The details are on going and there are a series of unexpected turn of events I was able to finish the novel in less than 3 days because of how intriguing it was The story is not what you imagine it to be There are so many surprises and cliffhangers that make you want to keep going, but none of these questions or surprises are revealed until the end I could not get over the immense amount of surprises Linda Gerber introduced to the book along with the unexpected events that take place Everything seemed to add up towards the end of the story, but its definitely a book worth reading and being your own detective by drawing your own conclusions on the ending of the book, to then be surprised by the outcome Definitely a 5 star rating

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    It s a good story There are some important themes in here death, grief, survivor s guilt, isolation, unhealthy coping mechanisms, dishonesty Gerber handles all these really well within the context of a supernatural story involving visions, numerology and tarot She even throws running for sport into the mix.The only trouble here with the writing is that things unfold rather quickly and some of those themes are treated lightly as a result Then again, this is a YA book and aimed at a younger audience with a shorter attention span It might have gotten maudlin and unnecessarily drawn out if it had been a longer book.In the end, this book is its own worst enemy Everything is so well handled, but we only have the overview and none of the real gritty details Ashlyn is a great main character and when confronted with her flaws, responds positively The thing is, it only took a couple of conversations for that to happen over a short amount of time Ashlyn s dad is drowning himself in his work in order to cope with his grief and when he really starts to pay attention, he vanishes from the story Ashlyn s sister Kyra is absent until the end of the book but when she appears, it s under circumstances that never are fully explored Nick what was he doing in this story anyway He s there and then he s gone and what was the point Jake is a wonderful character and we get enough of him to at least round him out Gina is the star of this book honest, direct, snarky and bold Her back story was just enough to give us a nice peek into her character and yet not enough to overwhelm the story The big climactic event at the end was a great idea But it was abbreviated, like the rest of the plot It could have been done in a way that would have drawn out the whole scene in a detailed, impacting way.And the ending No Just, no That is not the way you end a book Gimmicky and shallow.So overall it s a good story with a lot of potential It s appropriate for a high school library s bookshelves Great literary fiction it is not, nor is it standout YA But it has its merits It was ok.

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    2.5 stars out of 5 This book was around 280 pages but it felt much shorter Not because I flew through the book which I did or I was so into it that I did not know the length, but instead because it felt like just the introduction to a book rather than a full book.Ashlyn Greenfield is recovering She recently lost her mom in an accident, her sister has disappeared, and even though her dad is still around, he might as well be gone as he is emotionally distant from Ashlyn In addition to her emotional scars from the death and abandonment, Ashlyn suffers from trances The trances lead Ashlyn to partial cryptic visions of impending tragedy Ashlyn s sister Kyra also experiences trances leading to partial visions Ashlyn and Kyra always see parts of the vision and must work together to decode the vision Nevertheless, of course, Kyra is gone, which presents one of many of Ashlyn s problems.The romance, friendship and even the co worker who conveniently knew numerology, which is what Ashlyn needed to decode her visions needed serious character development I felt nothing for any of the characters because there is no background information on them and they seemed to be placed in the book as props for the plot development and nothing The worst characters, by far, were the father and sister Because the book is lacking serious character development, the reader is forced to make up his or her own mind about the dad and sister I hated them They seemed incredibly selfish and abusive Because I felt they were abusive, the issue of abuse should have been dealt with It was not A father completely ignoring his daughter after the girl just lost her mother and suffered serious physical injuries is abuse This issue was entirely glossed over Because of everything Ashlyn was going through, I really liked her That was what made me finish the book The overall book has promise, and if it had about 10 chapters, it could have been an excellent book.

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    this is the same auther as the death by bikini series and a great book yes slow at times but belive me you wont regret reading it this shows that linda gerber wasnt just having a good day with death by bikini but she is just a naturally good writer

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    I loved it but some of it like how she didnt want to go to the jock guy i forgot his name shes dint go i know it tould us what happen but still didnt get why shes was mad him she was the one drinking.

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    Ashlyn has a secret She has experienced a great loss that she believes is her fault She keeps everyone at arms length to keep her secret I love the friendships that are created even when she tries to avoid it Really fast read that keeps your interest throughout.

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    Enjoyable, quick paced, action packed At first I didn t like the the ending and then gave it some thought and realized the last sentence is perfect, never turn your back on who you are.

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    Very good

Ashlyn Greenfield Has Always Known When Bad Things Are Going To Happen Each Time That Familiar Tingling At The Back Of Her Neck Begins, She Knows What S To Come A Trance She S Pulled In, Blindsided, An Unwilling Witness To A Horrible Upcoming Event But She S Never Been Able To Stop It Not Even When The Vision Was Of Her Mother S Fatal Car Accident When Soulful Jake Enters Ashlyn S Life, She Begins Having Trances About Another Car Accident And As Her Trances Escalate, One Thing Becomes Clear It S Up To Her To Save Jake From Near Certain Death