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  • 11 March 2018
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    I adore this series Everyone who knows me knows I love, love, love my Vamp s so it shouldn t come as a surprise that I m having a total blast with this series I am loving the chemistry that the Drake family have I love there voices, I love there banter, punkness, sass, and wit This is a great cast of characters here to entertain, make you laugh and ready to swoon you over I love to have fun with the characters I read, so in short, they make me smile, every last one of them.Blood Feud is another awesome book by Alyxandra Harvey who delivers the pitch perfect roles, a captivating plot and brings along the funny and eloquent with her stylish writing.I enjoyed meeting new characters, going back in time and learning about The Hounds and other Vampire politics that sets the book.While I did love the first book a bit , I still really enjoyed and loved this one as well I blame Nick and Lucy, can t help it, they are too cute and I was so happy to see them here and there in this book Oh, and I sooo wanna be there when Lucy comes out of that closet Just saying This is Logan and Isabeau s adventure and I think they are both amazingly defined characters Logan is like the rest of the Drake brothers, totally kick ass, charming, traditional, vain and sweet sexy She smelled like rain and earth and wine If she d been in a goblet I would have drained it of every drop.Yummy I really enjoyed his point of view and he definitely makes my swoon worthy list of hot Isabeau is a fierce character with a complicated past She s not cold, but there is a definite wall there Vengeful, loyal and powerful She s a great role and look forward to seeing her in future reads.Overall, I love these books Action packed, intriguing and romantic I can t wait for the next one and the next one after that and so onSpunky, Sassy and a whole lot of fun Blood Feud is a welcoming addiction to my favorites.Can t wait for

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    Der erste Band hat mir noch einen Hauch besser gefallen, aber auch Blood Feud war eine clever und spannend erz hlte Geschichte mit einfach wundervollen Charakteren, jeder Menge Humor und einer Liebesgeschichte, bei der man geradezu dahinschmelzt Und alle geliebten Charaktere aus dem ersten Band sind auch wieder vorgekommen Was ich bei Alyxandra Harvey brigens immer mit am besten finde, das ist die Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren, weil das nicht gerade im Vampirgenre blich dieses Ich bin der Mann Ged ns ist Ich wei gar nicht richtig, wie ich das beschreiben soll, aber es gibt eben keine Rollenverteilung der Geschlechter, sondern ich habe mehr das Gef hl ber zwei MENSCHEN zu lesen als ber Mann und Frau Ich hoffe, ihr wisst, was ich meine lach

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    Reviewed Girls Without a Bookshelf.I was hugely excited for the second installment in the Drake Chronicles and am glad to say that it pleased me a lot I know a lot of you girls out there are excited for it too you better be, because this is so much better than Love Lies Bleeding US title Hearts at Stake Let me start by saying that it surpassed all my expectations I thought it was going to be a book that was romance than anything but boy was I wrong It was a good mix of mystery and action I love it was really a fast paced read which I could barely let go of It is not only an excellent sequel, it can also stand alone Alyxandra Harvey continues the plot in Love Lies Bleeding smoothly, without foregoing the development of the relationships Nicholas Lucy established in its predecessor If anything, it actually entices any reader who has not yet read Love Lies Bleeding to read it Blood Feud is told in both Logan s and Isabeau s perspectives The difference in their way of thinking delivered a very insightful glimpse into a tale that was part past and part present Logan s point of view is always fraught with humour and indignation whilst Isabeau is the reserved, thoughtful type Logan is hilariously funny and Isabeau, though trying not to be, is still a girl underneath all the hatred she harbours They are a wonderful pair together, but I m afraid I m still a hard core Lucy Nicholas shipper The narrative is not exactly told in alternate POVs, but rather in blocks You have several chapters of Isabeau s perspective and several of Logan s succeeding that In between an omniscient narrator relays the past that explains Isabeau s experiences during the French for revolution and elaborates her thirst for revenge I must say that these chapters are very well placed, so that they support the continuity of the plot rather than distract the reader from it They serve also as a form of characterisation of Isabeau Well described and strongly portrayed, it allows the readers to not only understand, but also sympathise with Isabeau.What I did not favour in the general plot would be the lack of characterisation on Logan s part Isabeau was definitely a developed character I was not sure Logan is I certainly would have wanted on his part The second and final thing I can say about the plot is that I wanted romance Quite difficult to impose on a character such as Isabeau but the fan girl in me screams .I have once enjoyed immersing myself in Alyxandra Harvey s vampire world The Drakes and Lucy are always a pleasure to be with, but with the addition of Isabeau and with the deeper, action packed plot, Blood Feud just made it a whole lot better

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    Hmm, I liked book 1 but this was only an okay read for me.Logan and Isabeau were nice enough but Nick and Lucy are definitely my favorite couple While reading Blood Feud I constantly found myself wishing for on those two and I found it a little bit difficult to bring myself to care for the actual main characters of this installment Still, I m going to read book 3 since I want to hear about the Drakes.

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    This is a really good series Another action packed and witty installment that had plenty of romance Alxyandra Harvey has a interesting and unique take on vampires with all the different types In this one we learn about the Hounds This is the story of Logan and Isabeau and again we get dual narration which I love I like knowing what both characters are thinking and feeling We also get flashbacks from Isabeau past before she was turned which didn t really hold my interest like the rest of the book unfortunately Isabeau is strong, loyal and doesn t take crap for anyone Logan is such a sweetie and like all the Drake brothers swoon worthy Both characters I instantly liked Although I didn t connect with them as much as I did with Lucy and Nicholas They just didn t have the same spark Thankfully Lucy and Nicholas made appearances in this installment filling my craving.The ending wraps up nicely but I was suprised by a certain character s death It makes me wonder where the next installment will go.Overall I really enjoyed this, although not quite as much as the first one I can t wait for Out for Blood and very curious to find out which one of the Drake s story it will be I hope it is Quinn s.

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    Najlep ie Pre t ch o neviedia Lucy Najle ia kam ratka lovek up rky Solange a priate ka up ra brata Solange NicholasaKde je Lucy op tal som saNa farme usmial sa Nicholas akosi neistoA ako sa ti ju podarilo ju prehovori Nepodarilo Je v skrini obr tila Solange o i v stlpVyvalil som na Nicholas o i Ty si zamkol svoje diev a do skrine No to je je teda dos dobre D D

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    Warning if you haven t read My Love Lies Bleeding or Hearts at Stake depending on where you live I don t recommend reading this review as there are some spoilery details from the first book that are discussed in this review You have been warned I d been waiting over a week for this book to arrive in my mailbox bookdepository you were very slow and then suddenly it appeared queue trumpets , I squealed a bit when I took it out of the letterbox Unfortunately I had to work so I started it on the train which was a bad idea because I had to stop reading once I reached work and wait a whole 6 hours until I finished, by the time work was over it was like I needed a really bad sugar fix I was that jumpy to finish work and read yes that s how much I wanted to read this book With my little rant over I shall get to my review of the book which whilst not being as good as My Love Lies Bleeding was still a page turner for me.Blood Feud beings soon after the events that took place in My Love Lies Bleeding Helena Drake is Queen after having killed Lady Natasha however we soon find out that many are not happy about this change when an assassination attempt on the Queens life is foiled In order to try and stabilise the vampire community Liam Drake is trying to bring the Hounds a tribe of reclusive vampires and Helios Ra vampire hunting society to the bargaining table in order to agree on a treaty with the main goal of stopping Montmartre and the Hel Blar.Just like My Love Lies Bleeding, Blood Feud is told in altering points of view between two characters except this time instead of Lucy and Solange we have Logan another one of the Drake brothers and Isabeau St.Croix a vampire who has suffered a great deal including being buried alive for over 200 years Logan first meets Isabeau when he is asked to escort her to meet his mother and father, as Isabeau is part of the Hound delegation Logan takes an immediate fancy to Isabeau telling her I feel like I know you basically a couple of hours after meeting her, I mean give it a day or two, sheesh Isabeau also likes Logan however she s torn I suspect because of all she has gone through.I really liked how Alyxandra included flashbacks on Isabeau s previous life before she was turned, I learnt some things about the French Revolution, yay Isabeau was a strong character who was no wall flower, she s not one to sit back and let someone else do work for her she was always in the thick of it She was hell bent on revenge against Greyhaven, the vampire who turned her and left her buried alive for over 200 years, that s a lot of time to come up with novel ways to punish someone Logan was very caring and protective of Isabeau which was very sweet, he also can kick some evil vampire butt when he has to though We learn a lot about the Hounds in this book, particularly about their beliefs which I found interesting Apparently the next book in the series will be focusing on Helios Ra, particularly Hunter Wild who we meet in this book.Crazy evil Montmartre still wants to marry Solange and is still leaving gifts for her I mean can you say creepy , and those fine Drake brothers are all here as well as Kieran and Lucy, who was my favourite character from the first book, she cracks me up I love her Fear not all you Lucy fans she is in this book as well although not as much as I would have liked and just as witty as ever I found myself wanting time with Lucy and Nicholas in this book whenever they appeared But alas we cannot always get what we want However, according to Alyxandra s website half of books 4 and 5 in the series are told in Lucy s point of view, so yippee Also, I wasn t expecting the ending in this book at all I have no idea what s going to happen next Oohh, there is also a nifty family tree included in the book which I found really helpful, it can get confusing trying to remember who is who sometimes.Blood Feud is a quick enjoyable read with action, romance and intrigue I can t wait to see what Alyxandra has install for us next in Out For Blood.

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    I first read this book back in 2011 and I m only just getting round to writing up my review of it I was a little concerned when I noticed that the book was narrated by Isabeau, a vampire Hound Princess on a diplomatic mission to see Helena, and Logan Drake I was a big fan of Lucy so I wasn t sure about the changes However, once I started reading it, I was enjoying the story too much to be bothered by it.I liked Logan, and it was interesting to get his view on what was happening Solange being pursued by Montmartre, assassins trying to kill Helena, Hel Blar trying to kill everyone, and dealing with his newfound love for Isabeau Isabeau s story was interesting and we get to see the life and history of the Hound tribe of vampires this time There is the brief introduction of Kieran s vampire killing friend Hunter, who is ready t kill anything with fangs She will become important in upcoming books in the series There is still plenty of Lucy and her fiery relationship with Nicholas, and we see the other members of the Drake family as well So that was all good.Isabeau s murderer who left her buried alive has allied with Montmartre, giving her plenty reasons to ally with the Drake family, even though her Hounds and their vampire security aren t happy with the arrangement Add in the attempt to get a treaty between the Helios Ra and the good vampires and there is a lot of mistrust, leading to isolated attacks on each other, which adds some nice tension to the plot.Again we have the menace of the Hel Blar, the most dangerous kind of vampire, and they make several battle appearances which I always enjoy There is a lot of action in the books where the Drake brothers fight to protect themselves, their parents, their sister and their allies These scenes are always well written and exciting, and sometimes action takes place in than one place at a time which adds some nice chaos into the equation This is another solid story from the Drake Chronicles series The plots are interesting, the characters are all well written and developed and everything flows along at a nice pace I m not generally a fan of romance in my vampire books but in this series the romance is light, fun and never gets in the way of the plot Very enjoyable

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    I m could describe Blood Feud the same way I described Hearts at Stake A great book for vampire fans looking for a fun, fast and entertaining read I d even recommend this for non vampire fans This was just a feel good, make you laugh, can t stop turning the pages awesome book I would have to describe these novels as my guilty pleasure vampire novels I have a werewolf guilty pleasure too The Dark Guardian novels And I call them guilty pleasures because they aren t exceptionally written, and that s not to say Harvey isn t a great writer because she is, and the plot is a little bit predictable I mean we know these two people are going to get together Yet, at the same time, these books are incredibly addicting and surprising Blood Feud is told in alternating perspectives, much like the first novel, but this time the perspectives are that of Logan and Isabeau Also something a little different, is the glimpses into Isabeau s life before she is turned She lived in France durning the times of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI That was a very interesting aspect of the novel that I was not expecting I liked getting to see of the different tribes of vampires Isabeau is a Hound vampire and loved getting to experience that.I do have to admit besides the predictable plot line between Logan and Isabeau, I was very shocked at the ending of a particular plot line within the book. I was thinking that it would be carrying us through the entire series, but I guess that s not the case at all.Loved the characters of Logan and Isabeau, but I missed Lucy She s my comic relief and I missed her witty remarks and hilarious disregard for authority This is a fun series with great characters and engaging plot I just can t get enough Eagerly awaiting

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    This and my other reviews can be found at Feud starts a week after the events of My Love Lies Bleeding where Helena has become the queen, Montmarte is still after the crown and Solange and the Drakes are holding negotiations with the Helios Ra and the Hounds.This book is really good and has the combination of action, humour and romance that I love from Harvey s books This book is all about discovering about the characters discovering about themselves and like I still prefer the first book it did still have that fairy tale feel about it.This book is about the second youngest Drake brother Logan and how everyone than he is than just the drake brother who dresses fancy It is also about the Hound handmaiden Isabeau who after living through the events of the French revolution and then being turned into a vampire, has to decide what is important to her love or her revenge.I really like the flash backs to Isabeau s life in Paris during the French revolution and how desperate and scared she was and yet how she survived through creating a wall around her heart, and then later how Logan was able to break through it.I would recommend this book to people who liked My Love Lies Bleeding and also those who like a fairy tale edge to their paranormal romances.

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www.alyxandraharvey.comAlyxandra Harvey lives in a stone Victorian house in Ontario, Canada with a few resident ghosts who are allowed to stay as long they keep company manners She loves medieval dresses, used to be able to recite all of The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson, and has been accused, than once, of being born in the wrong century She believes this to be mostly true except for the fact that she really likes running water, women s rights, and ice cream Aside from the ghosts, she also lives with three dogs and her husband She likes chai lattes, tattoos, and books.Author of The Drake Chronicles, Green Jack,Haunting Violet, Stolen Away and The Lovegrove Legacy A Breath of Frost and Whisper the Dead.Sometimes fueled by literary rage.