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    How everything in Chinese culture and literature can be linked to something sexual Well, not really, but it s a very interesting book Helpful for those of us who have a hard time remembering China s rather long history.

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    I love this book, I really do, one of my favorite random grabs from Half Priced Books See, I am a great lover of symbolism and how it relates to various cultures and religions, I feel you can learn as much about a culture from studying its symbols as you can reading about its history Of course I have a love bordering on obsession for all things Chinese, their culture is impressively vast and rather long and complex It is very easy to see how it can fill an entire book, I find myself reaching for it quite often to cross reference why a certain symbol shows up where and why My only real problem with this book is how it makes everything in Chinese culture vaguely sexual If this is actually the case then I have no problem with it, but in other works on symbols especially with regards to symbolism in art I have not run into it as much So maybe the author knows something I don t knowor maybe he has is adding things where they do not belong Even though it has a slightly smutty tone, I still find myself reaching for it whenever I want an interesting read.

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    Informative and an interesting gateway to getting comfortable with Chinese text

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    I have read this book so many times, I lose count I find it enlightening because it shows me the hidden meanings of lovely, complex Chinese symbols.

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