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Allow Yourself To Be Drawn Into A Fantasy World Like No Otherwhere A Beautiful Princess Is Seduced Into A Love Triangle With A Handsome Prince And Her Winsome Maidwhere A Mysterious Gentleman S Young Bride Is Deliciously Disciplined For Her Unchecked Curiositywhere A Naive Daughter Is Married Off To A Beast Of A Man Whose Carnal Appetites Awaken Her Budding DesireWith A Unique And Decidedly Adult Twist On Thirteen Classic Fairy Tales, Nancy Madore Intrigues And Arouses With Her Titillating, Sizzling Anthology Of Erotic Stories Guaranteed To Keep You Up Late Into The NightYou Ll Never Look At Fairy Tales The Same Way Again

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    Warning This review is PG 13 or rather R 18.This is a serious collection of all my favorite fairy tales gone naughty and bad What have I learned 1 Size matters over performance Beauty and the Beast 2 When your husband asks you to not enter a room, do not enter it It is just a room full of kinky sex stuff If you still decide to enter, face the consequences of being punished in the same room Bluebeard 3 Never challenge a cat you are attracted to You are most definitely to lose and end up his wife Though you are a mouse Cat and Mouse 4 If faced with numerous men in the dark, the best way to reveal your loved one is by coitus East of the Sun and West of the Moon 5 If something is soft, it will become hard eventually Goldilocks and the Three Barons6 Do not be deceived by looks, dwarfs may be real princes cursed by a witch Snow White Okay I am going to stop now But I have to tell you, if ever I have children, and I would read them bedtime stories, I don t think that the wholesome version of these fairy tales would be stuck on my mind, but these I just hope I wouldn t experience the slip of the tongue.

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    From Beauty and the Beast to The Goose Girl , Bluebeard to East of the Sun and West of the Moon , Madore has rewritten some classic fairy tales to capture and express some of the most popular sexual fantasies women have.Written simply and tastefully, there is an ulterior motive at work one that comes across strongly in some stories than others As Madore says herself in her foreword, It is my belief that to empower women sexually or in any other part of their life, for that matter , we need to stop trying to control or change them We must accept them exactly as they are When women feel good about themselves they feel better about sex Sex is not a market that is cornered by a select few All women have it within them to be sexual, although it lies dormant in many of us because of the damage done by our culture and media It can be reawakened, but only through our total acceptance of who we are We need to feel safe being sexual without the fear of being exploited, changed, categorized, punished, shamed or degraded A few of the stories tackle the issues of self image and sexual shame head on, especially Mirror on the Wall and The Ugly Duckling , and the characters in the latter especially, express the problems very articulately.But it s not just about women s issues Or rather, it is, but it s all tied up in how we view our sexuality, and whether we can embrace it or not which is the opposite of selling it or hiding it Some of the stories are erotic than others The Goose Girl is very sweet and goes no further than a heated kiss, while Beauty and the Beast is very explicit A couple of the stories were too long and quiet for me, and Madore s take on the fairy tales wasn t always the best one, I thought But as she says, she chose the most popular sexual fantasies, in the hopes of reaching the most women with the idea being that your sexual fantasy will probably be here , and she acknowledges that there might be some women left out Well, without going into details, there were a couple that did speak to me, which is good enough.This is a great book for those women among us who are shy about their sexuality, feel that it s a private thing this book won t invade that privacy but rather complement it , or who have been made to feel ashamed of it There s nothing here that will disgust you or turn you off no pain, for example and there s some powerful social commentary that s nicely interwoven that will speak to your intellect as much as to your emotions.Contains Beauty and the BeastBluebeardCat and MouseCinderellaEast of the Sun and West of the MoonGoldilocks and the Three BaronsMirror on the WallMrs FoxSnow White in the WoodsThe Empress New ClothesThe Goose GirlThe Sheep in Wolves ClothingThe Ugly Duckling

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    It tried so hard to be sexy that it was hilarious.

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    Okay, the preface of this book explains that the stories contained are about empowering female sexuality, which I was pretty excited about up until each story exhibited uncomfortable situations in which a woman was dominated in some fashion, told what to do, what position to assume, how to do it allTo say the least, my skin crawled and my stomach flipped not in a good way.I ve never been a huge lover of smut, but I did my round of romance in high school reading Christine Feehan, Christine Warren, C.L Wilson, and Sherrilyn Kenyon But even in those books the intimacy was give and take, about the experience and not one person overtaking the other This collection of short stories isn t like that I got mixed signals as to what these stories were trying to do, because I didn t feel empowered as I read them I was actually pretty embarrassed as I imagined my boyfriend doing all this to me, and I felt degradation with every second of my imaginings.If you are into eroticism, to each their own I don t judge or fault you It just isn t my thing clearly I guess I am bothered so by the author editor claiming these to be woman empowering story after story of a woman being physically and emotionally dominated in some fashion does not equal woman empowerment in my book, so no thank you.

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    In some ways Enchanted isn t too different from The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter reworked fairy tales with an adult and somewhat feminist twist with a background commentary on gender roles i.e wife, career woman, princess, maid etc If I had stopped reading at the end of Mrs Fox I would have given Enchanted four stars due to the simply written and tastefully woven tales with clever and sometimes amusing twists Lessons learned were truly learned rather than lectured on as they were in the second half of the book For example the Queen in Mirror on the Wall learned that cosmetic enhancements did not automatically make you beautiful but in the Ugly Duckling the last story the lesson that beauty alone does not bring you happiness was practically shoved in your face The same goes for Cinderella and The Sheep in Wolves Clothing Both were about reigniting the love in their marriages but Cinderella was subtle whereas the other story contained lengthy explanations on the subject.The enjoyable highlights for me were Beauty and the Beast with Beauty missing her beast when he turns into the prince, Cat and Mouse about a male and female equals jockeying and negotiating for position neither wanting to play the submissive slave, Mirror on the Wall for a mixture of old and new old being the story and new being the cosmetic surgery theme , Mrs Fox with the lesson being that the grass isn t always greener on the other side but it is a pleasant change every now and then, and finally Goldilocks and the Three Barons I loved seeing her as a nosey busy body reporter who reports rumour, half truths and absolute lies an amusing comparison to the original story.

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    First thins first, if you re reading this book story by story for the sole purpose of spicing up your love life a little, maybe by reading this out loud to your bed companion, Enchanted works quite well That being said, there are a lot of things you could read or do instead, that would have the same or even a better effect Since this is a book however, there is the point of the writing And that is not all that convincing With some stories, Nancy Madore tries to create a real world with real issues to disguise the fact that all of these really count as a plot what plot fiction With one or two, such as Cat and Mouse , this works a little, mostly it doesn t And, even though this is an odd thing to say about erotic fairytales, sometimes it fails on the realism front Having seven princes at the same time Working yourself through a room full of 100 yes, one hundred strangers to find your intended But what can you say It serves its purpose, and that s really all you can ask for Plus, for all those who like reading challenges, it s an E book And it s short What could you possibly want.

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    I got this as a bargain from and despite its low price I happened to like it a lot The book takes old fairy tales and give them an erotic twist I thought this was a good idea, a nice way of reading the old fairy tales, something for the woman in all of us.Even though I didn t like all of the stories based only on the type of twist they had I found myself really liking this Who wouldn t love the Beauty from The Beauty and the Beast to miss her beast Or Snow White finding her happiness in all her dwarfs Or even the evil stepmother who despises Snow White to have her own happy ending Or, my personal most favourite, the Cat and Mouse who find happiness in each other despite their constant quarrel over supremacy Yes, I loved these stories, and I read them all, even when the erotica was either too much or just not my cup of tea, I still read them all But my favourite among them will always be the Cat and Mouse because the girl in me just can t help but love the bickering couples with a hint of love hate relationship

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    I liked some of the stories in this book Some weren t very good I also don t know if I would classify them as erotic There are some situations that would be considered erotic than a basic romance but the author uses very mild, almost Harlequinesque language which, in my opinion, swings it back to just romance.

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    I couldn t decide whether to give this two stars or three.The stories were not bad But they didn t turn me on If an erotic story doesn t turn me on, it should at least be interesting Is it asking too much to want some sensual language as well

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    I think what I loved most about this book was less the erotic appeal but rather that it was about cherishing what it means to be a woman The author found so much truth in these classic fairy tales than the brothers Grimm seemed to have done Albeit, it s all based on a woman s point of view, but since we re the half of our race that s pushed down and beaten and subdued overtly, I think it s definitely than fair play I was really looking forward to each and every tale Mainly to see how they d be twisted to show a different, positive, perspective, but also because of the positive light they d release It s so rare to come across novels or stories or tales releasing feelings of warmth and happiness and positive light these days Most of which is released is fake a thin bit of sheer cloth that barely covers underlying problems In these short stories reality was shown often scoffed at, and yet all the women felt empowered afterwards, even if thier situations didn t call for it They all found happiness one way or another And that is why I give this book five stars Some erotic novels are just well written This one is well written and leaves a long lasting good feeling in my mind