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THIS IS THE REVIEW FOR THE BOOK Dru Anderson might finally be safe She s at the largest Schola on the continent, and beginning to learn what it means to be svetocha half vampire, half human, and all deadly If she survives her training, she will be able to take her place in the Order, holding back the vampires and protecting the oblivious normal people.But a web of lies and betrayals is still closing around her, just when she thinks she can relax a little Her mentor Christophe is missing, her almost boyfriend is acting weird, and the bodyguards she s been assigned seem to know much than they should And then there s the vampire attacks, the strange nightly visits, and the looks everyone keeps giving her As if she should know something.Or as if she s in danger.Someone high up in the Order is a traitor They want Dru dead but first, they want to know what she remembers of the night her mother died Dru doesn t want to remember, but it looks like she might have to especially since once Christophe returns, he ll be on trial for his life The only person who can save him is Dru.The problem is, once she remembers everything, she may not want to This was a GREAT book that REALLY keeps you interested the whole way through Now I want to read the next book Not coming out till spring of 2011 Go Christophe, it s about time. Dru Anderson Might Finally Be Safe She S At The Largest Schola On The Continent, And Beginning To Learn What It Means To Be Svetocha Half Vampire, Half Human, And All Deadly If She Survives Her Training, She Will Be Able To Take Her Place In The Order, Holding Back The Vampires And Protecting The Oblivious Normal PeopleBut A Web Of Lies And Betrayals Is Still Closing Around Her, Just When She Thinks She Can Relax A Little Her Mentor Christophe Is Missing, Her Almost Boyfriend Is Acting Weird, And The Bodyguards She S Been Assigned Seem To Know Much Than They Should And Then There S The Vampire Attacks, The Strange Nightly Visits, And The Looks Everyone Keeps Giving Her As If She Should Know SomethingOr As If She S In DangerSomeone High Up In The Order Is A Traitor They Want Dru Dead But First, They Want To Know What She Remembers Of The Night Her Mother Died Dru Doesn T Want To Remember, But It Looks Like She Might Have To Especially Since Once Christophe Returns, He Ll Be On Trial For His Life, And The Only Person Who Can Save Him Is DruThe Problem Is, Once She Remembers Everything, She May Not Want To I don t know why I continued with the series I didn t enjoy the first book, nor do I particularly like writing scathing reviews Most of the time when I one or two star a book I pass the rest and try to purge it from my mind rather than going over it again with a review and really burning it in I was lent all three books and I decided to work my way through anyway despite not enjoying the first Strange Angels book The second felt like sheer filler and I didn t have a lot to say that wasn t a repeat of my first review I figured this third book would represent the same complaints, but it got worse in a sharp curve not unlike a cliff with a drop off that leads straight down to hell.Oh, where to begin there are so many places I guess Dru s descent from self proclaimed tough girl to weepy, fainting, need to be saved by everyone with a penis is a nice place She went from being able to hold her own through years of training and her own unique tough cookie crust to needing men around to protect her I use needing quite specifically despite the fact that the guards etc were thrust at her She routinely gets teary and clutches at whoever is nearest and in Saintcrow s world everyone near her has a penis In the first book the way she leaned on Graves felt aligned with the character the author was trying to represent She d lost her father and she was only sixteen, being hunted by every supernatural thing in a two hundred mile radius, but instead of finding her footing Dru continues to clutch at every guy available to take care of her In fact, she actively looks around for people to take care of her constantly and resents anyone who leaves her even if they say very specifically they ll be back.Dru is one of only two female half vampires They are rare for two reasons 1 It is astronomically likely for a male half vampire to be conceived and 2 the vampires hunt the female half vampires with avengance because when a female half vampire blooms she becomes very toxic to vampires Female half vampires are made of kick ass They have agility and endurance than their male counterparts and they literally breath vampire death I don t even think Chuck Norris does that So then, why are the two female half vampires surrounded by men who toss themselves on top of any possible threat Why is it expected for them to have interest in fashion week in Paris than in dismantling the vampires that hunt their species and specifically their gender to almost extinction Because, those breasticles get in the way of all that kickass apparently Listen, all you teenage girls reading this YA novel Even if you are super great at something, you should totally let a boy do it for you so you don t break a nail or damage your vagina I know, it sounds weird but even if you re a black belt in karate you should let the white belts defend you as long as they ve got themselves a penis.Why is it okay to sell novels like this Is the subtext totally lost on the agent who signed this author, the editor who worked on it, and the publisher who printed it Some of the world building is at fault here Saintcrow has memory issues or trouble making up her mind Since female half vampires are supposed to be superior in one degree or another after they bloom then in a fight scene between a bloomed female half vampire and a non bloomed, in this case meaning still or less human, female half vampire than the bloomed one should win hands down, right Yeah no Because then Mary Sue I mean Dru Anderson would ve got her ass kicked and it wouldn t fit in with the tough girl farce that s kept up only I don t know maybe ten percent of the time.Other major complaints include Christophe Um, guys, you know how it s super gross that Edward is one hundred and sum odd years older than Bella That he could ve bumped uglies with her great grandmother, grandmother, and mother Well, hold onto your panties and brace yourself here Christophe had a thing with Dru s mother We don t know if they actually touched tongues or anything, but he definitely wanted to He was also an adult when Dru s mother, Elizabeth, was floating around the school So yeah, if you know for a fact that a guy rather desperately wanted to bump bits with your mom when she was a teenager and now he s wearing you like a second skin the logical thing to do is MAKE OUT WITH HIM.OMG I will wash and never be clean.Let s have a moment of silence now so that can sink in Dru knows for a fact Christophe wanted her mother She actually described it as him looking at her mother like he wanted to devour her, I believe, and she still doesn t have a lot of hesitation in making out with him I am so skeeved out I m going to do something here I never thought I d do I m going to tell you Stephanie Meyer justified this a fuck of a lot In Twilight the vampires are sort of frozen and their emotional maturity is stunted from the moment they change Edward was very old and very well read, but until he met Bella and had that life altering event he was still essentially seventeen Christophe, on the other hand, is just old and he wanted to bang her mom I can t even say that enough.Plot wise The big reveal was revealed in the last book We knew who was responsible for Dru s mother s death and the death of all the other female half vampires way back when Saintcrow scrambled around trying to make this a reveal by giving Dru some doubts all the while making Anna The Red Queen Bloomed female half vampire look and guilty She had to literally dumb down a character who was very nearly too stupid to live so she could ignore what she already knew to make the big reveal revealing I want to go to a book signing and hit her with a copy of the book I wasted two days of my life reading.Also, Graves, the only character I ve consistantly liked goes missing during the rising of the plot arch and even the people who know Anna is doing horrible things don t decide she s probably responsible before she s already escaped and they receive a note outlining what happened for them seriously this was the plot launch for the fourth book Just what I can t They knew there was an evil bitch up at the school and that Graves was missing for DAYS I I can t go on.Guys, she made out with her mom s ex boyfriend who was probably old enough to be her mom s father even back then I need a drink. This book is a huge disappointment, the only reason I picked up this book in the first place was because my favorite author Richelle Mead author of The Vampire Academy series wrote a review on it Well I don t think she actually read the book now Dru is supposed to be a badass who can handle guns and other weapons right Well through out the whole book she is mostly crying and complaining about how she feels and about how bad her life is What really makes me mad though is after crying for her own misery she ll say This is really damaging my tough girl reputation or something along those lines Seriously When did you ever have a tough girl reputation Because I sure as hell didn t noticed you had one And then there is the part of the story that is like Twilight A big love triangle I honestly can t stand love triangles but thats just me Lilith Saintcrow may be a very good writer I wouldn t know This is the first books I have read from her and I don t like them but if she plans on writing books about badass girls then she should give Richelle Mead a call and learn from the master. Dru better get with Christophe, for some reason I still hate Graves Anyways, I can t wait It s gonna be sooo awesome I can t wait for this book so I can find out what happens to Dru DHope she ends up with Christophe First off, I must say that I really did enjoy the first two books in this series Strange Angels and Betrayals I found that those two books had some original ideas, interesting characters, and really scary monsters So it was with excitement that I dove into this third book of the Strange Angels series I wanted to know what my favorite characters had been up to Well, to say I was disappointed with this book would be an understatement The book is a mess It is confusing for the reader I wasn t sure what the time span was between the first book and this one It seemed like a long time, but it could have been a week That said, the book begins with Dru grieving for her father There are a lot of flashbacks There are a lot of characters, each identified by their ethnicity Is there such a thing as a character dump There were also a lot of creatures It just felt like too much information at once I felt like I needed a glossary to keep track of all the creatures, and maybe a recap of the characters I must also say that I felt the need to read and re read many chapters, just to get my bearings I haven t had that happen to me much Just downright confusing.The most awesome aspect of this series for me has been the characters I loved Dru in the first book found her a little bit damsel in distress in the second book In this book, she annoyed me with her little love triangle A girl, a werewolf, a vampire where have we seen that before Christophe is noticeably absent It s a shame He was one of the best characters in the series Instead, we are treated to Dru s treatment or rather, mistreatment of Graves Graves is like the stand in boyfriend bodyguard until Christophe appears When Christophe appears, Graves mysteriously disappears.Nothing really seems to happen in this book, at least not until about a little than halfway through the book Then there is a great cat fight But the book continues to be confusing The ending did make me want to read the next installment Defiance, but not right away I ll wait and see. Okay, this will be EPIC EPICCCC the other books were UNBELIEVEABLE and i luv graves hes so hot ANYWAY this book is coming out JUNE 2010 they dont hav it on the website, but it comes out in june.OKAY obviously i got it wrong my bad july 29 sigh i liked june better thank you thats what the back of betrayals said, at least.SO here we are again sexy vamp or sexy best friend werewolf well isnt this oh so familiar TEAM WEREWOLF here I d choose Jacob, Graves, or Sam Roth anyday over Edward, Cristophe, or Vlad Todd.What do you think is gunna happen Well shes gunna bloom or whatever, and go like all the way svetocha ik i didnt spell that right , shes gunna have to pick a guy, shes gunna find out about her moms past, and that thing with Ash unbreaking the broken.Oh, yeah, and shes gunna do some major ass kicking as well Oh, god and someones gunna die dont they always PLEASE not Dibs Cant wait I want dru to end up with Graves.Team Graves..beacuse the first ones free