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All It Takes Is One Fatal MistakeHigh School Beauty Natalie Hargrove Has Spent Years Plotting To Become Prom Queen She S Got Just What It Takes Popularity, Glamour And Ruthless AmbitionWhen Someone Threatens To Overturn Her Perfect Plan, Natalie Needs To Take Control So She Convinces Her Boyfriend Mike To Help Play A Prank On Her Nemesis, Justin One That Goes Terribly Wrong, And Justin Ends Up DeadNatalie Is Plunged Into A Sea Of Secrets, Shame And ScandalBecause It Turns Out There S One Thing Even Natalie Hargrove Can T Command And That S Fate

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    I was drawn to this book because I liked the Fallen series and Lauren Kate s style of writing I started this book optimisticallyThe style of writing and mean, popular girl protagonist was full of promise that had me intrigued.But about a quarter of the way through I began to realize things just weren t going anywhere..Then after a whole lot shit that made me struggle through this bookI have one conclusion that describes everything in this book from the plot to the protagonist..ANNOYED Was this meant to be some sort of ghost story If it was I totally didn t get it because it was a confusing piece of shit All it seemed to be about was an American girl s high school social life The ending was just urggghhhh I mean what the fuck Stupidest way to die Depressing, pointless and stupid that s all there is to really say on this bullshit Full reviewhttps edwardsghostengine.wordpress.

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    I do not respect Lauren Kate as an author.She is a chameleon type, mimicing whatever style seems to be selling With Fallen, her writing was bland, as were the characters and premise, all wrapped up with a pretty cover Just like all the other Twilight knockoffs This one was clearly written before she realized that rewriting Twilight was where the money is It has that I wanna be trendy feel to it, like the Alphas series, or Private The main character, Natalie, was a firm character, unlike Fallen s Luce, but that is the best thing I cans say of her She got her personality across very well selfish Not even really manipulative or twisted, just self focused, wanting to get her way Kind of makes me sad a truly twisted and sick character would have been fun Natalie s not even close Oh, well Moving on to the story could have been really good, fell flat Takes too long to set up Didn t seem convuluted enough And then the ending maybe I was supposed to be sad, but I was almost cheering when I read it It didn t make a lot of sense, though, and was horrible If you read the book, you will understand these past two sentences.All this, watered down with a bunch of sex references and brand dropping Pretty bad Thankfully, it s short.

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    I got this ages ago when I was at the coast with my Mum and her friend and my two younger sisters and their two friends My friend who was supposed to come had bailed on me she was sick so I was in for a week of spending time with 4 kids under the age of 11 It was a painful experience We were in Big W and I was bored, as a normal person would be We were looking for something and my mum kept finding stuff she liked So I convinced my mum to buy a few books for me This was one of them I think I am giving it such a high rating because I was bored as hell when I read this and it was a few hours of taking my mind of the real world I briefly remember what the book was about, but I can t refresh my memory by re reading it, because my friend Tegan has my copy What I do remember view spoiler Popular bitchy girl who used to live in a trailer park wants to be prom homecoming queen sorta thing different name in the book , so she does a few bad things, one of them is killing one of her competitors, that was up for the crown Her and her boyfriend hide all the evidence, but it kinda drives them crazy and she ends up jumping off a waterfall also the place she lost her virginity She has a flashback where one moment in her life flashes before her eyes and then it s over We get the epilogue hide spoiler

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    The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is Lauren Kate s debut novel prior to Fallen by about a month, if Goodreads is anything to go by I took it out of the library because well, honestly, I don t know why I took it out.Sorry I lie I m in my exam period and I needed something to counterbalance all the academic texts I was reading.Given how much I liked her other books, you might imagine what expectations I had when I went into this one Well, dear readers, my reaction at the beginning, the middle, the end and the aftermath of this novel is, and always will be THIS WAS WRITTEN BY THE SAME WOMAN WHO WROTE FALLEN THIS Oh, my God There is sex There are drugs There are characters I actually cared about How is this even possible I read somewhere that this was loosely based on Macbeth, but since I don t remember enough of the play sorry, Shakespeare wasn t a big priority in my school s curriculum , I can only judge the novel by its own merits.And, again, I cannot believe Lauren Kate wrote this Have I mentioned this already I think I have, but I ll say it again, for good measure, I cannot believe it Maybe it s crazy, but I actually liked Natalie She was just interesting And, since the novel is told from her point of view, we do learn a lot about her, her story, and why she became the person she is now I actually found her motivation to be pretty believable becoming the prom queen is not such an unbelievable goal if you started out where she did, or went through the things she suffered through Natalie is mean, Natalie is ruthless and Natalie is not repentant until a prank she plays on a boy ends in tragedy From there on, Natalie unravels, and we get a first row view of the carnage Is this what they call schadenfreude Maybe Possibly I dunno But as I read, I started to like Natalie Really, I almost wished things would end well for her The portrayal of her relationship with Mike was also realistic If you read Fallen, you d know how lame and tame the romance is there, and until I read this, I wasn t sure that Kate could write something so raw and realistic as Natalie and Mike s passion They re reckless, they re wild, they live like there is no tomorrow, but ultimately, they don t know each other, and ultimately, when faced with a stumbling block, they fall apart It s a very powerful portrayal The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is a pretty short book, barely breaching 250 pages But it manages to pack punch than all three Fallen books combined, I ll tell you that Really, I cannot understand how the same author can write those books It just boggles the mind And yes, I do know that I ve said this a billion times already, but there is a point to be made here.Lauren Kate can write Maybe her style can use some work, but she can write compelling characters when she wants to I refuse to believe that she made Natalie so well rounded because she s a mean girl or an anti hero It s incredibly frustrating to know she can write good books, but for some improbably reason holds back on us.At this point you re probably wondering if I rated this book so low simply because I was frustrated I did not For all of the good parts of Natalie s characterization, the rest of the cast is not nearly as well developed Granted, it s a short novel, so there wasn t much room for that, but still, I think Mike could have used some fleshing out.Another thing I found particularly unsatisfactory was the ending Without giving away too much, it just ruins the feel you get from the rest of the book It s as if Kate tried to cram character development in a thousand words and it just comes off as convoluted view spoiler So J.B had a bunch of pictures of Natalie What Is that supposed to mean he loved her More like he had a very unhealthy obsession with her Huh not so unlike Fallen, then hide spoiler

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    I m one of those people that, once I discover an author that has a great book, I like to read what ever else they have available I had read Fallen a while back, and looked up on Lauren s website to see if she had any other books available When I saw The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove and read the blurb I hesitated.I m not a huge fan of the popular people, or people that do harmful things to get ahead in life it s never been my thing So, I guess it was a blessing in disguise when I won an ARC of The Betrayal through a blogger contest.I have to admit, I enjoyed the book than what I thought I would Lauren Kate made sure that we got glimpses into Natalie s past to show why she acts the way that she does, and I think that helped to make Natalie a real character that you could actually relate to and empathize In the end, I still thought Natalie s actions were horrible and definitely something that could have been avoided all together But, then again, I guess we wouldn t have had a great YA book to read if that would have happened.Overall, the plot was good The characters were very real, though I have to say the only one I actually liked was Mike The writing was wonderful, as it was in Fallen and the ending was kind of expected, but I was still surprised even when I fancied the idea of the ending before I actually read it Lauren Kate is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading books by her in the future.

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel Hargrove is the most popular girl at her highchool She has dreamed of becoming Palmetto Princess for years and her long time boyfriend, Mike King is supposed to be crowned Prince beside her When Justin Balmer threatens her boyfriend s crown, Natalie decides to take matters into her own hands to ensure this doesn t happen The book was entertaining at times, but often got on my nerves Most of the time it was just Natalie trying to get her boyfriend to desire her and then whining when she didn t get her way A lot of the story was Natalie trying to cover up that she came from the wrong side of the tracks which I m assuming was supposed to make the reader feel sorry for her and forgive her for her shitty attitude Just something about her really bothered me I still really enjoyed how manipulative and conniving she was though and really wanted to see what she would do next to try to cover up what she did The book is kind of like a terrible life time movie It s not the best, but it s entertaining so you keep watching because you really want to know what happens next Overall, it was entertaining, but nothing overly special.

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    The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is, in a word, awful Literally the only redeeming feature for me was the beautiful cover I want that dress so badly Firstly, Natalie was utterly unlikeable by anyone s standards and gets right on your nerves from the very first page, even when you learn of her background, which I assume is supposed to make you sympathetic towards her but fails utterly in that respect Natalie is utterly selfish, manipulative, unbelievably vain and ruthlessly ambitious, but with no real motive I get that she s supposed to be a modern day version of the delightfully evil and twisted Lady Macbeth, but at least she had a character and personality that can be easily dissected I d also like to think that Kate is mocking high school and the Queen Bee culture, but unfortunately I seriously doubt she is, evidenced by the chapter titles, which are laughably over dramatic The Valour of My Tongue, Nothing in his Life Became him Like the Leaving of it and An Absolute Trust to name but a couple I think Kate kept trying to be funny, but the weak attempts at humour made me like Natalie, who is the only point of view we are graced with, even less Also, I found no point to the prologue which serves only to confuse the reader by being too vague and poetic and borrow ideas from Twilight The writing was abysmal, the dialogue clunky, the pacing exceedingly drawn out with awful characters that you honestly couldn t care less about and the high school setting of promiscuous thirteen year olds well, maybe a bit older, but still and events extremely unrealistic, not to mention difficult to get through and fairly confusing if you do , even with skipping pages thank god it was such a short book In short, I can t recommend this novel to anybody, not even my worst enemy though it would be an excellent form of torture I really didn t like it, especially as it could have been much better, and I m no longer looking forward to reading the Fallen series.

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    This was a seriously twisted story Natalie Hargrove is the most popular girl at her school and is practically a shoe in for Palmetto Princess aka prom queen As she and her longtime boyfriend Mike prepare to become high school royalty, something goes terribly, terribly wrong and Natalie flounders to fix it.Natalie is a deplorable character she s selfish to the core, but that s what drew me into the story When something goes wrong of Natalie, she doesn t fess up and move on, she tries to fix an wrong with another wrong It s like a train wreck you can t tear your eyes from Lauren Kate indicated at the end of the novel that what happens to Natalie is fate, but I like to think of it as karma I really can t give away than that.One other thing that drew me in was that book took place in the South and the community that Natalie lives in has a right and wrong side of the tracks I also enjoyed reading about these high schoolers and their social lives the high school I went to certainly wasn t like that Or, if it was, I obviously was never invited to those parties This book gets four stars It was a twisted, delicious read for my Sunday afternoon, but I would have liked to have seen Natalie s relationship with her parents fleshed out .You can read this whole review and others at pandareads.com

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    How did I come about to read this book Being on Kaua i facing 2 flights and a 3 hr lay over prompted a last minute purchase in poorly stocked Walmart, that s how The beautiful cover of this book lured me, the story sounded ok and the fact that there was nothing else I wanted to read lead me to purchasing this book First of all, this book is trashy not too many swear words but so much teen sex, drug and alcohol abuse Very imoral I WOULD NEVER let my kids read a book like this Books like these teach the youth of today that sleeping around is okay, and addicting behaviors are the only way to get through high school WRONG.It s about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, making a new life on the right side of the tracks, where she still runs from her past Being the Queen Bee in high school makes her think she s happy until an act of revenge ruined her life The rest of the book is her trying to cover it up The ending I would say is one of the worst I have ever read I kept reading thinking the author would be able to salvage the story, right the wrongs, you know, some redeeming quality, but nope I did not like this book and I m sad I wasted 8.49 on it and my time.

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    For me this was about a one and a half stars I really did not like the main character Natalie or any of her friends The only person I semi liked was Mike King Natalie s trust fund boyfriend While I was reading this book I felt like I was watching a bad life time movie I didn t really like anything about this book The characters were shallow, vein, rude, self righteous, I could go on and on but I will stop there I was really disappointed with the ending For Natalie to die because Mike pushed her off the cliff didn t seem like justice for me But then Mike the one who was ready to turn himself in because of what he did to JB wouldn t turn himself in for accidentally pushing her off the cliff Didn t make sense I thought he was the level headed one, compassionate and wanting to do what was right But I guess not In other words I didn t like it so much.