books The Cambridge Companion to Early Greek PhilosophyAuthor Anthony A. Long –

An Insightful collection of scholarly papers on all aspects of early Greek philosophy Apart from introducing the major figures, it is an in depth treatment of the subject. The Western Tradition Of Philosophy Began In Greece With A Cluster Of Thinkers Often Called The Presocratics, Whose Influence Has Been Incalculable All These Thinkers Are Discussed In This Volume Both As Individuals And Collectively In Chapters On Rational Theology, Epistemology, Psychology, Rhetoric And Relativism, Justice, And Poetics Assuming No Knowledge Of Greek Or Prior Knowledge Of The Subject, This Volume Provides New Readers With The Most Convenient And Accessible Guide To Early Greek Philosophy Available Advanced Students And Specialists Will Find A Conspectus Of Recent Developments In The Interpretation Of Early Greek Thought S li a primeira metade, direcionada cada fil sofo em particular A parte tem tica transversal ficar pra outra hora. a great book it may seem difficult to fledgelings like me but it is really informative and provoking it is interesting that different authors have different views about certain sentences of heraclitus parmenides and empedocles. Excellent collection for getting a nice overview of the various Presocratics Some of the essays were better than others I particularly liked the treatment of Parmenides not so much that of Zeno , but in general this is an indispensable volume for the casual student of Greek philosophy.