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I can t remember how I felt about the whole book because the end left me hopeless The first three books were definitely leading up to something bigger All the events could have been put into one book, so I m eager to read the 4th with the changes set in motion by this one I adore all the characters, Mac is so real, and Barron s is just an ass I hate him but he s such an enigma. What a cruel, cruel ending If I were to wait a year to find out what happens to Mac next, I d be royally pissed right now, because as much as I liked the book, I think this kind of ending is unacceptable and disrespectful to the series fans.Faefever is a very dark book and it starts out dark too I missed Mac s happy go lucky attitude and flirtations with Barrons in previous installments The only relief from the doom we get in this book comes in the form of MacHalo and Druid Voice lessons Like the previous two books Darkfever and Bloodfever, there is not much resolution to any big problem mystery, but there is progress We learnabout how Unseelie came to life, who imprisoned them and why the walls holding them together are now crumbling We find out the nature of the Book and what makes it difficult to get a hold of it We get to know what the Lord Master is The Fae world is gettingandcomplex There areplayers both on human and Fae side, and all characters are interesting in their own way I am actually quite surprised that an author who previously wrote highlander bodice rippers created such an amazing mythology.But in spite of all these positives, I think Faefever is the weakest in the series structure wise It is hard to say what exactly the main story arc of this novel There is a series of events, many of them dramatic, but the story is unfinished The ending is vague, the narration stops mid scene and it calls for a good wrap up I am extremely attached to the series now, to Mac and Jericho, and the entire world of Fae, sidhe seers and Rhino boys I will be starting Dreamfever very soon and hope it will not leave me hanging in angst, waiting for the final chapter of this story Shadowfever which comes out 6 long months from now. The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Darkfever And Bloodfever Returns To Dublin S Fae Infested Shores In A Bold, Sensual New Novel Hurtling Us Into A Realm Of Seduction And Shadows, Karen Marie Moning Tells The Enthralling Tale Of A Woman Who Explores The Limits Of Her Mysterious Powers As She Enters A World Of Ancient Sorcery And Confronts An Enemy Insidious Than She Could Ever Have Imagined He Calls Me His Queen Of The Night I D Die For Him I D Kill For Him, Too When MacKayla Lane Receives A Torn Page From Her Dead Sister S Journal, She Is Stunned By Alina S Desperate Words And Now MacKaylaknows That Her Sister S Killer Is Close But Evil Is Closer And Suddenly The Sidhe Seer Is On The Hunt For Answers For Revenge And For An Ancient Book Of Dark Magic So Evil, It Corrupts Anyone Who Touches ItMac S Quest For The Sinsar Dubh Takes Her Into The Mean, Shape Shifting Streets Of Dublin, With A Suspicious Cop On Her Tail Forced Into A Dangerous Triangle Of Alliance With V Lane, An Insatiable Fae Prince Of Lethally Erotic Tastes, And Jericho Barrons, A Man Of Primal Desires And Untold Secrets, Mac Is Soon Locked In A Battle For Her Body, Mind, And Soul As All Hallows Eve Approaches And The City Descends Into Chaos, As A Shocking Truth About The Dark Book Is Uncovered, Not Even Mac Can Prevent A Deadly Race Of Immortals From Shattering The Walls Between Worlds With Devastating Consequences From The Hardcover Edition What is there to say about this book that hasn t already been said As much as I loved the first two in the series, this is the one that truly hits me every time I read it It s like reading book five in Harry Potter You go from some darkness to a LOT of darkness.Oh sure, the book starts off safe enough, but by the end of it madness, chaos, pestilence, famine, war and death.This is the book that truly gets most readers on Mac s side I ve said before that I was always there, but reading this takes me beyond that every time, makes me want to hate morph into the living, breathing embodiment of her vengeance, pick up her spear and stab everyone that so much as looks at her wrong.She s just so alone. sob It seems the only information she learns is that which she s able to barter, beg, steal, or discover for herself No one offers anything up freely in this world of powerful enemies Everyone plays their hands too close to their chests, especially those that expect her loyalty and compliance I don t blame her one iota for not trusting anyone I wouldn t have either How can you trust people that blatantly avoid telling you anything and then have the audacity to get mad at you for making a mistake because of the ignorant state they ve willingly left you in Yet at the same time, I can t really blame anyone else for the games they were playing With Mac being pulled in so many directions, who s to say where her loyalties lie Especially when she doesn t seem to know herself Understanding the manner of their secrets as I now do, having already read the series several times, I get why they wouldn t want to reveal them to her until they could be sure of her loyalty It s a vicious cycle The first time I read this I found myself almost fully on V lane s side He seemed to be the only one that was willing to help Mac Barrons nearly gave me wrinkles around my eyes from how much he made me frown Reading this for the umpteenth time, I feel differently Except about Rowena Fuck that old bitch.Now if you ll excuse me, I have to pick myself up off the floor after an ending that leaves me reeling every time, make myself a drink, take a deep breath and press on to book four Because we all remember what happens in the beginning of book four waggles brows Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Random sale for 2.99 on US Kindle June 26, 2019.Fourth Read January 2018 4 starsThird Read October 2015 4 stars Second Read November 2014 5 starsFirst Read September 2014 5 starsFour times and that ending still gets me GAH The only worse cliffhanger is the ending of the next book But I can t wait for Book 4, Chapter 4 YAS New thoughts There are favorite scenes they all include Barrons , but parts of this made me want to start skimming I ve never been a huge fan of the scenes with Jayne or V Lane or the other sidhe seers I like Dani, but everyone else is just a drag and I hate Rowena Thankfully, she isn t in this one too much This is the one where Mac spends a lot of time with the other characters Where the supporting characters and overall plot gets fleshed outSometimes, that isn t the most exciting to read when you ve read it four times and already know these little things But some scenes still felt fresh and exciting Best series ever, still Our first annual re read of the Fever series with the MacHalo group starts October 26, 2015 Here s the schedule sorry, I can t keep to a schedule with this series it takes over and I have to devour it once I start Darkfever October 26 Bloodfever November 9 Faefever November 23 Dreamfever December 7 Shadowfever December 21 Iced January 5 Burned January 12 New Thoughts Still really good, but I am taking away a star because I didn t quite like it as much as before It reminds me a bit of Iced because most of it is about Mac s interactions with the sidhe seers Dani, Rowena, Kat, etc Christian is in this a lot A main theme is also Mac s mistrust of EVERYONE around her, esp Barrons This is her book where she thinks he is the bad guy and that s just not as interesting to me P Also, V lane is in this one a lot, and I don t like him The ending is spectacular and shocking I just found myself skimming a lot of the middle There was a lot of info dumping which works if it s a first read You need to know all of this But, on a third read, I just wasn t feeling it as much.Second read review This is book 3 in the mis adventures of MacKayla Lane, sidhe seer, Null, and OOP detector MacKayla is surrounded by evil fae and people she can t trust or doesn t know if she can There are people who seem like they might be trustworthy Dani, Christian, Kat , some who seem highly iffy Inspector Jayne, Rowena, V Lane, Barrons , and some who are downright villains the LM Lord Master for short, Fiona, Derek O Bannion And this list gets shuffled around pretty frequently, except for a couple exceptions The thing to remember is that hardly any time has passed since book 1 and things are changing and developing like CRAZY Mac is evolving into a pro active quick thinker and an intelligent woman the people around her shouldn t underestimate She s still flawed and making beginner mistakes which is totally understandable, in my view New thoughts about my second read of this book I did notice some repetitiveness in the beginning and found myself wanting to skim through the sections of Mac s longer inner dialoguing But overall, this was just as fabulous as the first time I read it That ending is a doozy Cliffhanger from hell My mortal eyes just couldn t read the words fast enough in that action packed maelstrom of a finale original review Ok, I m officially in love with this series.Still have no idea what is going on with Barrons, but that s ok.And now the whole world has gone to unseelie hell in a hand basket Poor Mac Crazy cliffhanger Must go start reading the next one now. Who the fuck are you, Ms Lane Rage filled me Rage at what had been done to her Rage at him for bringing it up The thought that no one could see or judge me was liberating I swelled with grief and anger Now tell me who you are Vengeance, I said in a cold voice. There are certain things in my life that remains comfortingly constant despite the chaos that sometimes peppers my life For instance, the sky is blue 70% dark chocolate is delicious I look really good in dark green.Jericho Barrons is an asshat.Well, fuck That last fact might no longer be true.I don t know how this happened, honestly I don t think I m a sheep The majority of my friends have long professed their love for Barronsand honestly, I just didn t get it I still don t Jericho is still not my type of guy, but upon the second time reading this bookI think he s finally growing on me I turned around slowly, and looked up at him He stiffened and sucked in a shallow breath After a moment, he touched my cheek Such naked pain, he whispered.I turned my face into his palm and closed my eyes His fingers threaded into my hair, cupped my head, and brushed the brand It heated at his touch Never show it to me again His face was cold, hard, his voice colder. I started the Fever series with a horrible impression of Jericho that never really left To me, he was an overbearing, patronizing, violent asshole I have to admit that the first time around, I largely skimmed book 2 and 3, and my first, overwhelmingly terrible impression of Jericho never really changed.Upon a second reading acareful, critical reading, I admit I might have been wrong the first time The contrast and complexities in his character is particularlynotable for me today, coming off the recent reading of a particularly forgettable UF PNR book, with forgettable characters.I still don t like Jericho that much, but I love his character I ve come to see that while he is a jerk, he never goes over the line violent He stops just short of it, and he has his moments that just makes you wonder maybe there s something there, worth investigating, under the surface.And then the next moment, it s gone Leaving you to wonder if that spark of humanity was ever there in the first place.That s the thing that attracts me about Jericho s characterthat s what FINALLY grew on me in this book After so many books with lackluster characters, with predictable behaviors, this is one that keeps me guessing, who runs hot and coldbut just hot enough to keep me intrigued That s why he evokes such strong emotions within me, and that s what keeps me hooked It is easy to hate a character Anyone can make a character merelyloathsome It is quite another to have a character that keeps you on your toes, not knowing what he is, who he is, how he will react It s exhausting at times, but ultimately, I am never bored, and that is what I seek within a book and its characters Some escapismand it doesn t get any better than the amazing world and setting in this series.Mac s character is also improving by leaps and bounds She s still a girly girl She still enjoys dressing up, but reality is smacking her in the face, and she is dealing with it and adapting to the situation just beautifully She takes action, she learns to be manipulative She takes initiative She is not content to remain a passive, weak damsel in distress she is willing to seek help from the devil or Barrons same thing, really, if that s what it takes Her character develops beautifully in this book.The first time around, despite my contempt for the characters, I absolutely loved the setting, the writing, the darkness of it all This has not changed The writing and scenery is spectacular The portrayal of Dublin rips away the happy, safe, warm environment that I loved from reading Maeve Binchy s books and being the creepy, strange woman I am, I think I might prefer the darkness The writing is lovely, the insights into the nature of darkness, particularly from Mac s viewpoint, is remarkable, and is a better portrayal of Mac s inner nature and intelligence than I would have thought She still has hope, she still has brightness within her, but Mac s understanding of evil makes me sympathize with herthan her natural effervescence and vivacity ever could.I still think I like V lanethan Jericho, though He began bringing me gifts One day he brought me chocolate that wouldn t make me gain weight, no matter how much I ate. COME ON NOW CHOCOLATE THAT WOULDN T MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT Gimme that shit. hmmmmmmmmmmmm WELL Plot 5 starsCharacters 5 starsWriting 5 starsSexiness 5 starsEnding 5 starsOverall 5 starsBy the way, did anyone else kind of wet themselves laughing at the Mac Halo incident I cannot listen to the song Bad Moon Rising without going into hysterics. Mac Version 3.0I start this book expecting little sweet Barbie Mac.and this happens Someone starts mailing Mac pages from her sister s Alina s journal and that start making her think Then the two main guys that have been playing her still won t answer any questions They seem to want to just use her for their own purposes Well, Mac starts getting tired of it She starts to realize that she is all she has on her side She must not rely on a man to come save her Hells yeah She starts using them forof what she needs to find her way in the fae over run world that she is stuck in I think the first two books were fun for me..NOW I VE BECOME A FANATIC There were times when I probably would have thrown my panties at V lane and Barrons..but then there were times I d have smacked the shit out of them Then there is that frigging cliffhanger of an ending I m only getting one of these books a month I don t know if I can wait I think rereading Faefever gave me an emotional aneurysm Nothing works any.In book 3 of the Fever series, Mac comes to realize that all the men in her life are trash and she needs to branch out place some eggs in different baskets, if you will KMM deepens some of her old characters Inspector Jayne, Dani, etc and brings in a few new ones like Christian MacKeltar, my personal darling This is all very nice and soothing.Why did I lose ten years of my life reading this book Well.KMM likes to hold on to nearly all of her cards until the end of book 5, Shadowfever This works out well because she drops enough hints along the way to keep her readers hot and bothered, but still smacks them in the face with the final big reveal I think you d be hard pressed to guess the series ending.But rereading while holding all the answers already is a whole different matter The series is headed in a certain direction and seeing all the clues and plot points that push Mac towards that point is REALLY stressful But it s worth it I mean, do you really love a book series if reading it doesn t put you through hell and back