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Distinguished read short and easy I love the translation of Robert Silverberg which is fully apprehended A quick summary of Socrates life, and how it ended, apparently his questioning about life is his demise which is sad Anytus blaming Sophist, and philosopher why Athens is crumbling He thought that general religious, and moral collapse is the cause, and with Socrates putting some ideas about things and question it is a bad idea, so Socrates must go Socrates indictment was guilty of not worshipping the gods whom the city worships, and corrupting young men in the city of Athens Of course, Anytus just made this up to get rid of Socrates.Here s a lovely words of Socrates infront of the Atheanians during his trial A man could not know what other call right, and good is really so, unless he saw it himself And he could only see it by examining himself, by questioning every belief, by striving to see through the mists of prejudice and confusionAn unexamined life is not worth living Socrates. It s interesting to read Voltaire s story of Socrates after reading Plato It s so theatrical and modern in comparison, condensed, and very much Christian Still, there s something very Plato like in it Socrates is the same Socrates only, as I said before, Christian , and his friends are the same groveling men as always It s full of nice twists, and despite Socrates still dying at the end, it concludes happily In a nutshell, it s Plato s work simplified, embellished, and decorated with a charming love story It s a nice piece, but if you re looking for hard hitting philosophy, you re best bet is to search elsewhere. We are in 1759, Voltaire is executing Socrates again the French way this time So the circus around his fatal hemlock sip is very different from Plato s, back there in 400 Hey, Socrates THE intolerable reasoner don t deserve two shots of hemlock And Voltaire knows it, being as big trouble as Socrates himself Thus, he makes the whole thing as ridiculous as possible for his contemporary friends You will notice that those two thousand years of civilization between Plato and Voltaire tamed Socrates a bit But the accusations against the old fool got even absurd e.g he has offered up no cakes to Ceres Takeaway Mr Judge, civilization needs Socrates and Voltaires. It s interesting how different Voltaire s socrates is from plato s This socrates is a monotheist, abused by his wife despite her love for him, presented as a father with his adopted children in the spotlight instead of his students such as plato, this version is a satire of course and it made me laugh it s easy to see how voltaire s writings inspire rebellion against governments judges and organized religion the high priest of Ceres making him as much of a target as socrates was.My favorite quote from it is it is the triumph of reason to live well with those who have none. This play is fairly interesting It s not going to win awards for historical accuracy, but it s an interesting use of Socrates story and application of a love story It makes a fairly decent play. You will get a glimpse on who Socrates is by reading this play Of course this play portrays the end of Socrates life If you read this, it will be like.You went see the movie AVENGERS and you are just seeing final part of it but still you can know the characters in it, the good, bad and the ugly. Found another favorite Socrates Is A French Play In Three Acts Written By Voltaire It Is Set In Ancient Greece During The Events Just Before The Trial And Death Of Greek Philosopher Socrates It Is Heavy With Satire Specifically At Government Authority And Organized Religion The Main Characters Besides The Titular Role Is That Of The Priest Anitus, His Entourage, Socrates Wife Xantippe, Several Judges, And Some Children Socrates Has Adopted As His Own Like Historical Accounts By Herodotus, Plato, And Xenophon, The Playwright Shows Socrates As A Moral Individual Charged With Baseless Accusations By A Conspiracy Of Corrupt Athenians Or Athenian Officials Although Voltaire Implies That The Wrongdoers Are A Select Few Unlike The Historical Account, Socrates Deals With Several Judges, Whereas His Real Life Counterpart Receives His Punishment Of Death By Hemlock By A Jury Of Athenians The Presence Or Mention Of Socrates Best Known Students Such As Plato, Antisthenes, Zeno Of Citium, And Others Are Replaced By Unnamed Disciples, Delivering Only A Few Token Lines At The End Of The Play Socrates Is Also Portrayed As A Monotheist And A Victim Of Religious Persecution, An Interpretation That Is Not Generally Shared By Modern Scholars And Historians Generally, This Is Not The Most Well Known Of His Works In Comparison With Letters On The English Which Voltaire Published In Or The Dictionnaire Philosophique Published Earlier In However, Hints Of His Contempt For Government And Religion Are Apparent Here Which Later Influenced The Leaders Of The American Revolution And The French Revolution He is a deist He is an atheist One of my favorites of Voltaire s sarcastic commentaries on how the uneducated think This was pure banter.