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It S Not Everyday You Find Yourself In Combat With A Half Lion, Half HumanBut When You Re The Son Of A Greek God, It Happens And Now My Friend Annabeth Is Missing, A Goddess Is In Chains And Only Five Half Blood Heroes Can Join The Quest To Defeat The Doomsday MonsterOh, And Guess What The Oracle Has Predicted That Not All Of Us Will Survive you know I would be proud of myself for finally reading something unrelated to the All For the Game series but now I m going to binge reread the rest of this series and get obsessed all over again not gonna lie, it took me a little bit of time to fully get into this one, but the pay off was worth it so many crazy things happened in this book i m still sitting here in a bit of shock full video review to come. A 84% Very Good NotesIt deals in decision and destiny, drawing by doubt, defeat, and demure desire the draining disquiet of deep devotion. This morning, while waiting with Celyn at her hospital appointment I told her I was going to write a review of the book I finished reading to her the night before and asked her if it deserved 5 She said it did So 5 it is.I picked this book up from Celyn s pile when we went off on her school trip a week in the wilds and being in a hurry I managed to get book 3 of the series rather than book 2 we read book 1 last year So we ve jumped over The Sea of Monsters but I don t think the reading experience suffered for it.The short version is if you enjoyed The Lightning Thief then you ll enjoy this one too The book is written in the same vein as the first, mining the Greek myths for monsters and plot, and mixing in an American road trip along with Percy s irreverent observations.We don t get much of Annabeth in the book as she s a prisoner for a lot if it We get lots of Thalia Zeus daughter , a fair dose of Grover a Pan hunting satyr , and a lot of Zoe Nightshade one of Artemis hunting posse A lot of the book is spent travelling by varied means from one side of the States to the other, a journey punctuated by encounters with monsters We re set up for a big boss battle on the Mountain of Despair and that s a fun battle with everything from gods and titans to dragons and bi planes All in all an action packed book to which Celyn was happy to return at every opportunity And if some of the Greek myths stick with her all to the good Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes