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    I ll be honest and just say that my only reason for reading this is Seth I wish I hadn t It s like he s not even the same guy Being in love is not a good look for him apperently, because it turns him into a lovesick puppy I wonder at what point he lost his balls maybe Aislinn accidentally burned them off I kept thinking BE A MAN AGAIN DAMMIT I got fed up with him pretty much when he decided he wants to be a fairy insert laughter here The way I see it well Seth with that kind of behaviour my guess is you already turned into one And no amount of tatoos or piercings will ever make up for that.I can understand how Aislinn feels, she s under a lot of pressure and she has a lot of responsabilities but I don t agree with her so called reasons for trying to get naked with Keennan when she thought Seth had left her Either you want somebody or you don t There is no maybe Trying to sleep with somebody just to see if there could be something is bullshit If you want to sleep with somebody it s because you want it, not because you have to I don t know why she can t be honest about it Thank god Keenan refused her.The rest of the story is a bit of a blur, that might have to do something with me skipping pages because I wasn t interested any I m sorry, I wanted to like this.

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    2.5 stars Okay, let s keep it real We all know I ve had trouble getting into YA lately, but I needed something light to listen to while doing yoga It turned out to be a rather insightful experience, however, because reading Fragile Eternity help me pinpoint a little better why YA just hasn t been hitting the spot lately and I don t think it s because I m getting too old for it, thank the stars.You see, I m in a reading point in my life where I m looking for world building and event driven novels Good character development is important, but I need than a strictly character driven are they going to end up stay together story to grab and keep my attention As many YA plot structures are romance centric, this would explain why I m not loving them like I used to Something keeps me reaching for them, and I genuinely like what I read, they ve just been getting lower ratings because I m in the mood for something robust Fragile Eternity was solely a romance character driven plot with a ton of introspection, communication, and zero world building and action Nuff said.Don t get me wrong, the story was on par with Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange which were also character driven , and I absolutely loved both of those they re among the strongest teen paranormal works, in my opinion So if you love those, you ll love this unless you re having a reading crisis like me Although it would seem all of the interesting things about this world have been revealed by this point, so maybe Fragile Eternity was slightly weaker because it just maintained the status quo Overall, it was a light read filled with plenty of teenaged angst, and I m looking forward to half paying attention to the final two as I do yoga, lol.Recommendations This highly character driven YA Paranormal Romance is something I wish I d continued shortly after reading and loving the first two books Wicked Lovely is one of the strongest in the genre and I still recommend it with gusto to older teens and up If you re in the mood for a story as lovely as it is unique, this is the series for you.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.com Other books you might like

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    The long awaited sequel to WICKED LOVELY is here Melissa Marr was kind enough to give us INK EXCHANGE, a companion to WICKED LOVELY, where we met other characters from this wildly inventive and tantalizing world, but a true sequel is what we really wanted and now we have it.Aislinn Ash is dealing with what being the Summer Queen means She has both physical changes and emotional adjustments to come to terms with She is spending and time with Keenan because of Summer Court business and monthly celebrations with the Summer faeries Ash feels a pull toward Keenan, even though she knows she doesn t love him, and feels guilty for the time she spends away from Seth her true love.Ash s transformation isn t just an adjustment for her it is taking its toll on Seth too Being with Ash is what he wants than anything, but the jealousy he feels when she is with Keenan monopolizes his thoughts when he s alone Physically, his time with Ash is difficult too Ash s strength has drastically increased since she has taken her role as the Summer Queen Sunlight flows from her skin, especially after Summer s monthly celebrations, and the heat that radiates from her leaves burns on Seth s skin Seth is willing to take the pain as long as he has Ash in his life, but he doesn t know how long he will be able to keep her Between Ash s increased responsibilities to the Summer Court and Seth s human mortality there doesn t seem to be much hope.FRAGILE ETERNITY takes us back to the world we fell in love with in WICKED LOVELY Alliances that were strong in the first book start to shift as needs and circumstances change The Summer Court, the Winter Court, and the Dark Court all have their own agendas Will Ash and Seth get caught in the middle

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    3 out of 10 review in russianIt could be 5 out of 10 stars, if the book didn t angry me that much It could be 4 out of 10 stars, if I understood that the story wasn t that bad, and the problem was just with my taste being different But 3 stars mean that I had some hopes and they are shattered now, this is worse than not my cup or average read Review to come Seth to die Wicked Lovely Wicked Lovely 1 5 Ink Exchange 2 5 Stopping Time 2.5 5 Old Habits 2.6 5 Fragile Eternity 3 5 Radiant Shadows 4 5 Darkest Mercy 5 5 Faery Tales Nightmares Desert Tales

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    So I may be the only girl alive who has qualms with this book In fact, I had so much trouble that it took me a whopping 5 days to read Although I read Graceling over the span of 3 months, I actually had only spent 2 days actually reading it because it was a huge read This means that Fragile Eternity was by far the longest book it has ever taken me to read If I had it my way, meaning I did not have to mail this book out to a friend, I would have taken another week or so, hoping to drag the pain out over the course of time Fragile Eternity takes off immediately where Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange left off So if you are like me and read those books ages ago, read it again before starting Fragile Eternity Or you will be lost Case in point, me I had trouble beginning the book because I forgot some of the events that happened in those prior books which forced me to be completely and utterly lost It took about 100 pages in that until I got comfortable again Give me another hundred pages and the plot begins to pick up That is right More than halfway through the book, page 250 or so, did the actual storyline make any sense It was a grueling pace from the start Excessive descriptions, unneeded dialogues, and bouts of what did I just read I can basically sum up the entire first half in a few sentences In fact for a hefty read like this, around 400 pages, the entire series moved 3 steps forward and 2 steps back Is anyone else not overly obsessed over the characters like me Aislinn is too na ve for me like she has on a pair of rose tinted glasses in every wake of her life Keenan is just a shy of being a gigolo for me just a bit before I stick a label on his forehead Seth was kind of there Well some times I just see no appeal to him compared to others who fawn over his hard rock appearance and multiple piercings I mean really though I get that he has a lip piercing, but can you please stop mentioning it every other page For me the real star was Niall He was the mighty stone who made sense He who does not whine and complain every few pages shines like a thousand stars does anyone else see the irony of me saying this and what I am saying So that was the bad parts of Fragile Eternity The good news was that the book defiantly had the drama aspect down pat The relationships between every character had its ups and downs, its hugs and kisses to pain and anguish I found the brotherhood between Seth and Niall refreshing There were no love quarrels and no dramatic scenes of I love you and I hate you Simple gestures that make me smile There were also bits of surprises mainly involving Seth and Sorcha which never would I have imagined And also a very cute cameo from the cover, the iron flowers of Wicked Lovely in the book The ending screams SEQUEL Overall Fragile Eternity definitely could have done better Too much fluff and not enough of an actual plotline happening.

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    Not sure why I m continuing this series Curiosity, maybe There are few characters in this book or series that I even like Most of the fey are so self absorbed with their constant what s good for my court, what my court needs, is just boring I get it, they do what s best for their court, but seriously, I don t need to be beaten over the head with the idea I get it.The plot of this one takes far far too long to take off Until Bananach How do you even pronounce this Like banana takes Seth into Faerie, there really isn t much of anything happening Ban prowling around trying to stir up trouble, Niall being sad, angry and brooding, kind of scary, Keenan still trying in any way to get into Ash s pants Serious question, why does everything in the fey world seem to somehow hinge on some faerie guy getting into some teenage girls pants The only way the summer court can be strong is if Ash does the deed with Keenan Puh leez And Ash can t seem to understand why her boyfriend might have been upset to find her in Keenan s bed Duh Again, what about this series is at all YA All of this might be fine if these were all adults dealing with this stuff, but they re not Ash wallowing month upon month and not being smart enough to suspect Keenan would know is beyond stupid on her part even if she is a teenager, especially when she could directly have asked Keenan and, since he cannot lie, as all faeries can t, he would have had to tell her what he knew Again puh leez A boring plot with few likeable characters can t recommend.

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    I was feeling unsure about this series, because I loved Wicked Lovely but felt meh ish about Ink Exchange Fragile Eternity is a return to the former, but without the wonder probably because I know that world now Seth s journey to be closer to Ash, despite the presence of Keenen and the approach of Summer, is at the heart of this book the choice he makes is not unexpected, but the ending did take me by surprise And I have to say I never liked Keenen, so his little oops that cost him Donia and Ash made me happy Just wish Niall was a larger part of this one, but perhaps in Book Four A friend asked if you had to read these in order my advice is if you haven t read Wicked Lovely, you can t read Fragile Eternity But in terms of continuity, you won t have missed that much if you skip Ink Exchange

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    Not as bad as Ink Exchange, but nowhere near as well done as Wicked Lovely, this series is becoming a real disappointment Too much recapping and then a rush to the inevitable cliffhanger, which is always a danger with series books and a real disaster with this one I don t see true long term success for this series unless Marr can find a way to deliver endings that offer a little closure for readers or at least refine the writing so it isn t all recap, recap, tiny bit of plot, and then the part where you are told you have to wait for the next book.As for teen appeal the ARC was very popular with my teens when it first came in, as the cover says it s a sequel to Wicked Lovely, but after a few weeks I couldn t give it away as word spread that the sequel was in need of a sequel While teens love series books just as much as adult do, the blatant manipulation of endings designed to force you to buy another book that are found in Marr s world asks an awful lot of readers, especially when they are being asked to buy the book in hardcover.

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    Aislinn cries Seth waits around 389 pages and it s finally over.

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    Fragile Eternity is the sequel to Wicked Lovely , but the third in Melissa Marr s Tales of Faerie Chronologically, it takes place after both WL and Ink Exchange , although you do not need to read INK to understand this book However, this book relies heavily on events from WL, and having read INK will allow you pick up on some subtleties.After the events in Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange , Aislinn is now the Summer Queen, Donia is the Winter Queen, and Seth is still just a mortal albeit a Sighted one who is best friends with the king of the Dark Court As Summer nears, Aislinn feels a pull toward Keenan, but she and Seth are starcrossed lovers Aislinn and Seth are thus each searching for a way to be forever Their eternity is, appropriately, fragile and finite Fragile Eternity is longer than either of the previous two novels, and I m not entirely sure it needed to be The first half of the book reads rather slowly, and it seems bogged down by lots of internal monologues that aren t always needed The first half is very much conversation, thought, thought, conversation, thought , and it gets old quickly However, this leads us to the latter half of the novel, where things begin to happen I absolutely could not put this book down after page 234 I just couldn t, I was flipping through it as quickly as possible.Marr s writing style is very much character reliant, and the multiple points of view reinforce this Each character, especially the faeries, has motive behind every tiny movement, thought, and word Luckily, the characters that inhabit Marr s world are in turn joyous, interesting, original, coloured, scary, intriguing, and captivating Every single character is well thought out, and it shows Seth is just the sexiest thing ever Move over, Edward Cullen, because this guy will work just as hard to stay with the one he loves, although this time it is he that is mortal as opposed to the girl So romantic I have another beef, though The ending is quite possibly the biggest cliffhanger since the last episode of The Sopranos , and we already know that the sequel will be book FIVE, so we have approximately two years to wait cries inside Anyway, totally the most awesome urban fantasy series of Right Now, Melissa Marr s Tales of Faerie continue to capture my imagination.4 Quality4 Popularity

Seth Never Expected He Would Want To Settle Down With Anyone But That Was Before Aislinn She Is Everything He D Ever Dreamed Of, And He Wants To Be With Her Forever Forever Takes On New Meaning, Though, When Your Girlfriend Is An Immortal Faery QueenAislinn Never Expected To Rule The Very Creatures Who D Always Terrified Her But That Was Before Keenan He Stole Her Mortality To Make Her A Monarch, And Now She Faces Challenges And Enticements Beyond Any She D Ever ImaginedIn Melissa Marr S Third Mesmerizing Tale Of Faerie, Seth And Aislinn Struggle To Stay True To Themselves And Each Other In A Milieu Of Shadowy Rules And Shifting Allegiances, Where Old Friends Become New Enemies And One Wrong Move Could Plunge The Earth Into Chaos