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Lampooned In BCE In A Blistering Aristophanic Satire, Socrates Was Tried In BCE On A Charge Of Corrupting The Youth, Convicted By A Jury Of About Five Hundred Of His Peers, And Condemned To Death Glimpsed Today Through The Extant Writings Of His Contemporaries And Near Contemporaries, He Remains For Us As Compelling, Enigmatic, And Elusive A Figure As Jesus Or Buddha Although Present Day Like Ancient Greek Opinion On The Real Socrates Diverges Widely, Six Classic Texts That Any Informed Judgment Of Him Must Take Into Account Appear Together, For The First Time, In This Volume Those Of Plato And Xenophon Appear In New, Previously Unpublished Translations That Combine Accuracy, Accessibility, And Readability That Of Aristophanes Clouds Offers These Same Qualities In An Unbowdlerized Translation That Captures Brilliantly The Bite Of Aristophanes Wit An Introduction To Each Text And Judicious Footnotes Provide Crucial Background Information And Important Cross References

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    Ok, classic texts with amazing and mind boggling philosophical discussionsBut I couldn t help but notice how much Sherlock Holmes was based on Socrates The I read, the I concluded that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was at least somewhat inspired by the great, but annoying philosopher who sarcastically proved that everyone around him was an idiot and his best friend who recorded all the stories Further evidence, Doyle paraphrases Plato.After Socrates forced suicide Such was the end of our friend, Socrates, a man who, we would say, was the best of all those we ve experienced and, generally speaking, the wisest and the most just After Sherlock s faked suicide, John writes of the end of him whom I shall ever regard as the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.

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    what is pious what is impious

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    Great translation Really well done Recommended.

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    Very much worth a read Plato s The Apology of Socrates especially It should never be considered illegal or even immoral to question the beliefs and actions of any society, even to one you belong As long as you are not advocating unwarranted violence, open dialogue and discussion only serves to strengthen humanity and its many cultures This stands as one of the oldest written records where fear of the new pushed back against dialogue Unfortunately, history has provided many such examples since this one I give this book a liked it as its importance is only somewhat drowned out by the dryness of the stories included This is of an academic book of interest rather than an masterfully written source of literature Socrates and his followers were considered masters of spoken dialogue anyways.

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    Somewhat dry, took me a long time to get through Good as a side book while reading something interesting.

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    This was a pretty good book It helps to have some background knowledge of the Peloponnesian War to fully appreciate the trial I think Also a general knowledge of Homer and Greek mythology couldn t hurt I really, REALLY like that Clouds is included in this collection though All in all, certainly a text I intend to reread.

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    I didn t like this translation very much I think

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    Another of those volumes everyone should read, period Even if you hate it.

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    The trial of Socrates, as depicted by the writings of Plato, Aristophanes, and Xenophon.