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Probably the most enjoyable of these books so farI mean again we sort of have the third book in a row where the villain is the abusive father of one of the characters thing, but at least this time it s a little bit different with the twist of Rook having to deal with his feelings about his father s death at the hands of another character s fatherI think what really makes this book standout is that there s an incredible amount of character growth for Rook in this story With Lionclaw and Outlaw Princess of Sherwood both Lionel and Etty aren t changed that much by the story They experience some growth but on the whole remain the same people just with a modified outlook at the end.In this book, Rook really undergoes a transformation He goes from hating Tod and wanting him to die at the beginning to wishing he could leave with him at the end I ll admit it s very hard for me not to read this as romantic Rook lets go of the pain he s been carrying and drops the facade of being a wolf or a wild thing that feels nothing and cares about no one.I can t possibly imagine how this series could end because it feels like it s still getting started but I am curious to find out. I was excited to read this book about Rook because he intrigued me His story was difficult because unlike the others he wouldn t let himself trust and that led to him fighting until the very end Even after he accepted that he could be open with the others he still had to fight the habits that he had formed Now of course there was still the fun adventure of the story but it showed the pervasiveness of the root of bitterness. I just have to say, I m not much of a reader, but I liked this book I would recommend it to people who are like me This book is about the back story of one of Robin Hood s fellow out laws and the sheriff of Nottinham s son In the story it talks about how they live in the woods Everything is going fine and dandy, until one day a boy rides though the woods The out laws kidnap the boy to question him, and find out he is the sheriff of Nottingham s son He snuck out and stole a horse to go to the woods to bring back an out law to try to gain his father s respect The out laws keep him hostage, but one day he escapes and gets caught in one of his father s man traps Some of the out laws didn t want to save him Later in the book, one of the out laws gets kidnapped, so they arrange a trade The sheriff s son for the out law What happens will probably suprise you. With the fourth installment in the tales of Rowan Hood s outlaw band, we learn the truth about their unkempt, unsmiling, untamed member Wild boys and wild boars Freckled noses and matted hair Bruised ribs and battered hopes Resurfacing memories and brave boys In this volume, we have Rook s story, which neatly unfolds alongside Tod s a runaway from Nottingham Ah, my heart ached for them With Robin Hood s help, both boys find some measure of comfort and resolve where their respective fathers are concerned Bittersweet and hopeful. Spoilers if you ve not read the first books.A short but poignant addition to the Rowan Hood series We finally hear Rook s tale, why he is who he is His story isn t entirely surprising if you ve read the other books it s a tad predictable , but it s still well written This would definitely be my second favorite book.Springer keeps the world solidly consistent with what happened in the other books There was also a nice, though never said in the exact same words, message that the son of the father is not responsible for the father s acts Each person is responsible for his own acts, not others Rook learns that, and forgiveness, and how infective revenge can be His character is very well portrayed and an interesting mix of character traits His exclaiming, Bah from time to time reminded me of a crotchety old man Bah humbug anyone , and his refusal of help reminded me strongly of any classic teen I couldn t help but think he was the historical version of an emo punk Rook really is just a big old softie, despite what he said to the contrary, but his fight and inward struggle was very real.The plot Springer really must have daddy problems So far only Rook and Rowan escaped that issue Everyone else had angry, mean dads who made the lives of everyone in Sherwood forest miserable Either that, or Springer recycled that idea because all other plots were a bit less than kiddie friendly Maybe that s why this is my second favorite book lack of daddy issues.Would I recommend it Rook was always one of my favorite characters, so I may be biased, but yes I would recommend it If you got through the other books, and still like them, then read this one by all means Warnings heads up what s in this book revenge is dark for a theme, if you think about it, and this is a child s version of revenge Spoiler Rook wants to kill a certain person his age for revenge, basically End spoiler There s also the normal amount of fantasy children action violence you d find in a PG movie Nothing extreme you need worry about, though, and the revenge aspect was dealt with deftly. See the first book in the series for a full review. Followers of the series will be glad to finally hear Rook s story who is he and why is he living wild in the forest Young readers will thrill to the adventure, feel the sorrow of loss, and be glad that Rook learns to forgive and move on.For me, however, this series started feeling repetitive possible spoilers Lionel is extremely tall and strong like Little John and a minstrel like Allan a Dale Rowan AND Tod And Rook s father are all caught in man traps Rowan and Beau both disguise themselves as men Etty and Lionel s fathers are both cruel, as now is Tod s father in this story To some extent, I can understand that there will be some overlap after all, for teenagers to become outlaws, something bad had to happen to them And if the Sheriff has been setting man traps in the forest, surelythan one person would be caught in them But it does seem to me as if the stories start repeating themselves a bit For example, check out how many of them chop off their hair at some point Rowan does, Etty does, Lionel does, and in this book Rook must because of a head wound and Beau does hers first so he ll join in Is this a purposeful motif or just an author without a fresh idea I like that Robin Hood is admirable, but he might be just too good to be true especially as a father figure. WIld Boy by Springer brought the boys into the mind of this hurting boy whose father was killed by the Sheriff of Nottingham Now the sheriff s son is caught in a man s trap and asks, not begs, for help, in spite of the pain of the trap Wild Boy learns that the wild can and do feel and express pain The events make him realize the pain that he has hidden and denied, in order to survive Robin Hood presents a gentle father who strives to make him and the sheriff s son do what is right, in spite of what is done to them.Springer tugs your heart along as they seek to feel the pain, then learn to do what is right The series wraps around your heart and helps you cry for these outlaws who are young and learning to grow to be adults The boys would deny any crying, but I cry for them They ask to keep reading whenever we stop.I almost grow sad that there is only one book left in the series. Ever Since The Sheriff Of Nottingham Killed His Father, Rook Has Run Wild In Sherwood Forest, Dreaming Of His Day For Vengeance Finally, He Has Found His Chance Not With The Sheriff Himself, But With The Evil Man S Son, Snared By One Of The Mantraps His Own Father Planted To Catch Outlaws Such As Rook Filled With Clashes Of Sword And Emotion, This Page Turning Installment In Nancy Springer S Tales Of Rowan Hood Series Will Leave Readers Eager To Return To Sherwood, Where Outlaws Are Often Innocent, And Survival Is No Game I was a little worried because this story is darker than the others in the Rowan Hood series It focuses on Rook, the nearly naked, aloof boy who doesn t speak much, but is loyal to Rowan in his own way Rook lost his beloved father to a man trap and turned his grief inward A new character is brought in to contrast and compare Rook to, a boy with a vicious father, a boy who wants to prove himself Rook begins to realize it might be better to have a father who loved him but died than a live father who despises and beats him I don t think Logan was too traumatized by it I actually think it would beupsetting if he were older and could relateStill, I don t think this was a favorite for Logan, as much of the book is about what s going on inside the characters and less adventure.