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What starts off as a marriage in trouble leads to a thrilling conspiracy about celebrity, beauty, and art This book reads like a play so no surprise the author is actually a seasoned playwright Fay Wray love the name is a victim of a horrible crime that takes her plastic Surgeon on a wild and dark Hollywood ride The dialogue is rich and the pacing is really solid I read this in one sitting and have already recommended it to my friends looking for a fun summer read. Dr Harry Previn, The Renowned Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Is Secretly Called In To Operate On The Disfigured Face Of The Ravishingly Beautiful Teen Pop Star Fay Wray Following An Assault Surrounded By Image Makers Who Value Beauty Over All Else, He Soon Fears Fay Is In Mortal Danger Will He Risk Everything To Save Her Beauty, Her Life, Or Himself Plastic Is A Novel Of Psychological Suspense About A Heinous Crime That Leads To A Desperate Hollywood Cover Up Welcome To The Capital Of Good Looks, An Ephemeral World Of Celebrity And Beauty Crashing At The Intersection Of Hollywood And Rock And Roll Just getting started here on GRs.While on vacation in LA, I saw this new title in a bookstore and snapped it up with a bunch of other thrillers I didn t know much about it, but the cover caught my eye It was a solid read and became very popular with the LA folks sitting around me at beach who were all interested in a story set in their town So I guess if you live in LA you will want to check this out I received Plastic as a Goodreads giveaway I didn t dislike it but I can t say I really liked it either I didn t find myself caring for any of the characters, not even Fay, because they were all so self involved and self serving This book made Hollywood sound like the center of hell, where no one is good enough, no one cares about anyone but themselves and you can get away with anything if you re attractive and famous It definitely took the glamour out of Hollywood A very easy story to read, nice pool read, will pull you in to the end PLASTIC was a great easy read I was drawn into the characters and their relationships from the very beginning and was excited to see what comes next Can t wait for the sequel A highly important novel This book was great once I started reading I could not put down received book as an arc Needs a lot of work Very weak characters and story plot. This is an excellent story, showing readers that society has been fed the lies that beauty equals talent It also leaves us wondering why people make certain choices For any fans of Nip Tuck, I recommend this suspenseful read.