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First Came People S Republic, Then Indian Country Now, Kelly Turnbull Returns, Locked And Loaded, In Wildfire Blue America Teeters On The Edge Of Chaos And Collapse, But That S Not Ex Operator Kelly Turnbull S Problem Any Until He Is Called Out Of Retirement For A Crucial Job In Siberia That Turns Out To Be A Deadly Trap Now Turnbull Must Go Deep Undercover Inside The Crumbling People S Republic S Secret Police Force To Stop A Jihadi Threat That Could Kill Millions In Both Red And Blue America Working Alongside His Sworn Enemy, He Has To Put His Trust Where He Always Has In His Instincts And His Automatic As His Bloody Campaign Of Revenge Takes Him From Mexico City To Germany To The Bowels Of The Urban Jungle Of The Abandoned Pentagon Where, MAC In Hand, Kelly Turnbull Faces His Deadliest Enemy Read em allThird in a series of good reads, the story and characters keep the readers interest Along the way, the warning of extreme violence that war against those who want to take away the freedoms of western civilization comes through I do wish someone would proof read for the author There s nothing like a good pair of human eyes to find the errors e apps miss. A Great Addition to the Series Wildfire is an enjoying addition to the People s Republic series, taking us inside the People s Republic and to Europe on an adventure that stands up well with other examples of the action thriller genre While the premise the dissolution of the United States and the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship in part of its former territory can hardly be described as fun , this book certainly is. Great book, terrible proofreading Great book as was the first two in the series but whoever proofread the book did a terrible job Noticed maybe one error in the first 2 3 of the book which was fine Then it was like they gave up on the end Multiple misspellings or complete wrong words Great story and writing but next time proofread the whole book. Future ShockIf you are not reading Kurt Schichter the i don t really want to know you and your opinion on everything is worthless.