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ScaleX, Multi Channel Sales Acceleration, Powered By Artificial Intelligence, Is The First Book On AI For Sales In This Book, Chad Shares Why Companies Should Use Multi Channel Sales Acceleration As A Strategic Weapon, Case Studies Of Companies Who Have Deployed The Tech Stack, And Best Practices To Develop, Deploy And Optimize The Playbooks Over Time Organic Growth Has Become An Essential Element Of Business Strategy In Multi Channel Sales Acceleration, Chad Burmeister Shows Us A Practical Path To Turn A Strategic Vision Into Concrete Sales Results By Combining The Power Of Personalization, AI, And The Magic Of The Human Voice At Dominant Speed And Scale What S In It For You Sales Results That You Will Love, While Your Competitors Scratch Their Heads And Try To Play Catch Up Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell They Say, Remote Selling Is The Future And The Future Is Now Creating, Qualifying, And Closing Remote Opportunities Requires Sales Teams That Are Internally Directed Through Discipline, Externally Driven Through Process, And Who Are Maniacal In Determining Successful And Repeatable Sales Plays That Optimize And Inform Their Success Chad Burmeister Is One Of The Top Ten Sales Leaders Who Execute This With Precision Michael Critchfield, CSMO SilverVue Chad Has Done A Phenomenal Job Pulling Together World Class Thought Leaders In Sales To Create The First Book Available On AI For Sales Chad Worked For Me In The Early S And I Ve Seen His Career Launch Into Another Atmosphere Where SDRs And BDRs Deliver X Meetings And Quality Pipeline Than Ever, Which Makes Predictable Revenue Possible Using Artificial Intelligence Stephen D Angelo, President, Worldwide Field Operations, Aviso