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    Kelly M.D., Nicole 69 Shades of Nashville Sociopathic Sex Southern Style , JACC, LLC, 2017.Meet Nashville KittyAmos LassenNashville Kitty is a sociopath who loves sex In fact, she loves sex so much that she joins a cheaters dating website that sends her on exotic dates Kitty is able to get anything and anyone she wants The men and occasional women she has, the she wants We meet Kitty in this erotic psychological thriller that is written as a fictional memoir and with over 300 cartoons that take us into a world of sex, murder, mystery, suspense, and manipulation The character of Nashville Kitty was inspired by a true sociopathic sex addict who knows no bounds in causing havoc The names, details, locations, and all identifying information have been changed resulting Nicole Kelly, M.D began writing this as a form of therapy This novel well written and entertaining and it is also educative taking us into the mind of a sociopath.As far back as high school Nashville Kitty was having sex that included quickie adventures in dirty school bathrooms, broom closets, and trash filled cars and beneath the bleachers At 28, she was a happily married professional woman with a beautiful house etc She worked in healthcare and did some insurance billing for a physicians group on the side She had a great life with a great husband That did not stop her from her extra curricula activities.Now I read a lot and I also read and review porn but I can honesty say that I have never read anything quite like this book We read of the infinite possibilities of sexual variations as presented by a true sociopath With each male cohort that Kitty shares sex, we learn about the outer limits of acting out in a manner that is stimulating as well as very funny Most of the topics we read about here are never discussed openly.This is a very smart and sexually explicit novel that is surprising, suspenseful and intelligent I keep wanting to write about the plot but to do so would spoil the read for many Just take my word for it and get a copy and then sit back and enjoy.Note the book uses the name NashvilleKitty with no space but spellcheck kept changing it on me.

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    It is little wonder why the author of 69 Shades of Nashville Sociopathic Sex Southern Style uses the nom de plume, Nicole Kelly, M.D The answer is simple Kelly in reality is a practising Nashville physician and after reading some of her graphic descriptions accompanied by over 300 playful and amusing cartoons of her protagonist and narrator Nashville Kitty, you can well get the idea why she would not want her patients to know her identity or the names of the various characters, details and locations concerning the many sexual escapades described in the novel.As a matter of fact, the work of fiction is based on an authentic sex addict and sociopath who Kelly knew and who had stolen vast sums of money from her as well as causing boundless havoc in the lives of neurotypicals.You are probably now shaking your heads and asking what is a neurotypical person Kelly informs us that such a person s neurological makeup is of the common variety resulting in someone who thinks, perceives, and behaves in ways that are considered to be normal by the general population On the other hand, sociopaths are a different breed of humans and that they do not suffer from many of the typical emotions that plague the rest of humanity, such as empathy, guilt or remorse To give us a better understanding as to just how sociopaths operate, Kelly invites us inside the mind of Nashville Kitty in the hope that she will enlighten us as to what makes her tick as she deftly leads us through the small inns and outs of her outlandish behavior.Readers are privy to the manipulative behavior of Nashville Kitty who labels her conquests with appropriate aliases such as Neighborhood Dad, ItalianStallion, ChainReaction, Landscapelover, GeorgiaBulldog, AlphaPassion, and MrAverageJoe37069, Tensin and others each of whom exhibit a distinct quality as to their personalities, sexual dexterity and competencies All of these characters are discovered on a dating site similar to the well known Ashley Madison where thousands of people are looking for discreet adulterous relationships.Nashville Kitty discovers there is a treasure trove of useful information online where she would be able to find partners that would learn her body, adore her, while treating her like a princess She does not crave intimacy in the traditional sense and in fact sociopaths are incapable of intimacy, per society s definition according to Kelly Thus, the only satisfying option was dating multiple men at once and this is what brings her to the website, Aubrey Madeline where she fills out a form listing her age as twenty eight, height 5 2 , weight 105 pounds and indicates that her limits are something long term Her status is attached female seeking a male.To her surprise, in the first twelve hours, she receives an overwhelming two hundred messages wherein she asks herself are there really so many desperate married men seeking an adulterous affair Upon further research, she finds out that the site had a scandalous history and was recently hacked revealing the email addresses of all of its clients Sound familiar This nonetheless did not deter Nashville Kitty with continuing with the site and in so doing we witness all kinds of erotic encounters leading to quite a thrilling and surprise ending.Although, 69 Shades of Nashville Sociopathic Sex Southern Style may not be everyone s cup of tea, particularly readers who are put off by vulgarity, there will be many that will nonetheless enjoy Kelly s piercing and often laugh out loud takes concerning fornication, sexual boredom and adulterous behavior After putting down the book, I have to admit that it certainly is an original work of fiction containing dozens of scenes that are so wickedly delicious that I even ended up forgiving Kelly for some of her coarse x rating excesses.Follow Here to Read Norm s Interview With Nicole Kelly

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    Sociopath our emotions can be turned on and off like a light switch depending on what is most convenient for us Just when we are sure we ve seen it all given the private visuals and commentary of social media on Internet and smart phones and television channels that do not shy away from full nudity and rasty language along comes an author with courage who places into words those thoughts that at one time were off limits The result One of the sensual, contemporary, insightful, hilarious and erotic books that tells it all and has a ready audience if closeted a bit to take advantage of a new era.Tennessee author Nicole Kelly, M.D is the nom de plume of an established Nashville physician who had first hand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath She writes with authority and wit about the adulterous adventures of NashvilleKitty on a cheaters dating site resulting in murder and suspense Written from her home in Nashville, Tennessee, these fictional tales expose the saucy, secret sex lives of her Southern aristocratic neighbors, amidst a society proclaiming religious fidelity If while reading this book, you recognize someone you know please be assured, it is merely a coincidence.Nicole introduces lead character NashvilleKitty In high school, I provided anyone eager to give me oral pleasure the opportunity What did I have to lose This philosophy led to all sorts of quickie adventures in dirty school bathrooms, broom closets, and trash filled cars Beneath the bleachers, with their wonderful acoustics, was another favorite location I was a happily married, twenty eight year old professional woman with a beautiful house filled with designer furniture, a cherry red BMW convertible, and an adorable, very expensive, white Bull Terrier My job in healthcare was about perception I was a part time nurse at several nursing homes and did some insurance billing for a physicians group on the side Don t get me wrong I have an awesome life with my doting husband He pays my bills, does my laundry, buys my groceries, cooks most of my meals, and appropriately worships me in every way We ve been best friends since middle school Back then everyone thought he was gay Maybe he was Maybe he is Who cares I was the popular girl with plenty of boys following me around, even then, eager to be my puppies Hubby was the only one I could talk to about these worshipping canines He was a great listener Sometimes the best I can hope for from neurotypicals is that they just keep their mouths shut That way, I don t have to be constantly reminded of how moronic they are if I didn t act on my desires, my house wouldn t be such a happy place Enough of the delicious quotes, 69 SHADES OF NASHVILLE Sociopathic Sex Southern Style takes on a topic of the infinite possibilities of sexual variations as presented by a true sociopath who, after a disappointing jaunt with Neighborhood Cry Baby, enhances her life by going online at Aubrey Madeline URL as NashvilleKitty where she selects from the hundreds of men who respond to her ad with a series of challenging encounters ChainReaction, ItalianStallion, GeorgiaBulldog, LandscapeLover, AlphaPassion, MrAverageJoe37069, TenSin, SugarDaddy and with each male cohort we learn about the outer limits of acting out in a manner that is stimulating as well as hilarious Yes, there are some dark spots like the opening 911 call after a death by sex toys to offer variety, but overall this is a book brimming with classy writing about topics few of us even discuss in private.Perhaps Nicole Kelly, MD will hide behind her moniker for her reputation in the healthcare field, but it is just possible that with the publication of this unique and beautifully fully illustrated book that she will rise like a mermaid to bask in the applause of avid followers who are bound to respond to this terrific book.

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    69 Shades of Nashville by Nicole Kelly, M.D., is one of the funniest books I ve read in a while The fact that there s mystery, sex, and psychology on top of the humor only enhanced my enjoyment of the read It s surprisingly sophisticated and complex for an erotic novel, for which I am very grateful I m not a big fan of sex only erotica.This book isn t for everyone I also have to warn that in addition to sex scenes there is some non consensual sex which deeply affects the main character, so anyone who is triggered by such depictions or is uncomfortable with them should probably not read this book.Nashville Kitty a sociopath That s not my judgment of the character she has actually proclaimed herself as a sociopath after in depth research of the condition Instead of looking at it as a negative condition, Nashville Kitty uses it to her advantage She knows what she wants and doesn t let anyone s standards but her own stand in her way What she wants now and almost 24 7 is sex, extramarital affairs with other experienced cheaters But what will happen when she discovers Aubrey Madeline, a dating site dedicated entirely to adulterers Let s just say that the online world of cheaters might not be ready for a sociopath of Nashville Kitty s caliber, and she might not be ready for other sociopaths and psychopaths that she suddenly finds blocking her path to sexual bliss.I could not believe that Kelly could make me feel a connection to a sociopath like Nashville Kitty, yet I did I also admired her strict independence and need for control Nashville Kitty is not a pushover, and while I don t approve of her manipulative ways and lack of empathy, I aspire to the same level of confidence and lack of BS that this sociopath shows.The book is 404 pages long, but it doesn t read like it Nashville Kitty s narration quickens the pace of the narrative, even during her tangents about mental conditions and her sexual exploits and preferences The illustrations help as well, in addition to being beautiful and oddly tasteful given the subject matter.The quick pace had one downside the final chapter feels rushed I can t discuss much here due to spoilers, but I think that the final chapter could have easily been expanded into a couple chapters and had a much better impact on me as a reader While the twists were predictable to me I see patterns quickly than most I think that prolonging the last chapter would ve made them a lot meaningful I like that the ending leaves room for future books, albeit different kinds of stories At the same time, this novel is very self contained and I would be satisfied with this being the only novel about Nashville Kitty, too.I d also like to thank Kelly for teaching me a new word saphiosexual, someone who is attracted to intelligence I finally have a term to define myself All in all, 69 Shades of Nashville is great If you don t like raunchy scenes, this book isn t for you However, if you do like erotic novels or at least don t mind such scenes in your book, you ll want to check this book out Of course, you might want to close the shades when you do it gets rather spicy

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    Debut author and medical doctor Nicole Kelly s 69 Shades of Nashville is a wickedly smart, witty, lurid and sexually explicit novel that is unlike anything you have ever read before It is surprising, suspenseful and intelligent and funny, and though it goes to places where most authors never dare, it is never raunchy or pornographic Reading this fictional memoir is a journey into the world of sociopathy, adultery and online cheating that leads to perilous danger Always insightful, heart pounding and frank, 69 Shades of Nashville feels like a naughty, risqu romp into a private world of sex, murder, mystery, suspense and manipulation The author s website describes Nicole Kelly, M.D as the nom de plume of an established Nashville physician who had firsthand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath Indeed, the novel begins with a 911 call and a stunning confession I am a sociopath, and I love sex Thus, begins the true confessions of a woman who believes she knows herself and all her desires, too The narrator, tired of cheating the old fashioned way, discovers a web site called Aubrey Madeline, where men and women conspire to have meetups for sexual trysts The narrator of this fictional memoir, a part time nurse, takes on the screen name Nashville Kitty, and before long is besieged by hundreds of offers to chat, meet and, eventually, have sex All along, we are taken along for the ride, so to speak, as the author describes the screening process and educates us as to what makes sociopaths different from most neurotypicals The author s knowledge of every imaginable personality trait is impressive and convincing and makes this often absurd story, believable The text is also accompanied by than 300 illustrations or drawings that draw the reader even further in From start to finish, this is an eyes wide open experience Nothing is left out, which only fuels the imagination By novel s end, you will feel you know Nashville Kitty, as well as all of her lovers, men and woman, inside and out This is a novel that you simply can t stop reading till the, ahem, climatic end The author is successful in writing in a manner in which the prose never feels contrived or prurient, but instead the writing represents a nakedly honest look inside the mind and soul of a self confessed adulterer But unlike other sex suspense novels, Nicole Kelly s book is a ray of sunshine into a genre clouded with a glut of embarrassingly poorly written prose 69 Shades of Nashville is a bold and audacious debut by a writer who seems to have no lack of insight or talent.

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    Nashville Kitty has everything a woman could want She has a beautiful home, a loving and very obedient husband and a successful career that allows her plenty of free time to do what she wants to do But it s not enough So, she goes looking for , um, entertainment online And, as they say, that s where the adventure begins in Nicole Kelly s exhilarating and sensual romp of a novel, 69 Shades of Nashville Reading this tale, one can live vicariously through the actions of a woman who does whatever she pleases and gets away with it It s invigorating, empowering and great fun to be a voyeur to her many sexual trysts.Author Nicole Kelly is the pseudonym for a real life doctor based in Tennessee Her medical practice was actually the victim of embezzlement by the woman who Nashville Kitty s character is based on.Kelly s own medical training shines through with the detailed explanations that Nashville Kitty gives for her behavior, as well as the behavior of her partners Nashville KItty proudly identifies herself as a sociopath, which enables her to behave in ways society might disapprove of Through the character of Nashville Kitty, we also learn about the various personality types of the men and women who cross her path and the predictable ways they will respond to her antics.The best part of the novel is that like a good sexual experience, Nashville Kitty slowly builds up to the acts, first with her secret meetings on an online forum, where she finds her cheating partners, then with the online bantering with them and then their meetups The reader is taken to high end hotels, gyms and even a garden center as Kitty prepares for the eventual climax with her paramours.Like most women, I was fascinated by the details of how Nashville Kitty is able to balance a job, a husband and an entire second life But I also had a sense of foreboding as Kitty takes greater and dangerous chances with her trysts The ending is a true thriller and one I never saw coming and I doubt many others will I highly recommend taking a chance on this carnival ride.

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    Very naughty but highly entertaining adult content.The main character in this thoroughly entertaining if extremely sexy book is NashvilleKitty, a sociopath The Nashville physician author, who uses the nom de plume of Nicole Kelly MD has first hand experience of sociopaths, and has used this knowledge to write this eye opening book.NashvilleKitty is one naughty lady, an unrepentant adulteress, with an adoring husband who tries to fulfil her every desire both in the bedroom and out Even as a teenager, as we discover, she had an inexhaustible appetite for sex and giving gratification, and what she doesn t know how to do, she is than willing to be taught She is sex hungry and will stop at nothing to get who, and what she wants This is a series of stories about NashvilleKitty s exploits and the would be reader should be warned that this book is not for the faint hearted, from the very first page it is liberally dosed with blatant sex, bad language, extremely explicit detailed scenarios and it is erotic, and yet humorous in places These days, internet access is freely available to all sorts of erotica, sexual persuasions and chat lines, something for every taste as they say With the World Wide Web at her disposal NashvilleKitty discovers a cheaters dating site and this gives her plenty of opportunities both on, and off the computer screen, to satisfy her every fantasy The titillating individual stories inside this book cameo a wide variety of people from all walks of life, from the delicious Miranda, to the false Italian Stallion, and LandscaperLover, these and her many other partners give the reader an exciting and raunchy taste of sociopathic sex southern style.If you are looking for a highly entertaining, sexy and exciting book then this is the one for you This book is suitable for adults only.

NashvilleKitty Is A Sociopath Don T Worry She Doesn T Want To Hurt You She Just Wants To Screw You, Literally After Years Doing It The Old Fashioned Way, Nashville Kitty Joins A Cheaters Dating Website Sending Her On The Scintillating, Full Throttle, Erotic Thrill Ride Of Her Dreams The Serial Tryst Artist Is Keenly Aware Of Her Sociopathic Powers, Leveraging Them To Get Anything And Anyone She Wants The Men And Occasional Women She Possesses, The She Craves, Until She Finds A Soul As Pure As They Come Among Adulterers As Danger And Violence Threaten To Turn Her Sweet Cheater S Dream Into A Nightmare, This Special Someone Shows Her A Way Out But Can This Sociopath Change See For Yourself In This Erotic Psychological Thriller Written As A Fictional Memoir With Over Cartoons To Graphically Paint The Picture Of A Sociopath S Provocative World Of Sex, Murder, Mystery, Suspense, And Manipulation It Is An Adventure You Will Not Soon ForgetNicole Kelly, MD Is The Nom De Plume Of An Established Nashville Physician Who Had First Hand Experience Dealing With The Manipulations Of A Sociopath She Writes With Authority And Wit About The Adulterous Adventures Of NashvilleKitty On A Cheaters Dating Site Resulting In Murder And Suspense Written From Her Home In Nashville, Tennessee, These Fictional Tales Expose The Saucy, Secret Sex Lives Of Her Southern Aristocratic Neighbors If While Reading This Book, You Recognize Someone You Know Please Be Assured, It Is Merely A Coincidence Visit ShadesOfNashville For Free Downloads Including A Provocative Glimpse Of NashvilleKitty S Future Adventures And Delve Deeper Into The Nature Of The Sociopathic Mind Next Door In Nicole Kelly, MD S Non Fiction Work On This Fascinating Subject