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He obviously neededpractice, but no matter how often I abandoned him out there, his sense of direction never seemed to improve Kelley Armstrong has a large number of anthologies for her long running Otherworld series This opened the side stories, but instead of being about different men of the Otherworld like the title suggests, it is exclusively about the werewolf pack, and unlike other short story collections, the points of view do not alter much.Malcolm leads the opener story to reveal how Jeremy came to be, but after that it s all through Clay s point of view until the final chapter Each story is merely broken up into different events of occurrence, all in order The final story switches to Jeremy s point of view for good reason details on that below If you re a Clay or Jeremy fan, you ll find this fascinating That s the point It s a lot of background material on why they both are who they are and how they are Want to see for yourself the stories Jeremy later tells Elena in Stolen about the troubles of raising Clay Right here in full color funny detail While there are some funny scenes, it s mainly a dark, serious book.After Jeremy comes into the world, Clay is shown very young and bitten to open his stories Following that we see his progression, how he is discovered, the ample patience Jeremy employs to win his trust, their slow trail to Stonehaven, the incredible bond between the two, Clay aging and experiencing life, and finally the battles of ascension and alpha wars The only story besides the opener that isn t led by Clay is the final story, Kitsunegari, where Jeremy finds out a new clue about his past It is the only one set in current times Jaime and he are together and have been awhile, so it was interesting to finally see in his head what he thinks of her and the relationship I loved the couple over the series and wish the author had given the bondingcredit It makes sense to end the anthology this way because we re making a circle back to the beginning again This isn t just Clay s book it s for Clay AND Jeremy.I found outabout Jeremy and deeper into his psyche I get Clay a bitAbove that, Malcolm as the big bogeymen is brought further into light We see we owe a lot of Jeremy s grandfather, who has a short stint The two characters in Frost are introduced here as young father and son before they hide tail and run for the hills Some of the animosity with future rival pack members begins here when the boys are young Much is explained that clears a few mysteries up.If you re a fan of the series, this is an absolute must have. I absolutely adore Armstrong s werewolf lore Unlike Armstrong s Women of the Otherworld, the men of the Pack can carry a story all on their own Not a drop of smut or estrogen in sight, still I was riveted Having fallen in love with the Pack in Bitten, I pretty much read any mention of them I can get my mitts on I don t know what it is, but Armstrong dazzles and delights with her wolfy men They are clearly humanized while retaining the very essence of being a wolf Their human form and wolf form are so intricately linked that I scarcely notice when they segway into wolf perspective.Being that Clay is my all time favorite Armstrong character, I was set to love him here, but I wasn t prepared to love himLittle Clay is simply adorable, not to mention unintetionally hilarious Despite his noticeable differences as an adult, being anti social and all, it wasn t until reading Men of the Otherworld that I understood how truly set apart he is The same applies to Jeremy, though, I have to say, my opinion of him changed, for the better and for the worse Prior to this book, I saw Jeremy as a sensitive, but still very Alpha male Now I know that Jeremy s Alpha status only exists due to Clay s unwavering admiration and dedication and his best friendship with Antonio Had it not been for them, Jeremy would have been long since dead, at the hands of his own father no less Even so, Jeremy is undeniably resourceful, intelligent and empathetic I was hard pressed not to be in aww of anyone who would take on such a troublesome child as Clay at so early and age and to potential detriment to one s self Jeremy is a beacon of moral light, and it was enlightening to see him through Clay s eyes.The Pack s history is nothing short of enthralling I feel as though I know these characters inside out and love them all thefor it I hope that Armstrong returns to their world again, and quickly. Okay, so I only read the first three stories surrounding Jeremy s birth and Clay s childhood I started on the fourth which was Jeremy WITH A WOMAN But since I never read past StolenI couldn t deal with a the spoilers and b the fact that Jeremy was getting it on with anybodyever.As with most anything Armstrong writes, these stories were well written and intriguing with great characters and complicated relationships The story provided greater insight into Clay and Jeremy s relationship and the emergence of the latter day pack Clay s narration was also incredibly hilarious in a dry, witty way that I adored.Okay, so spoiler Clay is a bit of a psychopath I know Big spoiler, eh But I think he REALLY shows it this time and any pretenses of normality that we may imagine when reading about Clay from Elena s perspective in Bitten and Stolen quickly disolve while reading Clay talk about himself Maybe she humanizes him not in her narration but their relationship might give him a link to humananity and emotions that he wouldn t otherwise have, or maybe it just affects his behaviour All I can say is that I found myself strangely not bothered by Clay s actions in this book Maybe because he wasn t, or maybe because I, too, am a psychopath.Only my collection of severed and dry skulls could tell me but we re not currently on speaking terms since I stopped brushing their teeth with colgate and switched to another brand Picky bastards. This anthology is a treat for the fans of Clayton, Jeremy and the Pack Although the title implies that the stories are about all kinds of Otherworld men, they are about werewolves exclusively What I like the most about this anthology is that it gives an insight into Jeremy Danvers past Although the majority of this collection is written in Clay s POV, this book is about Jeremythan anyone else Infusion tells us how Jeremy was conceived and from whom he inherited his slanted eyes and astute 6th sense Next 2 longer novellas Savage and Ascension narrated by Clayton could have been merged into one They cover Clay s past, his taming by Jeremy, his introduction to the Pack and society in general, and his school years While focused on Clay, they give us a great sense of Jeremy his kindness and loneliness, his complicated relationship with his always disapproving father, and finally, his ascent to Alpha status These stories really show Jeremy in a new light, I loved getting to know him better.The final, never before published, short story Kitsunegari is told from Jeremy s POV and narrates his first encounter with the supernatural women of his mother s kin Set after No Humans Involved which I haven t yet read , it also touches upon Jeremy s relationship with Jaime Vegas a necromancer introduced in Industrial Magic and it really made be thirst for their story I ll try to get to it as soon as I can.Overall, Men of the Otherworld is a great collection for fans I don t think these stories have an ability to attract new readers to the series, but they fill in a lot of blanks about Clay s and Jeremy s past and the Pack politics that many existing fans will enjoy. As A Curious Six Year Old, Clayton Didn T Resist The Bite He Asked For It But Surviving As A Lone Child Werewolf Was Than He Could Manage Until Jeremy Came Along And Taught Him How To Straddle The Human Werewolf Worlds, Gave Him A Home And Introduced Him To The Pack So Begins This Volume, Featuring Three Of The Members Of The American Pack A Hierarchical Founding Family Where Bloodlines Mean Everything And Each Day Presents A New, Thrilling, And Often Deadly Challenge For As Clayton Grows From A Wild Child To A Clever Teen Who Tests His Beloved Mentor At Every Turn, He Must Learn Not Only To Control His Animal Instincts But To Navigate Pack Politics Including Showing His Brutal Archnemesis, Malcolm, Who The Real Alpha Is Links To The Individual Short Stories And Novellas On Goodreads InfusionSavageAscensionKitsunegari I ended up staying up WAY too late just to finish Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong It was worth every bleary eyed, short tempered moment I spent at work today This is mostly Clayton s story There is a bit about Jeremy, but the focus is on Clayton For everyone who s ever wondered about Clayton s pastyou must go RIGHT NOW, TODAY and pick up this book Armstrong has done a fantastic job of making snarly, anti social Clayton real and the story of how he got the way he is will have you grinning, sniffling, and laughing out loud sometimes all at the same time The story runs from Jeremy s birth, which is fascinating all on its own, up until just before Clayton and Elena s story begins And the end of the book is I m pretty sure a build up for an upcoming story about Jeremy and Jaime having to do with the unusual circumstances of Jeremy s birth I can t wait. I really liked this, it wasn t at all what I thought it would be and I m not sure why anyone would mark this as romance, it s not It is a well developed story, love getting Clay s perspective on all that is happening, in his youth and otherness, not always understanding what is happening or why, but completely loyal andhaving a pretty easy black and white view of things His relationship with Jeremy was amazing I liked several other characters and some I would like to murder slowly view spoiler from the very beginning, I just did not want Malcolm to be such an utter shithead, but dear god he was hide spoiler That s great that this book goes into Clayton s backstory I really fell for him hard when I read Bitten. It has been no secret that I LOVE Clay so this book was a huge bonus for me To get to see how he was changed, how he survived, how Jeremy finds him Then all the learning he had to do it was really freaking awesome and to be in his POV was so interesting to me I am so thankful I am doing these side stories they make the series that muchfor me at least I really liked the narration for this book I liked how you could tell who was the speaker. Men of the Otherworld is one of the two collections of short stories that Kelley Armstrong wrote as gifts to her fans And they are, indeed, exciting for those of us who have followed the series and fallen in love with her characters All but one of these stories are prequels, set before the main novels But I wouldn t necessarily tell someone new to the series to read them first The stories come first chronologically, but I think you d have a better appreciation for them at least after Stolen And the last story in the mix takes place after No Humans Involved You don t have to read these stories to keep up with the series, but they are fantastic and fans really won t want to miss them Infusion narrator Malcolm This is the story of Jeremy s conception We ve known from the beginning that he is different and special This gives us a little insight into why We meet his Japanese mother and learn that she approached Malcolm on purpose, to infuse his werewolf blood into her own supernatural bloodline This is also our first look at Malcolm and we get an idea of what a jerk he is although the true breadth of that isn t seen until later stories Savage narrator Clay This is the meatiest story in the bunch Here Clay tells us the story of how he became a werewolf and how Jeremy took him into the Pack We see firsthand the events that turn Clay into the man we know why he cares so little for human conventions, why he is so loyal to Jeremy, and even how he became friends with Nick We get the oft mentioned guinea pig story and see the events that turned Clay and Daniel into enemies a pivotal development that lays the foundation for Bitten The story also gives insight into Jeremy and his early relationships with both his father and the other members of the Pack It s definitely a switch from the reverence the other wolves hold for him now This is a great story and it s worth getting the book, even for this novella alone Ascension narrator Clay This story feels almost like an extension of the one before It picks up with Clay at 11 years old and shows, through his perspective, Jeremy s rise to pack Alpha It s a process that spansthan a decade In that time, we see how Clay becomes the Pack enforcer how he gained the reputation as a psychotic killer even what s in those pictures of his dirty work that we ve heard reference to The story shows how the Pack has come to be in its current form and why its numbers have dwindled and most importantly, how Malcolm was finally defeated Really good stuff Kitsunegari narrator Jeremy In Infusion, we learned that Jeremy came from a line of supernatural women, but it s in this story, we finally find out what they were Jeremy is with Jamie, attending one of her shows, when he is lured away by an Asian woman She tries to seduce him, but with no luck Jeremy is able to eventually determine that she is one of an ancient race of fox shifter deities and they want Jeremy to help them repopulate, since he is descended from the worshippers infused with their powers This was probably the least thrilling of the four stories, though I did like the little bit of backstory Jeremy gives about how and when he started falling for Jamie.I really enjoyed this collection of short stories and wouldn t hesitate to recommend the collection to any Otherworld fan 5 stars.