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Anna Godbersen s Luxe series is an exercise in contradictions Exquisite in its descriptions of the phenomenal wealth of turn of the century New York society Outrageous in its catastrophic tumbling into the depraved values of said society And drive you up the wall in its depictions of flawed selfish characters For whom for no discernible reason you still wish things would go well.Even though I hate Penelope who I m definitely supposed to hate And I despise Carolina who I still don t want to see fall on her face And I find Elizabeth mind numbingly weak What was she thinking coming back home And the best I can say for Diana and Henry is that they deserve each other.The fact is that I loved the final scene of Envy.And I will be back for . Ohhhhhhh Don t you just hate Penelope And Henry has messed up things so badlyIt s hard to keep rooting for him I really wanted Lina to get her comeuppance alas Diana is still my favorite character though she got jerked around a lot in this book I thought this was the last book in the series to my dismay and my joywe re not done yet This book was really all about the complications of all the scheming of all the characters But wow I can t wait to see what happens next. This book was so deliciously addicting, I couldn t put it down The Luxe series seems to get better with each book, as this one is currently my favorite in the series I really liked the time spent with all the main characters, even the ones you love to hate And I am of course on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next book in this series, Splendor release date unknown. Oh the angst My heart bleeds Henry made me cry Diana made me grit my teeth and Elizabeth made me sigh in exasperation What s next I ask you While this series is ridiculous and completely over the top, it is a fabby guilty pleasure read I swear the characters, apart from Penelope, are a few grapes short of a bushel, but vati are they entertaining.Penelope has successfully trapped Henry into marring her, but because she is an evil, scheming wench, he is refusing to bed her, lol She is certain that if she can destroy Diana s reputation, she can win Henry back, as if she ever had him, and therefore assigning her brother, Grayson, the mission of re deflowering Diana Holland For those of you new to this series, Henry had his way with Diana on a bear skinned rug in Rumors, vair entertaining Alas, things don t quite work out as Penelope intended, surprise surprise.Elizabeth is still reeling from Will s death but is finding solace in Teddy Cutting, who just gets cuter by the minute Sadly, Teddy, completely unaware of his appeal, sets out to war to win the respect and love of Elizabeth, which he was already well on his way of winning This wouldn t be so bad if Elizabeth wasn t pregnant with Will s child But she is and therefore ends up marrying Mr Carnes in Teddy s absence This caused me a great deal of frustration as I just know that Mr Carnes is suspect and surely played a part in Will s unfortunate demise Boo to that Hopefully Mr Carnes will meet a bad end and kick the bucket allowing Elizabeth to marry Teddy.Lina is in lurve with a new character, Leland, and though I can t stand her, I find myself wanting her to nab him Odd Evento my chagrin was that I actually felt sorry for her when her patron died and secretly hoped that he would will her his fortune, which he did Didn t see that one coming Diana This character is frustrating to no end as she is quick to jump to conclusions, though I can t blame her, and causes her own troubles by following that hot temper of hers But I like her, cause I would be a liar if I said that I didn t do the same things myself I was a bit repulsed that she did the deed with Grayson, as he is described as having eyes that are too close together, and as a result, I was envisioning a 10 session with someone who looked like a fish Hopefully she can find Henry in book 4 and put that disturbing image to rest.Henry, oh I still love Henry, though he is incredibly stupid I was so annoyed with him throughout this book and was nearly ready to throw my copy across the room, but I just couldn t do it, cause I lobes him in spite of his stupidity Just when I was about to loose all faith in him, he enlists and sends Diana a fabby letter that reduced me to tears, and once again, Henry has earned his way back into my good graces.Now all I have to decide is whether or not to run out to the store and buy Splendor in hardback or wait a year for it to come out in trade paper Decisions decisions. Third Luxe book and my favorite cover to date Could just be that it s Diana on the cover and she s my favorite characterbut I really like the dress Actually, this is my favorite book of the three as well And I really wasn t sure it would be What with Henry and Penelope beingshudder But this one seemed the most real People grew up and, in a couple of notable cases, grew spines Whether or not it will all be too little too late remains to be seen The fourth and final Luxe book, Splendor, is due out in October and will hopefully settle a few things satisfactorily Envy begins just a couple of months after the disastrous conclusion to Rumors Elizabeth is inexplicably back on the scene, but not really there Diana is floating through a fog of numb and trying to rise above the crushing blows that keep coming her way Ditto for Henry Lina is capitalizing on all her success and makes a surprisingly apt romantic choice And Penelope is Penelope You just want someone to stash her in a broom closet for Two Seconds so everyone else can take a deep breath and perhaps hatch a plan to put her in her place once and for all And amid all this, everyone manages to sweep off on a trip to Palm Beach where much of the book takes place I liked the change of scenery in this one Putting everyone together in a Florida beach hotel for several days on end forced them all to interact despite the myriad tensions criss crossing between them It also provided several quiet moments in which several characters reflected on how they ended up in the nasty mess they re in It was nice to see some talk of doing the right thing at the cost of short term even long term happiness Though I do hope happiness is in the cards for the most deserving read Teddy, Elizabeth, Diana, Henry I liked this one best because it seemed the most natural Every single character, at one point or another, was able to see beyond themselves for a moment to the people around them I hope they remember what the view was like This continues to be a diverting series and I look forward to its conclusion. Nothing happens in this book It is one long set up for the next book which I have heard is the last I was only mildly entertained by the change of scenery, but I was mostly annoyed at how none of the characters matured Please Penelope is still conniving, Diana is still naive, Elizabeth is still pathetic, Carolina is still clueless, and Henry is still drunk Am I really supposed to believe that no one suspects the guy Elizabeth ends up marrying of having some kind of ulterior motive And who thinks spoiled and lazy Henry has any chance of surviving the military I may read the next book just to see what the conclusion is, although I m pretty sure I don t care. Ok, so while I still love this series, I didn t love this one as much as the ones before In the beginning of the book, I found drunk Henry to be amusing, but it just kept going and he was being so harsh to Penelope Yes, I know it s her own fault, but I still felt bad for her And, I just felt like the scenes with Henry and Diana back and forth were too much of the same, it bored me after awhile.As for Elizabeth, I found her annoying through most of this book She was supposed to be helping Di but was just a sleeping, frail little thing I know we found out that she s knocked up, and granted I ve never been pregnant, but I thought they went a little far with the weak and frail descriptions I was happy for her when she grew closer to Teddy, and I m really glad they didwith his character in this book I was unhappy with how this book ended for Elizabeth s sake though, hasn t she been through enough Couldn t she have married Teddy and then have him rush off to war Why before Onto Diana again While I look forward to her pretending to be a boy in the next book and chasing down Henry does anyone know when it comes out , I found the whole thing to be a little far fetched Well, at least, Carolina got a happy ending, not that I care much for her, but she s growing on me. Just like The Luxe and Rumors, Envy was completely addicting I got it one morning and finished it before noon the next day This one wasmature than the others in a way, since the characters have grown and experienced so much I think my favorite girl in the series has become Diana I can relate to her the most and I think that she is the most real and that she faces the hardest challenges Elizabeth has become somewhat subdued and predictable. I immediately suspected her pregnancy, although her marriage to Snowden Cairns WAS a surprise Penelope continues to make me angry with her manipulation and shallow ness Lina is also rather frustrating as she goes between appearing to accept her true beginnings and continuing to live the lie of richness The prologue was confusing at first, but it madesense at the end of the book since it was a flash forward I LOVED the ending and I cannot wait for Splendor to come out This book was extremely well written, interesting, and romantic Great job Anna Godbersen I hate Penelope. Gossip Girl Meets The Gilded Age In This Delicious And Compelling Novel, The Third In The New York Times Bestselling Series From Author Anna GodbersenIn The Thrilling Third Installment Of Anna Godbersen S Bestselling Luxe Series, Manhattan S Most Envied Residents Appear To Have Everything They Desire Wealth Beauty Happiness But Sometimes The Most Practiced Smiles Hide The Most Scandalous Secrets Jealous Whispers Old Rivalries New Betrayals This Is Manhattan,Two Months After Elizabeth Holland S Dramatic Homecoming, Manhattan Eagerly Awaits Her Return To The Pinnacle Of Society When Elizabeth Refuses To Rejoin Her Sister Diana S Side, However, Those Watching New York S Favorite Family Begin To Suspect That All Is Not As It Seems Behind The Stately Doors Of NoGramercy Park SouthFarther Uptown, Henry And Penelope Schoonmaker Are The City S Most Celebrated Couple But Despite The Glittering Diamond Ring On Penelope S Finger, The Newlyweds Share Little Than Scorn For Each Other And While The Newspapers Call Penelope S Social Climbing Best Friend, Carolina Broad, An Heiress, Her Fortune And Her Fame Is Anything But Secure Mystery, Romance, Jealousy, Betrayal, Humor, And Gorgeous, Historically Accurate Details I Couldn T Put The Luxe Down Cecily Von Ziegesar, Author Of TheNew York Times Bestselling Gossip Girl Series