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Would You Dare To Follow Your Dream And Move Or Retire To Italy Stef Nico Did, Although Their Dog Sara Had Her Doubts Now From Your Comfortable Armchair You Can Share In The Hilarious Horrendous Adventures They Experienced When They Moved To Italy To Start A Bed And BreakfastFor Lovers Of Amusing Travelogue Memoirs Who Like A Good Laugh And For Those Interested In Practical Advice On How To Buy A House In Italy There Is Useful Information Along The Way, Pleasantly Presented Within The Short StoriesGlossary Of Italian Words And Expressions Included Recognition Reader Views Literary Awards WinnerReaders Favorite Award Winner Travel CategoryEric Hoffer Award Finalist ELIT Award Winner Travel CategoryNew York Amsterdam Book Festival Honourable Mentions Average Customer Review Reviews Ever Thought About Moving To Italy Think Again And Do It Anyway Read About The Hilarious And Horrendous Adventures Of Two Dutchmen And Their Dog Who Took The Plunge And Nearly Drowned Did You Like Under The Tuscan Sun By Frances Mayes Then This Another Great Read For You The Story Is Situated In The Beautiful But Unknown Oltrep Pavese Wine Region South Of Milan With Its Smooth Hills, Medieval Castles, Ancient Villages And Endless Vineyards It Is Called The Tuscany Of The North Of Italy Read The Stories And Discover Another Hidden Gem Of Italy Readers Favorite Stars Review A Thoroughly Entertaining Read And A Unique Introduction To The Italian Way In The Author Emigrated To Italy, Bringing Husband And Dog Along, To Start Bed Breakfast Villa I Due Padroni But A Lot Of Hurdles Had To Be Taken Before The First Guests Could Be AccommodatedIn This Book Stef Reports About His Adventures In Buying And Reconstructing The House, Obtaining A Tax Number And A Bank Account, Registering At The Commune And At The National Health Service, Importing Their Car And A Range Of Other Things That Led To A Myriad Of Bureaucratic Troubles These Problems Were Always Resolved In A Truly Italian Fashion, Leading To Raised Dutch Eyebrows And Hilarious ScenesAbout Mafiose Real Estate Agents, Mussolini Type Builders, Lousy Plumbers, Italian Neighbours And Much As A Reader You Will Encounter A Range Of Characteristic Italians, From Sympathetic To Villainous, From Moving To Shameless Real Italians Of Flesh And Blood, Sometimes Clich , Sometimes Surprisingly Original But Always Worth EncounteringReaders Favoritea Comical, Often Downright Hilarious Account Stef Writes In A Style All His Own That Keeps You Riveted And Thoroughly Entertained The True Essence Of The Italian People Without Falling Into The Usual Stereotypes

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    Wow, what an adventure that was I actually felt like it was me who bought a house in the beautiful wine region of Oltrepo in Italy and developed it into a Bed and Breakfast I felt so involved in all the stages of the intricate procedures and building activities Living in Italy The Real Dream written by Stef Smulders is a self told book about two Dutchmen and their dog, who wish to emigrate to Italy to buy a house with the intentions of turning it into a B and B.I loved the way this interesting story was told with humour, showing how Stef and his partner were able to keep their sanity during probably the most tense and worrisome times of their lives I really can t imagine staying that calm and stress free myself The author has a brilliant way of describing each of the complicated stages from choosing the house to finally completing their dream venture in full and colourful detail So many complicated Italian regulations, bureaucracy, procedures, language barriers and culture changes to take into account when you undertake a project like this is quite unbelievable The amount of obstacles that was faced but overcome just showed how strong and determined Stef and Nico were in ensuring everything still went to plan whilst staying so passionate towards their adopted country This is a really charming book to read, fully enjoyable and very interesting So many quirky chapters that will have you laughing to yourself I particularly thought the library and the toilet chapters very funny and their crazy contractor.well, you need to read the book to find out I highly recommend Living The Dream , I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and hope you will too It s light and easy, full of fun and truly entertaining 5 stars.

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    Well, if I ever get to the Lombardy region of Italy, this is where I ll stay.Great views, great food, friendly innkeepers, one of whom is the author of this book Stef and his husband Nico go to Italy for 6 months so Stef can get his master s degree at the University of Pravia They fall in love with the area, buy a fixer upper to renovate into a BB, and you can guess the rest Figuring out a new country, learning a new language, living in a home that is under renovation, going to school, day to day coping with new neighbors, all that is pretty nerve wracking, but Stef not only kept his sense of humor, he wrote a charming book about the experience.There s a laugh on every page, and the thank God it s them, not me reaction all through the book But I think that if I ever get to go there, it will be I wish I had the courage to do this But reading this book is a good alternative until that day comes.

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    The author has written a very humorous account of he and his partner s purchase of a property in Italy, and the development of it into a bed and breakfast I laughed out loud several times while reading it, and marveled at the patience they had dealing with the Italian bureaucracy, neighbors, and especially their crazy contractor This is not your typical dreamer lost soul jilted lover buys a rundown house in the Italian French etc countryside and it s usual accompanying finding romance true purpose in life story It s much better Instead, Smulder s describes in detail the steps and pitfalls in the process And makes it interesting Especially the aforementioned crazy contractor, holy smokes I have to admit, I had a vested interest in this book My wife and I, thanks to being adopted by our Italian exchange student and her family, have strongly considered buying our own home in Italy While we are still strongly considering it, this book has shown us some of what we might expect It will not be as easy and painless as we thought, or as simple as buying a vacation home here in the U.S Maybe just an extended vacation there this year, and maybe we can sneak down to the author s B B on a side visit One vested interest The author is from the Netherlands Our next exchange student, arriving this August, is also from the Netherlands The author s writing from a Dutch perspective gave me a look into the Dutch mindset culture Several times in the book, he described things mechanical, etc using descriptors that did not register with my American mind I had to research a bit to find out what he was talking about While it was somewhat confusing, it has helped prepare me better for seeing things from my new student s perspective All in all, this is a very enjoyable book I can highly recommend it to anyone with a travel bug, or anyone who wishes to experience a different culture written by someone from another different culture It was fun I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I am enad with Italy I enjoyed reading about the adventures of the author, Stef Smulders, and his partner, Nico, in opening a bed and breakfast in Italy I have read a few other books that detail the challenges of moving to this beautiful country This one provided delightful evidence that it would be best to just visit rather than make a permanent move I do think a visit to this enchanting bed and breakfast should be added to my bucket list.

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    Living in Italy is the story of a Dutch couple who pack up their life in the Netherlands to renovate and develop a bed and breakfast in a small town in Northern Italy The idea sounds very romantic How difficult could it be What follows is a series of tales and stories outlining the many trials, tribulations and successes they experienced while turning their dream into reality The anecdotes are told with humour and warmth, even those that chide tradesmen s antics and Italy s infamous bureaucracy A delightful story that makes me want to visit the region, meet the couple and perhaps enjoy their hospitality for a week or two.

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    I was curious when I read the synopsis, of how Stef and Nico left The Netherlands to live in Italy running a BB I had resisted the temptation to visit the website to see the before and after pictures, though I had seen a glimpse of them I wanted to read this book and build up my own image, from the descriptions Stef was going to describe on the pages of his book.What started in 2007 with looking for a property to the end result of a beautiful home is remarkable, especially as you read all the hoops these two men went through to get to their dream All the rules and regulations seem to have been a minefield, with a lot of travelling between departments, authorities, bureaus, then there are the estate agent, owners, contractors and so many others.2008 09 saw them in the property and as Italian residents, builders with extra unforeseen costs, weather, ground water and they still continued How Stef and Nico managed to remain calm and sane is remarkable Their patience was pushed to the limit, but they remained focused on their end goal They also started to build up a relationship with locals, going to see various attractions in the area They wanted to include a lists of places for their guests to visit.I really liked this book, Stef has created a really great book of his experiences He has the high points and the low points of the venture they embarked upon He has included a lot of Italian phrases and a very in depth glossary, though as you read the phrases he has included meanings, it is very useful doing it this way as it saves flitting between glossary and story This is written in a very readable way, it kept me captivated from the beginning It is an account that is humorous at times and at others made me feel their anguish as they dealt with all the trials they went through.So when I had finished the book I then went to look at their website, and it is a beautiful house Did the descriptions I had read in the book match what I saw in the site Well yes they did actually, and I lost myself for a while looking and reading through the site I admit to being a little bit envious of their house, it is beautiful and in a gorgeous location.I would recommend this book to readers who like to read about other people s adventures in life, a non fiction, educational, reference guide to living in a different country It is well written, with great content and some weird and wonderful observations from Stef.

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    What a delight Stef Smulders keeps his wits about him in the middle of his escapade of turning a house in the countryside into a beautiful bed and breakfast Stef s humor seemed to help This is definitely an entertaining look at a couple who decides to go after their dream with everything they have, and battling contractors, language barriers and bureaucracy along the way Their home and new business is complete, and the after photos are amazing On a side note, we are going to Italy here, she screams with joy Stef s writing interspersed Italian throughout, but most notably with the translation I hate having to stop and look these things up Stef, you have inspired me to learn Italian before our trip Having tried this once before, my hope is to learn enough to at least not embarrass myself.Buona fortuno, Stef

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    This is a well written journal style non fiction tale of a couple of Dutch ex pats, Stef and Nico, who decide to take the plunge and buy a run down house in what sounds like a beautiful part of Italy and create their new life as BB owners With a smattering knowledge of the language they negotiate their way through the bureaucracy, endless delays, and exasperation with the local characters who populate their new reality which makes for a series of pretty funny episodes And yes Virginia There is a Villa I Due Padroni that you can visit today The food sounds fantastic,the scenery beautiful and the people so Italian and lovely Good luck with your writing Stef and the BB Buonissimo Thanks to the glossary in the back of the book I learned a few words.

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    Non ci sono problemi XD

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    Ever since Under the Tuscan Sun, I have thought that is my other life, my intended life But after reading this book, I don t think I want to purchase an old house in Italy that needs work This book made me realize that Italy is what I always thought it was, a relaxed, easy going culture where everything is no problem but can take 10 times longer to get done Well written If I m ever back in Italy, I might have to find this BB and stay a few nights.I received this book from Stef Smulders for my honest review.