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Link After finishing the first two books I couldn t wait for the public library to buy the rest of the books so I bought the four Blue Bloods books and read them in one go The series is just so catching Even though it s a bit puzzling to see having a luxurious life seemingly being the only thing that most of the Blue Blood vampires care about in book 1 and 2, but things improve a lot in book 3 when things heat up and the evil doers rush in for the kill, and the struggle for survival begins Even the supposedly vain, mean spirited girl Mimi Force shows her true strength as she let out her war cry and slays her foes, you just know that the game really does get started DnfSo the first two books were okayish, and I was really looking forward to this one, because I noticed that the writing was improving.And then it just went downhill Like, REALLY down the hill All the way to the bottom.The reason for that I HATE Jack All I could think while reading this book was Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of waterJack fell down and broke his crownAnd I couldn t have laughed harder Schuyler Van Alen S Blood Legacy Has Just Been Called Into Question Is The Young Vampire In Fact A Blue Blood, Or Is It The Sinister Silver Blood That Runs Through Her Veins As Controversy Swirls, Schuyler Is Left Stranded In The Force Household, Trapped Under The Same Roof As Her Cunning Nemesis, Mimi Force, And Her Forbidden Crush, Jack ForceWhen An Ancient Place Of Power Is Threatened In Rio De Janeiro, However, The Blue Bloods Need Schuyler On Their Side The Stakes Are High, The Battle Is Bloody And Through It All Schuyler Is Torn Between Duty And Passion, Love And FreedomRomance, Glamour, And Vampire Lore Collide In The Highly Anticipated Third Book In Best Selling Author Melissa De La Cruz S Blue Bloods Series Okay, I just have to say that I was really bugged to find out that this is NOT the last book in the Blue Bloods series Apparently there are 9 books planned in total that was supposed to have been divided into 3 triologies But this first triology is actually going to have 4 books The next one and hopefully the end of this particular story is called The Van Alen Legacy and who knows when it s going to be released Grrrr.Okay, rant over Aside from that annoyance, I really liked the story There is still a lot that I know I don t know and most likelythat I don t know I don t know but there was also some really good and interesting new info that revealed I am intrigued by this author s interpretation of who vampires are fallen angels of Lucifer and why they are here to redeem themselves from fighting on the wrong side I am very interested to see how this story plays out There are still definitely lots of balls up in the air, so to speak, with this story This book was utterly confusing to me Sometimes i didn t even know how or why someone was doing something I loved the first two in the series which i was suggested to read by my cousin It felt like gossip girl met vampires and I was slightly put down over various facts about how things were written which is a horrid side effect after reading Twilight because you get that notion that all vampire books are like that, eek I know During the time i spent reading this book i grewandfrustrated and complacent Often times I had to re read parts of the book to make sense of what was happening of course I feel the need to read the next in the series, but only because i feel like I owe it to myself to give de la cruiz the benefit of the doubt and hope the next won t make my brain explode. I m having a really difficult time reviewing the third instalment to the Blue Bloods series Basically the shit hits the fucking fan in this book I honestly don t know what else to say There are a LOT of things revealed about who was in league with the silver bloods,that I was anticipating because while one thing is heavily hinted at it was still WILD to see how it was revealed and the others who were also included to what degree We get someinfo on the blue bloods and things that are important to them ie twin thing, bond, the whole angel aspect of them continues to be explored This book was also just still a lot of fun because there was tons of relationship drama and I am trash for that.My ONLY issue is that while the most important thing was revealed to ONE character and the reader, it wasn t exposed to the rest of the characters yet so it was a bit disappointing because there is still SO much that the characters need to realize and get together It is definitely done to help create suspense with the next book which I understand BUT it falls kind of flatI want things to start getting taken care of but now I have to wait for all the characters to catch up on what I already know.sad It was a nice balance of drama and plot, but it s hard to discuss without ruining anything because honestly the things that happen in this one are really important to the entire series, so I guess I ll just leave it at that shrugs Best in the series by FAR I loved the previous two books, but Revelations really puts Masquerade and Blue Bloods to shame The action finally starts happening in this book, and they really make way with the Silver Blood war and finding out who s harbouring them I totally guessed that Bliss was Lucifer or being possessed by him D And her sister Jordan was the Watcher For a while I didn t know where all of Forsyth Llewellyn s lies were heading, and what the hell was up with Dylan But it culminated in an amazingly epic battle, and the release of Leviathan from his prison was AMAZING I dont even know how to express my excitement about this book and the next edition that should be released soonif you read Blue Bloods and or Masquerade and weren t too fussed, do yourself a favour and read Revelations before making up your mind It s a completely different entity from books 1 and 2, and all the speculation on certain plot points really gets kicked into gear in this book That being said, there are a lot of great emotions explored in this book, with heartbreak and angst being a major theme Before reading about Trinity Force losing her vampire twin to a Silver Blood, it had never occurred to me that some people had lost their soulmates to the war, and therefore would never be bonded ever again I applaud the author on being able to make me empathise with the character, despite the series being so heavily grounded in fantasy I was really quite saddened about the Jack Schuyler Oliver love triangle in this book whereas before it had just annoyed me , although the situation was made significantly less depressing when Oliver s Repository file revealed him to not be as deeply in love with Schuyler as we d predicted Now Im at a point where I dont want Schuyler to end up with Jack, but also not really with Oliver he came across as a total dick on that file But enough fangirling, I fucking LOVED this book and cant wait for the Van Alen Legacy I seriously have no idea why I keep on reading this series There is NOTHING, literally NOTHING good about it The first book was okay, but then the series went downhill In THIS installment, Schuyler I still have no idea to pronounce her name Is it like Skyler Schooler is off doingstupid stuff The other characters are doing stuff, and as the title says, there are REVELATIONS To be honest, that huge one at the end caught me off guard, and also was a nice twist, but the book just sucks oh look how funny I am.I actually read this on the airplane, on a flight from Seattle to California The book is short enough, and I managed to finish it I wasn t even reading this whole time.Umm, just ignore that digression of mine up there The book isn t fresh in my mind, but I just remember feeling so BAD for the characters Not because I was sympathizing with them, but because they were just acting sooo stupid Half of the book involves the upper class society getting drunk, doing photoshoots, and name dropping The other half is stupidness I can t pinpoint anything in particular that I couldn t stand, since I flew through this book hahahaha I was reading this on an airplane , and it was a couple days ago I couldn t bring myself to care about these angsty problems these teenagers go through I couldn t bring myself to care about anything I guess that was my main problem I didn t care about anything It s kind of like watching a boring show from afar You just can t bring yourself to care So I guess that s it Hopefully the next book will have this revelation in playI just can t stand this book which isabout rich people problems than the actual problem, with silver bloods and stuff And I am still nowhere closer in finding out what s up with Schuyler This kind of felt like a filler book Just like the last book. POSSIBLE SPOILERS Ok, what can I say I love this book D Seriously Melissa isn t afraid to put twists in her writing and kill her main characters And I wasn t that surprised when Lawrence basically said that it ll come down to a fight between Bliss and Schuyler And I was really sad when Schuyler broke it off with Jack, I read that chapter on bluebloodsbooks.com and it made me soo sad because Jack really does L O V E her And I hope that her and Jack find a way to make it work in other books Because Ollie won t last forever and Schuyler might After reading this, I feel sorry for the people who stopped reading it after the first book because they stupidly compared it to Twilight, because now they ve missed the chance to read a very excellent book Okay so Bliss just gained so muchinterest from me It will be awesome to readabout her story and see where this crazy world is taking readers Jack alter behavior was disturbing but pretty entertaining to read in that last chapter I am excited to go ahead and move on to book four now My quick and simple overall really getting into this series and this one really moves fast