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No offense to you guys in Florida, but y all weird I have a theory that the weirdness is caused by not participating in winter and residents having an excess amount of vitamin D Cohabitating with dinosaurs in the form of alligators, various snakes and lizards, and manatees might also play a factor Carl Hiaasen does a great job of capturing that weird essence Flush is a fun story about sinking a casino boat because human waste was being dumped into protected water If you have ever worked on a casino boat or know someone who has, there s a damn good chance that they have thought to destroy the boat as well There is a local one that I would love to sink because the company is criminal They rake in tons of money everyday, pay employees peanuts, eliminated all full time positions except paper pushers, and contribute nothing to the local economy This company grew so large that they needed to split into smaller companies to avoid problems with the IRS Flush is typical Carl Hiassen for young readers silly characters, a mystery, and an important lesson to not be dickheads to the environment. What goes around comes around Environmentalism and family orientation are the central theme of this book The book tenaciously addresses to one of the global issues nowadays pollution The rate of pollution in every country is so alarming Despite of the support of the goverment to alleviate or rather eradicate the pollution cases, still there are individuals who would not participate.This book is best fit in educating children the circumstances when it comes to pollution I just love how Hiaasen centers Noah as the protagonist, a boy who is truly an environmentalist It was such an effective way in conveying the moral lessons to the young readers.Though, there were minor issues in the story which made me confuse and wonder All in all, it was a compelling read Flush is a young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen first published in 2005, and set in Hiaasen s native Florida It is his second young adult novel, after Hoot The plot is similar to that of Hoot but it doesn t have the same cast and is not a continuation sequel The plot centers around Noah Underwood, a boy whose father enlists his help to catch a repeat environmental offender in the act Noah Underwood s Dad failed to prove that the Coral Queen was dumping their waste in Thunder Beach So Noah and his sister Abbey will find a way to tell the community about the Coral Queen s secret.3.5 stars You Know It S Going To Be A Rough Summer When You Spend Father S Day Visiting Your Dad In The Local LockupNoah S Dad Is Sure That The Owner Of The Coral Queen Casino Boat Is Flushing Raw Sewage Into The Harbor Which Has Made Taking A Dip At The Local Beach Like Swimming In A Toilet He Can T Prove It Though, And So He Decides That Sinking The Boat Will Make An Effective Statement Right The Boat Is Pumped Out And Back In Business Within Days And Noah S Dad Is Stuck In The ClinkNow Noah Is Determined To Succeed Where His Dad Failed He Will Prove That The Coral Queen Is Dumping Illegally Somehow His Allies May Not Add Up To Much His Sister Abbey, An Unreformed Childhood Biter Lice Peeking, A Greedy Sot With Poor Hygiene Shelly, A Bartender And A Woman Scorned And A Mysterious Pirate But Noah S Got A Plan To Flush This Crook Out Into The Open A Plan That Should Sink The Crooked Little Casino, Once And For All If your father was put in jail because he tried to save the environment, how would you react What if it was hard to prove that it was done for the appropriate reason What if you were the only person in your family that believed him A hard situation.Carl Hiaasen gives us a story about a boy trying to prove his fathers right doing Instead of going fishing or spending quality time, Noah Underwood spends Father s Day with his father Paine in the county jail Paine is put in jail for sinking the gambling boat, the Coral Queen, because Dusty Muleman has been ordering his crew to dispose of the waste into the Florida waters Ever since the Coral Queen opened, the beaches were constantly closed for the contamination Paine tried to alert the Coast Guard about the pollution coming from the Coral Queen, but every time they checked out the gambling boat, Muleman knew so he disposed of the waste where it is supposed to go Paine relies on Noah to help him prove that Muleman was dumping the sewage into the water, but he is stumped He finds a way to prove the contamination through a legal way with the help of Shelly who works on the gambling boat.Operation Royal Flush After witnessing the dumping of the waste, Noah comes up with a plan With the help of his sister, they get as much color dye their money can buy them Thirty four one ounce bottles of fushia dye for fifty seven dollars and sixteen cents It began That night, him and his sister will borrow Rado s family boat as an escape vehicle With the help of Shelly, Noah will board the gambling boat, hide in the bathroom, and empty all the dye into the toilet After someone needs to go to the bathroom really bad, Noah runs out He notices that the security guards are following him so yells geronimo, which is the sign for his sister Abbey to come get him out of the water Well, after yelling geronimo and hitting the hard surface, his sister is having trouble with the boat, so Noah has to swim He eventually hits a sea cow, but then hears the boat Abbey saved him They sleep on the boat over night In the morning, they look at the horizon and see a boat It is their father and a guy who has been following them around, their grandfather Noah calls the Coast Guard to report the spilling of the sewage, but under his father s name He is a hero.Hiassen displays that environment is important Noah interest in saving the water, and his fathers reputation, shows that anything can happen in a legal way if they use their heads, not like the way his father tried Noah is a smart, passionate, caring seventh grader who deals with situations with his head, not with his actions He cares for his family especially his dad People in the world don t realize how important nature and the environment is to one another If one realized that by working together, one can make a difference, then many would be happier and acknowledge nature.This book is not like any other book Carl Hiaasen is a great author who tends to write about nature and environment directed to the younger ages Flush is a book that everyone will enjoy whether or not you love nature So if you are stumped about what book you want to read next, pick up a copy of Flush, and begin reading You will not be let down. After reading Hoot, I couldn t resist reading all of Carl Hiassen s young adult fiction for myself I blew through this book in two nights Absolutely fantastic Another tale of environmental activism by young people and how it changes the world around them I want to read this to my son before he loses that I can do ANYTHING feeling that only the young and unscarred possess.The book starts with Noah visiting his father in jail He s there because he sank a casino boat after finding out that, instead of properly disposing of the boat s wastewater, the owner was dumping the untreated sewage into the ocean, destroying the nesting areas on endangered turtles and befouling the beaches for weeks on end The main character, Noah, and his sister, Abbey, believe in their father and, when it becomes clear that his crusade is endangering his marriage to their mother, the kids set off on a crusade of their own to find proof that their father is right about the illegal dumping Throw in some corrupt local officials, and a few other complications, and you get a story that it taut with intrigue all the way through The kids find an ally in an unlikely place, and with her help, come up with an ingenious way to prove without a doubt that the boat is the source of the sewage I have yet to read Scat which is the latest of Hiassen s books for kids, but his storytelling is so brilliant and engaging that I headed to Barnes and Noble yesterday to pick up some of his fiction for grownups. FLUSH An Example of What Every Book Should IncludeI can t help myself Whenever I read a book I m always analyzing how the author pulls it off How does he or she weave together the different elements needed to produce an engaging book for young readers My recent read, FLUSH by Carl Hiaasen, is a great example of this type of book It has A great beginning that hooks the readerThe deputy told me to empty my pockets two quarters, a penny, a stick of bubble gum, and a roll of grip tape for my skateboard It was pitiful Go on inside He s waiting for you, the deputy said My dad was sitting alone at a bare metal table He looked pretty good, all things considered He wasn t even handcuffed Happy Father s Day, I said I dare you not to want to readafter that Memorable charactersPaine Underwood who is jailed for trying to prevent a floating casino from dumping raw sewage into the Florida Keys.Noah Underwood his son who supports his dad s crusade even when his father gives up on it himself his name really fits him Abbey Underwood Noah s tough younger sister who has a very mean bite Donna Underwood who is tired of her husband Paine s crusades She vacillates between understanding him and thinking he is a selfish jerk who she should divorce.Antagonists that readers love to hateDusty Muleman the greedy, scrupulous casino operator his name fits him too.Jasper Jr Muleman Dusty s bully son and Noah s 1 enemy.Interesting Minor CharactersShelley a bartender with an attitude, guts, and her own axe to grind against Dusty.Grandpa Bobby a mistaken pirate with a wild past.ConflictYou name it, this book has it Man vs nature man vs man man vs self man vs a machine It s all here.A great ending where the main character solves the problemFor that you ll have to read the book.Happy Readingand oh yes, don t forget to FLUSH This was a pretty good book It is about a rich person illegally hurting nature Great book. I recently finished, Flush by Carl Hiaasen It starts out kind of slow, but theyou read, theyou want to know Flush is about a curious, determined boy, Noah Underwood, his tough, persistent sister Abbey, and their peculiar father who will stand up for anything that he thinks is right Noah s dad gets put in jail for sinking skinflint Dusty Muleman s casino boat, The Coral Queen Noah s dad didn t do this for no good reason at all, the truthful reason is that he thinks Dusty is flushing the sewage out into the ocean where children swim and where the sea life lives It s a little disturbing, but true The Coast Guard and the police don t believe it so they stick Mr Underwood behind bars The weird thing is, Noah s dad isn t sorry for what he did When Noah s mom attempts to bail him out he refuses Now Noah and Abbey must figure out how to bust Dusty, by themselves I really enjoyed this book because of the small bit of humor, exciting mystery, and of course, the adventure The characters and setting are well described, they seem to be popping right out of the pages especially the sewage in the water, I kind of wish Hiaasen didn t describe it that well The plot is also wonderfully written, the story is almost always staying on track and not wandering off I can partly connect to Noah, when he attempts to help is father get out of jail, his mom says, No Noah, this is grown up stuff That has happened to me countless times, when do I get to do the grown up stuff I really loved this book and I hope you will too You might come to Flush with two preconceptions.Carl Hiaasen writes adult thrillers with a satirical tenor, often featuring characters from the trailer trash end of the social spectrum So it s likely that his children s books will retain a bit of that edge.Those adult thrillers, and Hiaasen s books for younger readers, focus on environmentalism, so it s likely that Flush centers on that kind of issue.Your preconceptions would be proven true The tone of Flush is sardonic It features a bartender who saves the day named Shelly, who has a barbed wire tattoo around one of her biceps, wears stockings that look like they were made from a mullet net, and actually lives in a trailer park Not your run of the mill children s book character It s all about a kid s battle to help his father stop a casino boat owner from dumping raw sewage in Florida s coastal waters Sometimes the message is close to heavy handed The bad guys have zero complexity, no redeeming social value.There isgoing on in Flush, however Wthout making a big deal of it, Hiaasen makes his personable 14 year old protagonist an accomplished naturalist Noah knows the names of plants and animals that live where he does in the Florida Keys And I mean he really knows them, not just as names he can rattle off Noah really looks at where he is when he s outdoors, and notices what he sees In our culture, where kids often suffer from what Richard Louv in his Last Child in the Woods called nature deficit disorder, Noah makes a nice role model.Although Noah is not afraid of risks, he s an eminently practical kind of guy, unlike his dad, who is a hothead Noah gets that practicality from his mother She married because she loved her impulsive husband, but he goes a little far in his fight to keep the ocean clean Flush has a lovely subplot Noah and his stubbornly righteous little sister, Abbey, working together to save their parents marriage.That subplot and Noah s eye for nature combine with colorful characters and a good dose of action and suspense to endear readers of Flush I haven t met a middle schooler who s read it who wasn t enthusiastic about the experience Now I am, too It s a sweet little chapter book.Recommended for fourth graders on up. Flush is a very good book it shows what people could risk for animals and nature The boy in this book has a Dad that has been in jail many times when he was trying to protect wildlife Wach him take a step while his dad is in jail and to prove that his dad is right.