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An Ancient Evil An Unholy Alliance An Eternal Love William Dark Is A Monster A Vampire Who Feeds On Blood And Fear He Is Exactly What Savannah Daniels Needs A Year Ago, Savannah S Twin Brother And His Wife Were Brutally Murdered Savannah Swore A Vow Of Vengeance Against The Man, The Beast, That Killed Them A Beast That Is Now After Her And The Only Way To Stop Him Is To Give Up Her Human Life Can She Convince William Dark, The Most Dangerous Vampire On The East Coast, To Transform Her Savannah And William Enter Into An Unholy Alliance He Will Change Her And See That She Receives Her Justice In Return, She Must Be His Companion, His Mate, For Eternity But Savannah Soon Realizes That There Is At Stake Than Just Her Life Because Once She Tastes William S Kiss, She Knows That She May Be In Jeopardy Of Losing Her Heart As Well Seduction Has A Dark Power All Its Own Should She Trust A Man Who Claims To Have No Soul 3.5 starsI liked it a lot, really enjoyed the plotwas a bit slow in the middle, but the suspense was good Cynthia Eden always does a great job with her Romantic Suspenses The ending had a bit of an unexpected turn, which was cool.A short read, although it s a full length book Savannah wants to become a vampire to avenge her twin brother s death She blackmails a vampire named William to turn her, but herefuses.Meanwhile she s dying of a brain tumor and there s a PI who says that he was hired by a man who s brother was killed too By the same vampire.Can Savannah convince William to give her the kiss of immortality And can they defeat the man who killed her brother I m reminded again why I adore Cynthia Eden I first discovered her as an author in the Everlasting Bad Boys anthology with her short story, Spellbound, and immediately fell in love with her writing style.The Vampire s Kiss is no exception It had the fated mates vibe without the absolute sense of unavoidable destiny, which was refreshing, and I loved the little twist as to why Savannah s mind was different than all the other humans that William had experience with The romance was hot without being overwhelming to the story, and I really enjoyed the parts where William helped to teach Savannah all the new vampy things she needed to know after her transformation.Even though I figured out the last twist in the book right when it was first presented, it was still a good one and IMHO definitely added to the HEA I was really hoping for a sequel for a certain character that really deserves a HEA, but from my understanding there hasn t been one nor is there one in the works Boo hiss Strong characters, an action driven plot that keeps you on your toes, and plenty of twists to keep your interest earned this one a solid 4 1 2 Stars. Imagine, yes, this young girl who had a sibling murdered by a vampire, and this same girl had spent almost a whole decade in a hospital fighting to survive when there s not even a small light at the end, and a diary of a vampire to pass the time one also holding the only answer she can find to what she s been through Intense, right To get what she wants, however, she needs a vampire and a very hot secretive vampire, for that matter , and SURE, blackmail him into turning her Ha Smart move, yes I m wondering if I m giving away the plot, completely I have read this book three times in Portuguese, and once in English And the last two paragraphs came by HEART But the details are much blurry, and, indeed, you might enjoy the story The human turned vampire will have to learn how to grasp her new life, accepting a few straight facts, fighting for her murdered brother, fighting for the man vampire she ended up giving her heart to and, as much as a happy ending she deserves.You might enjoy or not this story depends on you.More of this review can be found here. Usually I love Cynthia Eden s books, but sadly I nodded off while reading this one It was missing the fun spark that s in her other books no humor And I wasn t a fan of the mythos for the vampires their eyes glow red, the rest is the same as Christine Feehan s Carpathian series shape shifting, turning to mist, telepathic, telekinetic, 3 bites blood exchange to convert a person. Gosh I had to stop this read I got to like page 20 and it was so boring I can t explain it but it s missing somethingthat spark that a good book needs I was debating whether I should continue reading it but after reading other reviews I realized that I better not I m just glad that s overI ll go read something worth my time I don t know what, but this book was missing something. Loved it LOVED IT very BatB and Acomaf esque even though its quite old, the story dialogue were decent and the romance was sexyyyyyyi love me some dark vamps Savannah Daniels needs to die in order to execute vengeance against the monster that murdered her brother and his wife Enter William Dark, a vampire who promises eternity and revenge in exchange for her company for eternity For me, this is the quintessential Vampire Romance It has everything that a good vampire novel should have.After the wake of such Vampire pop culture as Buffy and Twilight, vampires tend to have a soul They fill pages and pages feeling guilty about what they ve done and they brood A lot Which is fine for a while Then you get a book like this with a character like William and it changes things When I read this it was shortly after I had read Twilight, and William was my introduction to a naughtier Vampire Okay, sure at some point William is not happy to condemn her soul yadda, yadda But I am glad to see that about 4 paragraphs into it he don t care To say the least it was refreshing for me This book also kicked off for me my true love for Paranormal Romance, so for this I am eternally grateful get it This was also the first Cynthia Eden book that I read and have been hooked ever since This book had the right mix of romance and action, and was very sweet, but hot at the same time, and I Loved it I no longer fear the darkness Entry from the diary of Savannah Daniels de Montfort,January 1, 2005. 3.5 estrellas