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It s strange, sometimes, how books can make you long to read them and then freeze a little when you have them finally in your hands And this was one I love the work of Robin Stevens I have adored Murder Most Unladylike and Arsenic For Tea The third in the series, First Class Murder, was something that I was viciously hungry to read and yet, reluctant to do so I think that s something that sometimes happens when books are this good, this continual level of good and wonderful writing and plots which hit all of your sweet spots and just make everything right with the world You get scared that it can t last You get nervous There aren t many contemporary writers I feel like this about Susie Day is one as is Sita Brahmachari, and I suspect Aoife Walsh may become another Robin Stevens is very much up there on this list a collective of some of the smartest and most exciting author voices working in contemporary children s literature today And because of all of that, I was nervous of First Class Murder I was nervous that it just might not be that good.So Let me tell you this before we go on First Class Murder is just well, it s perfect.I love what Stevens does with her characters I love that the further on she gets in the series, theconfident her writing feels and the drama becomesdramatic and the humour becomesstylish and heartfelt The Hermes moment is one such perfect example I love that this series is turning into a such a powerhouse that can have jokes about the amount of times somebody vomits, with discussion of some incredibly dark and relevant issues I love how the female characters in this book are so intensely multi faceted and rich and capable and I love how the adult characters, in particular Hazel s father, are drawn with such sympathy and truth.I would give these books to the world if I could, because they re just a genuine joy all the way from the start through to the end, so instead I shall end with a small anecdote about a girl I met in the library once I asked her what sort of books she liked She told me that she liked Enid Blyton and Agatha Christie Well, I said, Do I have the perfect recommendation for you, and then we beamed at each other as fellow bookish folk often do.This is the perfect book for that girl It s also the perfect book for anyone who s wanting something that has strong and brave characters, a tightly choreographed and controlled dance of a plot, murder, trains, shenanigans and buns Basically, it s the sort of book that I am and will continue to be slightly evangelical over Also, these books are begging to be bought together as a series Just look at those covers My book shelves long for the three of them to be back to back Another rippingly good read from Robin Stevens, probably my favourite of Daisy and Hazel s adventures so far I loved the Christie references and thought the mystery itself was brilliant. My favourite of this series yet I wish that I could hang out with Hazel and Daisy every day and become a member of their detective society Jolly good show Robin Stevens At last I solved the murder before Daisy and Hazel I now feel like a real detective and want my own badge And a bunbreak Bunbreaks on the Orient Express are in a class of their own, as are the murders an extra tricky locked room mystery with the added complication of a spy, a jewel thief and a bungling official investigator.The characters are a joy as always, especially Daisy and Hazel Hazel has grown up a lot over the last two books and now she begins to realise it, leading to tension with Daisy, who can t quite allow Hazel to be an equal, and with Hazel s loving but over protective father.Super fun Can t wait for the next installment. At least the author admits in the Afterword that this is a rewrite of Murder on the Orient Express if she hadn t done that I wouldn t be surprised if Christie s descendants slapped her with a lawsuit, since all of Agatha s books are still under copyright by the Christie conglomerate But gosh I wish she could have come up with a better train mystery of her own After all, Greenwood managed it in Murder on the Ballarat Train Today s budding serial authors are a bit too lazy, and perhaps the younger ones don t realise that cut and paste and tweak is not originality.A good enough lite read to pass the time on a stressful day, but we are back to the notes in Wong s handwriting which when you re reading on an ebook reader, strains the eyes a bit, even trying to enlarge the font That is saved by the ending, which I found much better than Christie s original Then we have young Alexander, in 1935, using the protestation, No way , only about 60 years before that slang phrase became current And this is the kid who went to an English public school I think not Too much California, not enough Oxford.Get some ideas of your own, though, Stevens do you really want to be famous for being a copycat with nothing original to bring to the table Three and a half stars. Der beste Fall bisher Super unterhaltsam und spannend weckt Erinnerungen an Agatha Christies Mord im Orientexpress Ein wundervolles Buch, das meine Erinnerungen an Agatha Chriesties Mord im Orientexpress immer wieder wach gerufen hat Die Geschichten hneln sich schon sehr und es gibt einige Parallelen, was mich aber gar nicht gest rt hat Das ganze wird ja aus der Sicht von der jungen Hazel erz hlt, die eine frische und u erst unterhaltsame Art hat, diesen besonderen Mordfall zu Papier zu bringen.Denn die B cher sind ja sozusagen das Fall Buch der beiden Detektivinnen Hazel und Daisy, die sich im Deepdean Internat in England kennen gelernt haben W hrend Daisy die tapfere und neugierige Wortf hrerin ist, nimmt Hazel eher den zur ckhaltenden Part ein, doch man merkt, wie sie immer mehr ber sich hinaus w chst und Daisy mittlerweile das Wasser reichen kann.Die Erwachsenen sind ja gar nicht gl cklich dar ber, dass die beiden M dchen dauernd in Mordf lle verwickelt werden und vor allem, dass sie auch noch selbst ermitteln Deshalb sind sie dieses Mal mit Hazels Vater im Orient Express unterwegs er m chte die jungen Damen zur Raison bringen und verspricht sich einen erholsamen Urlaub, bei dem sie sich wieder auf das besinnen, was junge M dchen in dem Alter eigentlich tun sollten Er nimmt Hazel sogar das Versprechen ab, sich aus allem herauszuhalten, aber gegen das Ermittlungsfieber kann man wohl einfach nichts machen.Zuerst werden wieder alle wichtigen Personen vorgestellt, die sich im Schlafwagen Kabine an Kabine einfinden man beh lt auch gut den berblick, denn auch wenn es viele Figuren sind, ist jede davon individuell und einpr gsam Besonders sch n sind hier auch wieder vorne im Buch das Personenregister und die Grafik mit allen Beteiligen im Speise und Schlafwagen.Es dauert auch ein Weilchen bis es zum Mord kommt, auch das kennt man aus den alten Filmen, aber dabei setzt die Autorin alles so sch n in Szene, so dass man bestens vorbereitet ist Die Spannung steigt kontinuierlich und bis kurz vor Schluss kann man nur raten, wie das alles wohl abgelaufen ist Wenn man Mord im Orientexpress kennt hat man wohl einen gewissen Vorteil, aber lasst euch berraschen, denn der Plan ist wirklich sehr verstrickt Daisy und Hazel haben alle H nde voll zu tun, unter den wachsamen Augen von Hazels Vater trotzdem ihre Ermittlungen durchzuf hren Sie werden dabei auch immer geschickter und das ganze immer aus der Sicht der Kinder mitzubeobachten und mitzuverfolgen macht wirklich gro en Spa Ich muss sagen, dass mir dieser Band bisher am besten gefallen hat sei es weil ich mich sehr an Agatha Christies M rderjagd erinnert hat, oder durch die erfinderische und spannend aufgebaute Spurensuche der jungen M dels, die in einer wunderbaren Atmosph re den Flair der damaligen Zeit widergespiegelt hat AleshaneeWeltenwandererEin Fall f r Wells Wong1 Mord ist nichts f r junge Damen2 Teestunde mit Todesfall3 Mord erster KlasseDie folgenden B nde sind momentan noch nicht bersetzt4 Jolly foul play5 Mistletoe and murder Even better than the previous two Stevens is going from strength to strength and I hope she continues to subtly touch upon the themes and history which is so cleverly running beneath the main storyline Also, I wouldn t mind a little trip to the Pinkertons too A perfect homage to Christie s Murder on the Orient Express The locked room mystery was solid, and I really loved how Hazel is growing as a character I can t wait for the next book in the series to be published in the States From The Author Of Murder Most UnladylikeDaisy Wells And Hazel Wong Are Taking A Holiday On The World Famous Orient Express And It S Clear That Each Of Their Fellow First Class Passengers Has Something To Hide Even Intriguing There Is Rumour Of A Spy In Their MidstThen, During Dinner, There Is A Scream From Inside One Of The Cabins When The Door Is Broken Down, A Passenger Is Found Murdered, Her Stunning Ruby Necklace Gone But The Killer Has Vanished As If Into Thin AirDaisy And Hazel Are Faced With Their First Ever Locked Room Mystery And With Competition From Several Other Sleuths, Who Are Just As Determined To Crack The Case Listen to this as an audio book, it was well read and kept me entertained as I was cleaning my house A great continuation of the series Hazel and Daisy are great characters and the murder was full of mystery I did guess who the murder was before the end, which I didn t with the other two books but it didn t stop my enjoyment Also I did enjoy hearing that Daisy had read Murder on the Orient Express Nice nod to Agatha Christie.