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Meet Siobhan Quinn Half Vampire, Half Werewolf, And Retired Monster Hunter Or So She Thought Three Years Have Passed Since Quinn Turned Her Back On Providence, Rhode Island S Seedy Supernatural Underbelly, Walking Out On Mr B And Taking A Bus Headed Anywhere She Hoped Her Escape Would Give Her Some Peace From The Endless Parade Of Horrors But A Dead Girl Who Quarrels With The Moon Can T Catch A Break, And, On The Streets Of Manhattan, Quinn Finds Herself Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place AgainWhat Do You Do When You Re Stuck In The Middle Of A Three Million Year Old Grudge Match Between The Ghouls And The Djinn, Accidentally In Possession Of A Hellish Artifact That Could Turn The Tide Of The War, All The While Being Hunted By Depraved Half Ghoul Twins Intent On Taking The Object And Ushering In A Terrifying Dark Age Especially When You Ve Fallen In Love With The Woman Who Got You Into This Mess And You Ain T Nobody S Hero

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    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Siobhan Quinn series is the dark underbelly of urban fantasy you never get to see, a project that began as the author Caitl n R Kiernan s writing as Kathleen Tierney protest against what paranormal romance has done to the once respectable genre It is harsh, it is gritty, it is obscene but so help me I ve loved every page and every moment I ve gotten to spend with its crude and foul mouthed protagonist.Cherry Bomb is the latest and apparently also the last I ll have words on this later book of the series It has been three years since Quinn walked out on Mean Mr B and left Rhode Island behind her, and after traveling around the country she eventually settled in the Big Apple One night she meets a seductive antiquities dealer named Selwyn Throckmorton in a BDSM club and the two immediately hit it off Unbeknownst to Quinn, however, Miss Throckmorton has apparently been getting into all kinds of trouble trading in ghoul artifacts with some deeply unsavory characters.They say love makes you do foolish things, and if you ask Quinn I m sure she ll offer her agreement along with some choice words for how she feels about that.This book is the arguably the grittiest, most aggressive and in your face installment yet In spite of that, I wish I could claim the series goes out with a bang It doesn t though, not really Or at least, not in any conventional sense But seeing as how this series is all about doing things unconventionally, I suppose the ending strikes the right tone in its own way.Of course, a lot of my feelings might have to do with how I discovered this was the final Siobhan Quinn novel I literally found out on the very last page the Author s Note Up to this point, I was actually quite happy with the ending, but after becoming aware that this book concludes the series, my expectations were inevitably altered Not very fair of me, perhaps but I can t help that this is how I feel, and for that reason I wish I had known beforehand I wasn t looking for anything happy or monumental, but I still I couldn t help but wish things had wrapped up in a memorable conclusion.Because this series is also a satirical look at the urban fantasy genre, it makes these books hard to review But I did feel Cherry Bomb is lighter on the dark, twisted humor than the first two novels, and is instead just darker and twisted in general, not to mention also violent, disturbing and depressing I m all right with this on the whole, though I frequently found myself missing Quinn s dry wit She still retains that very Quinn sense of humor, but now it has an edge Understandably, the events of the last novel and then in this one has jaded her even and it really shows in her new attitude.Finally, Quinn isn t meant to be an admirable or a sympathetic character she s lewd, unpleasant, and over the top, but that s also why I love her And because I love her, it was very hard for me to see her manipulated and played like a damn fiddle Selwyn isn t a very likeable character either and we re actually warned about this but she knows that deep down inside Quinn is a goodness that she s not afraid to take advantage of, and it drove me nuts On the one hand, I spent a lot of time reading this book feeling annoyed at Quinn for letting Selwyn lead her around by the nose what happened to the spitfire from the last two books That Quinn I know wouldn t have taken any of this crap , but on the other hand, it did open my eyes to the softer, solicitous side to her personality Love, after all, can change someone, make them act differently, and I liked how Tierney Kiernan explored Quinn s character in this book by really peeling back the layers.Once , the author delivers another fantastic Siobhan Quinn novel If you ask me, it s a series that ended all too soon Still, it s probably best to say goodbye on a high note, not to mention no one likes to see a series drag on unnecessarily and I would have hated to see one this special wear out its welcome I heartily recommend this series to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy, anti heroes, and dark stories and who won t mind reading a book that come with a warning label.

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    Fantasy Review BarnCherry Bomb is the only kind of ending that would have worked for this short series about half vampire Soibhan Quinn It was irrelevant, at times nonsensical, and concluded on a note of non conclusion That is to say the plot lines are wrapped up, and Quinn is obviously done telling her story, but there will be no tagged on where the fuck everyone is now kind of epilog to assure the readers everything turned out all right in the end Nothing about Quinn s life has turned out all that well thus far, so why should everything be wrapped up with a bow To recap events to this point Quinn was a junkie attacked by a werewolf and a vampire in a time frame close enough together to make her half a third of each Conventional wisdom would say this should make her the baddest unholy monster on the block but instead she just has that many enemies and problems For two books she has blundered around doing strange jobs for the mysterious Mr B but after the episode with the unicorn horn see Red Delicious she gets on a bus and tries to escape.Clever transition and find Quinn living off an accountant with a SM itch that Quinn is able to scratch An occasional open vein is her reward for keeping the accountant happy perhaps a parody reference to 50 Shades or perhaps the upcoming movie has me seeing ghosts on that front A better offer comes at a certain, specialized, kind of party and the story gets past build up and into the meat of the tale a relic hunter has something that could completely, and quite literally, change history.Everything I love about the series is present Quinn has one of the most unique voices in the genre, does her best to piss off everyone around her, and flirts with but never quite completely breaks the forth wall She seems very aware she is a walking pissed off parody in an urban fantasy novel but refuses to actually say it out loud And when events taker her to the lowest point the silly factor leaves same great voice but able to be serious when it is called for The twin ghoul nasty s have a plan appropriately over the top a highlight came in the perversion of Christian mythos the creatures follow Above all else the book is funny The way the narrator plays with story telling conventions, dropping hints about upcoming info dumps and the like, is a treat to anyone who struggles to craft a sentence And Quinn s ongoing fight with seagulls has been bringing a smile to my face since book one.After a strong start in Blood Oranges I felt a bit let down by the second book I am happy that this concluding volume is much up to standard Looking too deep into any of the background info is a mistake For one, the story is designed to be over the top And for two, Quinn has told us through three books not to trust a word she says.This series is something of a parody and that either works for people or it doesn t For me, despite not reading a whole lot of urban fantasy, I found it to be a delight Each book is short enough to be a diversion without requiring a lot of commitment And Cherry Bomb finished dup the series perfectly, both in story and tone.4 Stars.Copy for review provided by publisher.

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    4 Stars Cherry Bomb the third book in the Siobhan Quinn series is a satisfying bloody mess to this unique urban fantasy series Caitlin Kiernan is one of my very favorite authors and although she started writing this series as a joke and a stab at the romantic urban fantasy pop genre, she ended up creating a fabulous twisted protagonist and a cool ass world Quinn is not likable per se, but she is consistent of character Through the course of the trilogy we are treated to many cool baddies, gholus, vamps, Wolves, and other creatures that make things go bump in the night Cherry Bomb does a great job at showing how our undead anti hero chose to make it through living The book quickly sets up the new stakesand we are off I enjoyed her playful relationship with Selwyn and how quickly things spiraled down The action is fun and plentiful and no holds barred Cherry Bomb has a couple of nice twists that make the ending all the satisfying I loved the ending, it was a fitting way to conclude this characters story.I am glad the Kiernan decided to write these books as they are refreshing in their nastiness I love Caitlin Kiernan and if you have not read anything of hers before, you are missing out on one of today s greatest horror writers Pick up her stuff.

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    Twisted enough it might make you squirmYeah in case you didn t know already from having read the previous two books, Cherry Bomb is a dark, twisted and sometimes sick comedy filled with cussing, blood, gore, death and disturbing sex which I don t know if I should laugh sickly at or be grossed out by Hardy har har lol Maybe both Maybe I m sick and twisted then I thought since I still get a kick out of these novels otherwise I wouldn t have continued reading them This one however was even darker and twisted then the previous two But it all comes to an end with Cherry Bomb as the author noted at the end of the novel that this would be her last Siobhan Quinn novel.That instant attraction will always bite you in the ass in the endIt s years after the events of Red Delicious and Quinn is now in New York and has settled into a comfortable albeit boring living arrangement with a woman that likes to play in the BDSM scene and she provides Quinn with a place to live as well as the occasional meal in exchange for Quinn playing her dominant and sometimes giving her sips of her vampiric blood All that changes one night at the bar when Quinn meets Selwyn and has an instant attraction.Dealing in the dark and double crossingSelwyn just so happens to be an antiquities dealer and has been dealing in some rather dark items When Quinn finds this out and that Selwyn has a very upset customer she starts to realize just why Selwyn sought her out at the club But so much happens to quickly that Quinn is soon in for a penny, in for a pound so to speak and can t or won t walk away now Things between these two are strange but then things with Quinn are always strange I am being very serious when I say that everything about this installment was much unnerving for me then the previous two novels I really don t think I was prepared for it I still recommend it if you read the other two you might as well finish off and read this one However, there really wasn t an ending like I would have expected from a trilogy or urban fantasy series final book But it wasn t really not an ending either Its hard to explain but I m sure already fans will definitely still enjoy.

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    3.5 StarsQuinn left the employment of Mean Mister B three years ago, and has stayed out of trouble pretty much She discovers Selwyn Throckmorton at a club and the two hit it off, or hit it as well as can be expected between a werewolf vamp and human Selwyn is a dealer in supernatural objects, most namely ghoul artifacts Quinn quickly sees that Selwyn is in way over her head with the ghouls and soon gets pulled into chaos trying to save her.Cherry Bomb is the third book in Tierney s Siobhan Quinn series, it is also the last book It takes place three years after the events after the pervious novel, Red Delicious Told in the same gritty voice as the previous novels, Cherry Bomb, creates fast paced and often funny moments, if you enjoy dark comedy Quinn must help her lady love as she gets in over her head with her own family As is often the case in this series, nothing is exactly what you expect Quinn has found herself a donor who she s shacked up with when she meets Selwyn Selwyn offers than just new blood, she offers excitement Quinn quickly becomes attached and despite Quinn spoiling for readers what kind of future they might have together, I also felt attached This is the bite for me in this series None of these characters are redeeming or even likeable, but they re not faked Quinn, despite her growing attachment is quick to tell Selwyn things can change After Selwyn makes her rounds, using Quinn as a body guard, Quinn lets it slip she is also a werewolf This pushes Selwyn into a surprising action that launches Quinn into the coolest transformation of the book, and maybe series We get a glimpse of inner Quinn and what feels like a nice dose of foreshadowing I ve come to love this series and character, but with Cherry Bomb being the last novel in the series I expected a little bang The first novel pushed hard, but some of those small details along the way seemed to be thrown out Back then Quinn was a junkie, but she was also well read The first two books each had a scene of Quinn listening to the same song A song I love Those little tid bits didn t show up which was kind of disappointing I enjoyed Quinn and Cherry Bomb The series overall had some fantastic moments and gave no shits The characters, especially the paranormal ones were explosive and a pleasure to glimpse All of these are what the books did well, even if it was first set out to be a farce What I thought they lacked was in the story line itself In the midst of piles of fun gritty language there is a predictable story line Now that the series at its end making it a trilogy, I would recommend it to someone who wants a different kind of Urban Fantasy some dark humor, real homicidal monsters, and grit Elizabeth

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    So this was the last Siobhan Quinn book, I guess That s a pity I ll miss the werepire and Mean Mr B I ll also miss the seagulls I think my main issue with Cherry Bomb was how uneven it is The first half of the book is really slow, all about how Selwyn and Quinn met and the second half is so full of plot that 200something pages are not enough to fit everything in I liked the writing, I liked the story and the new characters, I liked seeing old characters return and I got really confused with all that Charlee business I mean, I get view spoiler why him being a Djinn should be a surprise and all but I don t really get why he should pretend to be a vampire, after initially pretending to be a wizard This felt kind of unnecessary hide spoiler

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    I can t express how much joy I got out of this one I m a huge fan of the author, to begin with I particularly loved her earlier novel sequence Anyone who is also mad about those books should undoubtedly read this trilogy This third and final book not only sums up the trilogy but also continues on and adds to the earlier novels, connecting to the magnificent Daughter of Hounds I did not suspect this would be the case, and what I expected to be fun turned into ecstasy.

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    I have completed all 3 Siobhan Quinn novels, and I can safely say that this is the weakest of the trilogy And, after reading it, I may regret having bothered to read them at all.In Blood Oranges, Siobhan Quinn explains how she became Twice Cursed, Twice Damned, when she was bitten by a werewolf and later that night was bitten by a vampire as well The reader is told in graphic detail how prior to this, Quinn was a junkie lesbian heroin addict living on the street, and she became a monster hunter of sorts pretty much by accident The reader is given to understand that Quinn is an unreliable narrator, she s nobody s hero, and there is no romance in this story When you read the author s explanation for how why she came to write this book, we learn for sure what we already suspected that this book was meant to be a parody and commentary on vampire fiction, or urban fantasy in general And with that in mind, the story is a smart bit of satire Sort of.Red Delicious was the second installment, and it pretty much picks up where Blood Oranges left off Quinn is still a quasi hitman for the enigmatic asshole B, and she continues to stumble into urban fantasy adventures in which she is an unrepentant killer who cares very little for anybody or anything Only, the Maguffin of this novel is quite literally a magical dildo I kid you not Red Delicious probably would have been appropriate as a novella sequel to Blood Oranges, based on sheer eye roll factor alone.But Cherry Bomb Here, the author lost sight of her original premise for Quinn Here, Quinn is actually a halfway competent creature of the night She figured out how to live some version of a rich lifestyle, how to have people clean up her corpses for her, and how to develop an actual emotional attachment for another person Suddenly, the author has created a well to do vampire master who falls in love with a seemingly ordinary girl wearing a t shirt when they randomly run into each other at a sex club The author also tries to establish some sort of end of the world stakes for this adventure, an Honest to God potential Apocalypse, and explains this threat miserably There are Ghuls Quinn s love interest is part Ghul Something something, potential Anti Christ Something something, Quinn may play a role in bringing about the Apocalypse.This was a swing and a miss Here, the author indulges in some of the classic tropes of Urban Fantasy, but fails to provide any meaningful commentary upon them Here, it feels like she simply fails to satisfy with them The storyline simply doesn t work Sure, Quinn is still unlikable So is her love interest Sure, Quinn is still somewhat interesting with her hybrid vampire werewolf nature But this story fails in terms of plot, pacing, and premise.

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    Strange as it seems this cranky, kick ass almost anti heroine intrigued me and kept me hooked on this series Great world building, fabulous cast of characters, a liberal dose of realism and craziness Good series.

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    Nothing much than attitude and a weak ass plot.