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I read this in 6th grade and I remember loving it I even recommended it to one of the 2nd grade teachers and she read it to her class and then thanked me in my yearbook Written by Robert C O Brien s daughter, this is a beautiful work that s not only faithful to the rich characters O Brien created, but adds additional emotional layers and even excitement than the first. Racso, A Brash And Boastful Little Rodent, Is Making His Way To Thorn Valley, Determined To Learn How To Read And Write And Become A Hero His Bragging And Lies Get Him Off To A Bad Start, But A Crisis Gives Him The Opportunity To Prove His Mettle A Worthy Successor To Mrs Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH, A Newbery Medal Winner By The Author S Father BL Children S Editors Choices BL Children S Choices For IRA CBC Notable Childrens Trade Books In Social Studies NCSS CBC Children S Books NY Public Library Best Science Fiction Fantasy VOYA It is strange to say I liked this one just as much if not than the first book, especially being that it is written by a different author But focusing on the younger generation really is entertaining in this book I know, it definitely is not the same style nor feeling of the original, but both have their place, if differently, and both I consider great reads. I thought this was a charming book Once again I ve returned to reading children s books, I am not ashamed to admit it I ve never read the first book written by Jane Conly s father , but as a child I enjoyed an animated movie based on it so I had a general understanding of the story I think I will have to look for the fist book at the library I think it would be interesting to compare the father daughter writing styles This was a quick read, and enjoyable enough that I didn t immediately fall asleep within the first few paragraphs every day when reading in bed That s always a good sign for me I m going to recommend that my daughter read this as well. The first one was better This gets an extra star for being less sexist than the first was.Seriously, people Rats are not sexist.Also I want rats. Sequel to Borrowed I liked to read about the rats of NIMH It was nice to know what Thorn Valley was really like. The only thing that kept this from being 4 stars for me is that Racso is written a little too well I was very glad to learn that the author is the daughter of the man who wrote the original story I haven t read it, but I ve always meant to, and I m just OCD enough about such things that to have this sequel written by some random stranger would really have irritated me This can definitely be read and enjoyed even without having read the previous story, although I think it assumes we have there are spoilers in it for the first book The cast of characters was a bit large to really individualize, but Ms Conly did about as well as could be expected with that.This was sweet and fun, and I would absolutely have adored it if I d read it as a child. Yes, I probably read this book when I was in third or fourth grade So what I still enjoy it I love the community the rats are supposed to have formed in the wilderness and the little details about their lives in the valley The plot can go hang for all I care, but I love the idea of rats with rucksacks gathering seeds for their tiny little utopia, writing letters with pokeberry ink on birchbark paper.Also, it always makes me want peppermint patties.