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Also Available In Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection This Story Was Written Specifically For The Mistborn Adventure Game, A Tabletop RPG Please Keep In Mind That The Story Was Intended To Help A GM Bring His Players Up To Speed On The World If They Haven T Read The Books There Are A Few Goodies For Those Who Want To Know About Kelsier, But This Story Is Not Meant To Stand Wholly On Its Own Brandon Sanderson Sigh.Dear old Kelsier I m not being coherent but.I loved it Sigh. 4 5This book was so amazing Probably my least favorite Mistborn Novella but it was still awesome and it s totally worth reading. I was happily surprised to find out that this was a Kelsier story It was a short glimpse of him training as a Mistborn with his mentor Gives us an idea of what changes he had to go through and how he decided on his plan to kill the Lord Ruler. Lep uvod u svet i lep pogled na jednog od interesantnijih likova Preporuka za svakoga ko jos nije probao ovaj serijal. Read as part of Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere CollectionI ve been dying to get my hands on this piece of short fiction which took place pre Mistborn The Final Empire, simply because Kelsier is one of my favourite characters of all time As such, I was absolutely delighted when Arcanum Unbounded was announced to contain this snippet of a prequel story of the Mistborn series most charismatic rogue hero It s a really short piece but provided some interesting insights leading to the larger story of the original trilogy. Weird being back in that world and trying to recall who different characters were An OK story. Rating 4,5The Eleventh Metalis one of the short stories fromArcanum UnboundedIt tells the story of Kelsier and Gemmel and shows their relations as those of student and master It is also stated that it can be read beforeThe Final Empire The Eleventh Metalwas an enjoyable read It was a little confusing when it came to abilities of Allomancers, but with progressing pages, some of my questions found their answers This short story also gave me an intro to the idea of world and politics in Mistborn series. 3.5 5 StarsMini reviewI read this in Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection The Eleventh Metal is a short prequel to the original Mistborn trilogy which depicted the beloved character from the series, Kelsier, on his training to master his skills as a Mistborn with his mentor, Gemmel and it also shows the first spark of Kelsier s idea for vengeance Overall, this short story is a good short read for me, while it s enjoyable to read of Kelsier, other than Gemmel s appearance it provides nothing new to the original trilogy itself You can find the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at Booknest Very minor spoilers below A very short read but an enjoyable one It felt good to be back in a story from Kelsier s point of view and find out about how his grand plan from The Final Empire came to be Also information about Gemmel, Kelsier s tutor helped me understand Kelsier s ruthlessness when it came to teaching Vin 3 stars.