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A lovely romantic story that paints a beautiful and realistic picture of life in Greece I m sure many expats will be able to relate to the challenges the main character Ava faces as she starts a new life in a foreign place, and other readers will be able to identify with the escapism that sweet summers abroad can often bring Charming and funny, I look forward to a possible sequel Chasing Athens by Marissa TejadaAva Martin is living in Athens, Greece when her husband decides he wants a divorce Not sure what to do, should she go home to up state New York Or stay in Greece with her new friends She decides to stay a while Slowly with the help of her two friends she learns to live alone and she is beginning to really understand and enjoy the culture of Athens Then an accident happens back home in the states, and she has to make the biggest decision of her life.A well written story of love, friendship and finding yourself Ava was very likable, I could relate to the feelings she had and what she was going through The descriptive writing really gave me a feel of what it would be like living in Greece, and learning about the Greek culture I highly recommend to those who love contemporary romantic comedy. In Athens, Greece Where Rich Culture And A Crippling Crisis Collide, A Heartbroken American Ex Pat Is Inspired To Stay After Her New Husband Literally Walks Out On Her That Abrupt Decision Leads Her To Through A Humorous, Touching And Cultural Journey That Forces Her Confront Her Disappointing Past And Redefine The True Meaning Of HomeWhen Ava Martin S New Husband Unexpectedly Ditches Her Months After They Ve Relocated Across The World To Greece, The Heartbroken American Ex Pat Isn T Sure Where Home Is Any On The Verge Of Flying Back To The States With Her Tail Between Her Legs, She Makes An Abrupt Decision To Follow Her Gut Instead And Stay On In Greece She Soon Discovers That The Tumultuous, Culture Rich Mediterranean Country Is Coloring Her Life In A Way No Place Else Can, Changing Her Forever But Is It Where She Belongs Ava S Newfound Independence Throws Her Into The Thick Of Athenian Reality, Where She Has Brushes With Violent Police Riots And Gets A Taste Of Both The Alluring Islands And The City Nightlife Despite Pressure From Her Mother, Uncertainty Over Her Impending Divorce, And Unresolved Issues With Her Long Estranged Father Weighing On Her, She S Determined To Make It On Her Own With The Help Of Two Very Colorful Greek Friends, She Laughs And Learns While Facing Culture Shock, Language Barriers And The Charm Of Mediterranean Men, Until A Life Threatening Medical Emergency Back Home In Sleepy Ithaca, NY Forces Her To Decide Where She Truly Belongs And What Truly Matters I don t read a lot of women s fiction, it s not a genre that captures my interest but glad I stumbled across Marissa Tejada s book The main character, Ava has been living in Athens for 7 months, while her husband travelled for work She s learning Greek, made friends and a life yet communication with her spouse dwindles He returns and announces he wants a divorce and reveals he s been having an affair This story is about how Ava struggles with the emotional roller coaster of her husband leaving her, living in a foreign country, learning to be independent and dating What I particularly enjoyed was the descriptive accounts of the city of Athens, the trips to the islands of Mykonos and Hydra The vibrancy of the storytelling gives a sense of immediacy and immersion of Greek life, even the violent strikes For me it brought back wonderful memories of my trip to Greece and how much I d like to return This is a lovely story of self redemption and growth I highly recommend reading this treasure by Marissa Tejada and look forward to her next book. I enjoy reading a good women s fiction chick lit book This one is both funny and meaningful The themes that shine through touch on friendships, finding oneself and the complicated nature of relationships Add the drama of doing that all in a foreign place I know, I lived abroad at one point I ve never been to Greece hope to one day but I also felt a strong sense of place related to how it can truly influence us Living abroad has its challenges and rewards and Marissa brings those out in Chasing Athens.I personally related to Ava on many levels She really had me laughing out loud at times I also loved the characters and drama around her Well done I look forward to Marissa s next book Truly a great read that I recommend to everyone Heart broken and clueless, Ava Martin, an American girl who has just followed her husband to the other end of the world to live in Greece, finds herself completely alone in Athens While leaving behind her life, career and family to support the man of her life, this very man only a few months after their relocation decides, out of the blue that he just can t do the married life Question is how does one face the reality of their decision, when they leave behind everything that represents them only to be met by disappointment and a harsh slap in the face Ava Martin is a courageous woman who faces up to the course that her life has taken, she embraces this opportunity to do some real soul searching and to go on a journey to discovering what is it that she really wants Getting on a plane and heading back to New York would be an easy and logical solution for someone in her situation instead she decides to explore the opportunities that Greece has to offer and tackle each challenge along the way Marissa Tejada has done a tremendous job in describing the reality of an expat living in Greece the detailed translation and explanation of all the Greek phrases that she uses throughout the book makes you get a real taste of what life in Greece is all about It shows the depth of knowledge and research that the writer has done to portray the image of the Greek culture from a foreigner s perspective As a foreigner living in Greece for the past 22 years I found Marissa s style of writing very amusing and humorous and something that I can easily relate to The story shows a real Passion for Greece, descriptively showing the richness of the country as the story unfolds in different destinations such as Athens, the island of Mykonos and Hydra, which gives the reader a first hand introduction to the uniqueness that this country has to offer Chasing Athens is a mixture of romance and heartbreak, but at the same time it touches certain values like friendship and complicated family affairs, giving a emotional depth and meaning to the story There is something that everyone can relate to based on their life experiences A recommended read to any expat planning to move to Greece or anyone who is in love with a Greek, this book will give you a great insight to what to expect from this wonderful country called Greece. I could really relate to the main character Ava Martin which was really great because I was always turning the page to see what happens next Hard to put down In the end, I loved the world that Marissa describes in modern day Greece It s a story about independence, finding yourself, leading the life you want strung in with humor and a bit of romance Recommended for anyone who wants to read a good women s fiction story set abroad in a beautiful place Hope she s writing a sequel Great read about finding yourself abroad Perfect for those that enjoy reading women s fiction set in foreign countries I could really relate to Ava on a multicultural level and liked the settings she wrote about and how she described Athens and the Greek island I loved Eleni as a character and Nikos, too Found myself laughing Learned a lot about modern Greece too and what s going on there Looking forward to Marissa s next book Chasing Athens, as the name so aptly describes, unfolds in Athens, where young American Ava Martin lives with her husband Greg, whose job is the reason they moved to Greece When Greg announces he wants a divorce and moves back to the US, Ava is given just 2 weeks to pack her things and return to the US Instead, she chooses to stay in Athens and learn how to blend into a country that s at times surreal, fun and exhausting The novel continues with Ava s adventures in Greece where she tries to find balance between love, work and friends Being Greek, I guess that I m qualified to say that the book sounds very Greek Some portrayals are hilarious and to the point, especially the one describing Ava s exasperation at how Greeks drive trust me, she s got it right The writing is both fun and entertaining and I loved it It s a book that makes you want to finish it, just to see what happens and have a good laugh I only had minor disagreements for example, I found the Eleni character somewhat over the top and, well, shallow I haven t met any women in Greece like her, but perhaps I m just lucky Also, despite being Greek, I don t drink frappe, smoke or go to bouzoukia, so her Greece seemed foreign to me at times Still, the descriptions of the country are a fantastic way to advertise the country s beauties All in all, Chasing Athens was great fun and a lovely summer read, even for someone not normally interested in romance The author, Marissa Tejada, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.There is a trend in pop culture and fiction toward quirky women who are floundering through life In the case of Ava Martin, she s starting a new life in a new place when circumstances spin out of control Ava is a normal woman with baggage from her childhood inhibiting confidence in the decisions she makes Tejada manages to present in Ava Martin a woman who fits the trend without feeling silly or overdone She s a woman on the edge who has suffered a true blow and is scrambling to recover Ava is the spirit of chick lit.I have not been to Greece so cannot speak to if the Greece of the page is that of reality but there is a special quality to the setting that feels as though its well known to its author Whether dipping a toe in the dating world, navigating the local constabulary or being chased by a man on a horse while naked, Ava reads as a woman in desperate need of finding her purpose Thankfully she has faithful Greek friends to sit her down and remind her not to over think things Elena and Nikos lend support and act as something of a Greek chorus for the audience If you like really well written women s fiction pick Chasing Athens up today