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    The basic premise of the book was good a village trades a virgin to the goblins as part of a treaty.The main character wasn t bad She was determined to survive her year living with the goblins, and her determination gave her a certain amount of charm.The story itself is horrible, and the sex scenes are completely unappealing to anybody who does not have a specific fetish for goblin semen.If you don t get turned on by thoughts of swallowing unfathomable amounts of semen, of being covered in it, of drinking it as a source of nourishment, then don t bother with this one.Just run.There s really not much else to the sex scenes, and there s not really any other reason to read this story.

The Flourishing And Prosperous Town Of Linholth Had A Secret Pact With The Goblins Who Lived Underground In Exchange For Living On The Fertile River Community, The Town Had To Give Up One Of Its Virgins Every Year To Go Underground And Be The Goblins Sex SlaveHannah Has Been Preparing For Four Years No Woman Had Ever Gotten Through The Year Alive She Approached The Day With A Professional Focus, Feeling An Intense Pride In Her Duty To Fulfill Linholth S PactHer Only Fear Is The Prospect Of Not Being Able To Please The Goblins To Their Liking No Woman Has Ever Made It Through A Whole Year, And I Plan To Be The First Content Warning There Are Hardcore Sequences Of Dubious Consent And Explicit Sex Against The Background Of A Literary Fantasy Short Story, Full Of Entertaining Twists And Turns And A Stunning Finale