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This Was Supposed To Be My Best Summer Yet, The One I Ve Been Working Toward Since Practically Forever Now I M Being Banished From Everything I Know And Love, And It Just Doesn T Make Any Sense Having Recently Discarded Her Dorky Image And The Best Friend That Went With It Colby Cavendish Is Looking Forward To A Long Hot Season Of Parties, Beach BBQ S, And Hopefully, Hook Ups With Levi Bonham, The Hottest Guy In School But Her World Comes Crashing Down When Her Parents Send Her Away To Spend The Summer In Greece With Her Crazy Aunt TallyStranded On A Boring Island With No Malls, No Cell Phone Reception, And An Aunt Who Talks To Her Plants, Colby Worries That Her New Friends Have Forgotten All About Her But When She Meets Yannis, A Cute Greek Local, Everything Changes She Experiences Something Deeper And Intense Than A Summer Fling, And It Forces Her To See Herself, And The Life She Left Behind, In A Whole New Way, In Alyson No L S Cruel Summer

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    When I first started reading Cruel Summer, I almost put it down It wasn t horrible, but it was definitely not for me Colby seemed annoying and spoiled, but around the middle of the novel, she got likable enough that I could continue reading Thats not very good I grabbed this book because it takes place in Greece, which is one of my favorite places in the world, but was disappointed when all Colby did was complain about it I decided to give Alyson Noel another chance after reading Saving Zoe, so because I was short on money, I got this book from the library I m glad I did Cruel Summer was written only through blog entries, letters, diary entries, and texts, which was confusing because it didn t show anyone s messages but Colby s and left the minor characters undeveloped I also felt that everything that happened was predictable The plot was very unoriginal, and even the twists in the story were not unexpected or surprising Overall, I would not recommend this book to anyone

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    I am a little bit disappointed to see the low rating of this book, but I understand why It s clear that this book can get annoying main character, writing, the letters, the journal, etc BUT, for some reason, I find myself having to defend this book Here s why I started out this book thinking it s going to be absolutely cheesy and boring I was thinking in my head that this would be another book I would have to put down and not finish Quite annoyed, since I ve not been able to find a good book lately that I want to actually finish reading Hey, I was sort of right too about the cheesy and boring For some odd reason though, I read this book in a whole day and pretty much fell in love with it The funny thing is I m not exactly sure why Sure there were parts where everything got annoying, but I was like hooked to it I kept wanting to know what happened It is quite predicatable, but I still enjoyed it I m not like the main character, but there are a few things I can relate to her about Overall, good book It does contain a good meaning, and the main character ends up learning quite a few things.

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    Written like a form of a diary, I only enjoyed the latter half of this book The beginning was very much annoying, way too bipolar One moment she s miserable, depressed, complaining to the world through blogging, next she s happy as a clam, dating a superhot Greek guy.Colby isn t someone I like to read about, her qualities as a friend really turned me off, Which kind of required me to get rid of my old best friend But since we were kind of in a fight anyways, I decided to go with it and never look back Really what kind of person would do that If someone who had some form of popularity shows a slight interest in you, you just ditch your best friend since you guys were fighting anyway, and that made it alright This book was also far too predictable, from the anonymous commenter to the appearance of almost all the characters Blond, tan, blue eyed Amanda, to the smokin hot, tanned and toned, piercing green eyed, an adorable accented Yannis I already knew almost everything that happened before it actually happened.Plot was very rushed, actually there wasn t very much of a plot Well what was left of it didn t really interest me Girl goes to visit her crazy aunt in some a small island, girl is annoyed miserable about being there, girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love in a VERY short amount of time, girl goes back home and stays in touch with said boy That s all, really DOkay so I said it got better in the second half Really it did I much prefer happy outgoing Colby than said mentioned before Here s a cute quote that I liked, Apparently cats have short memories Which means my next pet will be an elephant Some scenes were also nice, a get together with some people at the island, a date on the beach, and some of that sort.Overall A disappointing book from Alyson This was my first books by her and I m crossing my fingers for her other books especially Ever since many people seem to like it Pick it up if you re bored, a quick easy read for the summer it took me less than a day to day, 2 3 hours Just be prepared to not like the first half of this book, or maybe some of the second half

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    When I went to the bookstore, I d have to say that this one caught my eye just by the cover Simple yet beautiful Plus, I had been looking for good summer reads, so I decided to give it a try.So when I started it, I ll be completely honest, I wasn t sure if I wanted to finish it The journal entry email text message format was very hard to get used to Also, in the beginning, I didn t find the main character, Colby, likeable at all She reminded me exactly why most people hate our generation She was bratty, whiny, judgemental, and spoiled.But then, as the book went on, she began to discover her true self little by little And with some parts, I just couldn t help but sympathize with her Near the middle, the reader realizes that Colby isn t bitter, but instead she s completely confused It was this confusion that led her to make those less than honorable decisions, and near the end, she realizes that the life she left behind just wasn t worth it any.And her relationship with Yannis was very cute The romance was alot deeper than I expected it to be, but Alyson Noel wrote it in a way that didn t make it too heavy for the lightness of Colby s point of view.Very good And the fact that there weren t chapters made it easier to breeze through.

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    Norm lne e Noelka toto nap sala

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    First of all, this is a beautiful, simple cover featuring the stark tranquility of the sky and great body language of the models It jumped out at me from the shelves of my book store despite someone obviously already having read it grrrr I hadn t heard of Alyson Noel before I read this last night and I haven t seen her books on the shelves here in Adelaide, Australia but I will be seeking her out from now on What I loved about this book was the very fluid, chatty writing style that flowed throughout It may be a casual style but don t assume there s no substance We are able to access Colby s thoughts through letters, blog entries, texts, and diary entries and I found myself laughing and joyfully turning page after page I particularly loved it when one piece of correspondance contradicted another as I felt that is was very true to the protagonist Colby suffers and she explains her suffering, at length But she does it in such a whiney, bratty and remarkably unconscious way that it paves the way for actual, organic character development Our heroine may dump her best friend, hook up with a shallow loser, break some rules and make really bad decisions but we don t hate her because of it Why Because Noel sprinkles comments about her homelife that make it truly impossible not to wish happiness for her Divorce is pretty common these days and Colby s parents choose the road most travelled in their management of it By that I meanjust plain mean to each other and periodically, Colby I loved the flippancy and liveliness of this character, she possesses that classic impetuousness and enthusiam that you love to death in a person but which also drives you up the wall I loved the minor characters Natalie, though we never witness any actual interaction with one another than some emails from Colby, is my fave She is a true friend and someone that Colby eventually sees the value in I have a real soft spot for Tally, Tassos and the beligerant Petros Yannis sounds divine but I could take or leave him, the real story here is Colby and her striving unconsciously to be a better person Alyson Noel, I think I adore thee

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    In this book, Colby is forced to live in Greece with her crazy aunt and uncle, apperantley to get away from the chaos of her parents divorce She had just broken into the in crowd, and she was really frustrated to be leaving them for the summer She worries that they will forget about her and move on, so she creates a blog where they can read all about what she s doing She has to go to a very boring, plain part of Greece that she hates She meets a Greek boy named Yanni, and they start going out Then Colby goes to a fancy part of Greece without telling Yanni to meet up with a popular boy Levi who she spontaneoulsy lost her virginity to the night before coming to Greece Colby doesn t know that Yanni knows about her blog, so she posts pictures of her and Levi hanging out and having a good time Yanni gets mad and stops talking to her Then Colby realizes what she did, and why it was wrong, and she realizes that she really actually likes Yanni, and that he s the one for her They are both very very sad when she quickly has to return home at the end of the summer.I liked this book because it was a really powerful read even though it may not seem like it In the end, Colby learns a ton about herself, and eventually stands up to Amanda, the leader of the popular crowd I think this book shows the amazing transformation Colby goes to by living in Greece for a summer, and I also thought it taught a lesson about having an open mind This is because at first Colby really didn t want to be in Greece and she hated it, but then at the end she ended up wanting to live there forever I would recommened this book although some others may think some parts are a bit slow like the beggining Overall it was great

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    Ok first of all lets just get this out thereI m 38, what am I doing reading a book that my 16 year old if not my 11 year old should be reading Ok that s out there and now that aside.ok wait I can t put that aside because I think that is my main problem with this book.Ok so Colby s parents are getting a divorce To save her from all the drama and ugliness they send her to stay with her not well known aunt She s eccentricbut really who cares SHE LIVES IN GREECE Wait wait that s the 38 year old in me talking again Ok so she has to go spend the summer before her junior year with her aunt IN GREECE, sorry just seems like that should be in caps So basically all I could keep thinking in the beginning of this book as she s whining about being homesick and her new friendship with the most popular girl in school and her new almost relationship with hottest guy in school was going to suffer.IS WHO CARES YOURE IN GREECE So eventually Colby starts to come around to that fact and the fact that there s lots of hot boys IN GREECE Can summer romances matter when you re in anther country What happens when a piece of your life from home invades your now ideal life IN GREECE Who knows but the fact that she s IN GREECE makes it all that much better.Honestly it s a cute story with many real life issues teens face I laughed with Clolby, I laughed at Colby, I cried with Colby, and I especially empathized with what Colby was going through with her home life In fact there s a few life lessons I will walk away with and use when communicating with my own teen girls For that reason alone I call reason this book a success IN GREECE Sorry just had to get it in there one time

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    This is a cute story about Colby figuring out who she is we take the journey with her, through diary entries, blog post, emails and text messages Colby has always been one of the girls that wasn t in the inner circle but wanted to be After a lucky shot in volleyball, the most popular girl in school befriends her To accept this friendship Colby has to give up her old life and shun her best friend Natalie.Colby is in the in crowd, attending parties, has a boyfriend and staying out pass curfew her parents are in the middle of a divorce and decided to send Colby to Greece for the summer, while their divorce gets ugly wished that was my summer before my sr year Colby is extremely upset with her parents She doesn t understand why they are punishing her for their problems This was supposed to be the summer of her dreams They are sending her to stay with an aunt they have always called Crazy aunt Tally.Colby arrives in Greece and has to take a boat to the small secluded island of Tinos It is her worst nightmare no cell service, no Internet, no TV Luckily she does find an Internet Cafe with her laptop and a frappacino in had she starts a blog called Cruel Summer.During the three months Colby spends on the island she learns that what she thought was love, was just a crush, that her new best friend isn t much of a friend, that best friends will fight, but they are able to move past it and that Crazy aunt Tally, isn t so crazy after all.

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    Shoot me in the face I hated this book I couldn t relate or sympathize or even begin to like the main character She was just a selfish brat It was predicatable, cliche, and boring Maybe if the author had written the book as an acutal story and not as a diary I would have liked it.