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    4.5 As Anamae Mae ramped up her training along with Will, Jax and Lilly, they were safe and secure at the farm which housed the resistance fighters their rescue of her Dad from The Collective was poignant though he didn t remember Mae, didn t remember any of his past but at least he was in safe hands and the hope that he would recover was high The Collective were evil their plan was to take over the world the resistance would do everything in their power to stop them Mae had removed her cover up, the necklace which made her invisible when activated, before training it was in the safe hands of Marcus, their tech expert This amazing piece of jewellery was what had led her and best friend Will into the place they were now their clash with The Collective and subsequent rescue Suddenly her musings were interrupted by a terrible scream the four of them raced toward the sound, weapons at the ready When Anamae woke in a strange room, with a person standing beside her she had never seen before plus a sensation of not connecting, she had no idea the horror of the next few weeks As she came to realize that she had no memories of anything in her past, that the people around her seemed false and cruel, she knew something was terribly wrong But the training she was doing felt right she certainly knew what she was doing What was going on Who were these people and why did she feel like a prisoner, trapped Why couldn t she remember This second novel in the YA fantasy series of The Collective by Aussie author Stacey Nash is excellent Fast paced with a brilliant plot and some great twists I thoroughly enjoyed book two, and can t wait for the next in the series Highly recommended.With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy to read and review.

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    I really enjoyed Forget Me Not, the first book in The Collective series, but Stacey Nash has kicked things up a notch in Remember Me.Mae and Will have been training hard with the resistance She is happy to have her father back even with his memory gone and her relationship with the gorgeous Jax is growing stronger by the day.But then the resistance is attacked and Mae wakes up in an unfamiliar location She can t remember who she is and is taken to a large house she is told is her home She is told she is part of a secret organisation called The Collective and has been transferred to this new school because of her potential But nothing seems familiar and nothing adds up.Even with her memory gone, Mae was strong, so than in the previous installment She questioned everything and even though she played along most of the time for her own safety, she didn t let herself be pushed around.She is befriended by a girl named Cynnie, and I really enjoyed the friendship that developed between them She really cared about Mae and was willing to risk getting in trouble to help Mae.I liked Will in the first book, but now I like him even After his concern for Mae I started liking the idea of Will and Mae as a possible couple and found myself a bit torn about who I wanted her to be with especially after a certain scene between Mae and Will Will was head strong and very determined and stopped at nothing to ensure Mae was rescued.Though I was swayed a little toward Will, I am very much still team Jax Jax was just as gorgeous and swoonworthy as ever, and I love the chemistry between him and Mae.And then there was that ending Where did that come from The direction it went very much surprised me and has me nervous about what is going to happen in the next book There was also a BIG reveal in this book that was very exciting and sets up book three perfectly.Remember Me was a captivating and highly enjoyable read The characters have really come into their own in book two There was lots of mystery, action and exciting twists The romance in this book was sweet with some very swoonworthy moments I highly recommend it.

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    4 1 2 of 5 StarsStacey Nash creates another great book in the Collective Series, Book 2, Remember Me Anamae Gilbert and friends are training to continue their fight against the Collective Mae and Jax were captured by the Collective Their memories were stolen, and they were programed into thinking they are part of the Collective I really dislike the Collective They are the epitome of evil I love Mae s character She is strong and smart The characters are well developed and believable Stacy Nash is an exceptional writer Her work is extremely descriptive Remember Me was well written and full of surprises There were times I could not believe what was happening I would love to see this turned into a television series I cannot wait for book three.Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Now, before I get too critical, I will point out that I have not read the first book in this series, and therefore may be missing some of the point I found this on Netgalley, via Harper Collins and thought it sounded vaguely interested, and it was Dystopic style world, love triangle, the resistence VS the masses, it offered nothing new, but of the familiar However, the entire novel is pretty much pointless, as far as I can tell The main character, Mae, loses her memory in about chapter three and finds herself in with the Collective they re the bad guys, why, I m not entirely sure having not read 1 but I m assuming corporation, brainwashing, basically manipulating free will etc and or less believes herself one of them There s a guy, or rather two guys, one who seems to want to be with her all the time but is a bit on the creepy side, and his brother who is naggingly familiar Slowly Mae starts to remember parts of her old life, with a sense of deja vu etc On the other side, amongst the resistence, her friend Will another corner of the love triangle and he plays the role of BBFF Boy Best Friend Forever , struggles to rescue her And he does And the end.So, why the annoyance Because there is no character development Mae spends much of the novel rather confused, but at the end returns to presumerably the same state she was in at the beginning Does she learn deep, dark secrets about the Collective No, although a few things are revealed, let s be fair the sensors, view spoiler her mother hide spoiler

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    First off the cover is deceiving but I have to say this was a good deceiving because at the moment I can t think of a single thing in this book that really irked me During the first 50 pages we jump sides extremely quickly Anamae like anime our heroine who goes by Mae is part of the resistance against the government When she is captured by the enemy and has her mind erased she has to fight for her memories back and go back to the life she left behind I read this book over a course of two days and could not under any circumstance get it out of my head If you like Hunger Games, Divergent, or Legend you might very well like this book The book shows you not everything is black and white there is gray to why the bad side is doing what they re doing and not everyone under them is evil that is a perspective that is hard to find these days in dystopian novels For those of you who like romance there is some good cute romance in here with both her best friend becoming and her crush For those of you who like action there is enough of that to satisfy the most picky person without it being too much or too little What can I say besides I loved the book pets book What are you waiting for GO READ THIS BOOK NOW Final Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.Want to read reviews by me Check it out.

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    Great sequel to the first I think I may have liked it even than the first There were definitely some WTF moments, but I loved all the twists and turns I especially loved that there was closure with the ending, but enough other unresolved issues to let you know that Mrs Nash and the Collective are not done TeamJaxForever

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    I have been waiting for this book to come out for the past eight months, since I finished the first book in the series, Forget Me Not And when it did come out I read it in just over 24 hours it would ve been sooner except that I had to work Pesky work Why can t someone just pay me to read all day Now, I need to start with a disclaimer Stacey Nash is a very good friend of mine I adore her and her writing So in the interests of fairness and an unbiased review, I ll follow up with this I did see a handful of typoes throughout Remember Me THERE, I SAID IT.Now let me move onto all the things I loved about this book In a way I m regretting giving Forget Me Not a five star rating, because I feel like Remember Me deserves at least an extra half star It s because the first book is the discovery story, whereas in this second book we get to peel back additional layers of this interesting world and see what s underneath.You ll see from reading the blurb that Anamae loses her memory and wakes up somewhere strange I initially assumed she d just forgotten all of her resistence friends with amnesia they would be strange to her , so I was intrigued to discover she d been taken by the Collective This meant we got to see their world through a stranger s eyes in Forget Me Not they were a faceless, well, collective, but in Remember Me we see that it s not all black and white after all There are factions and an interesting, Illuminati style creation myth.The other thing we get in the sequel is a dual point of view, split between Anamae and her best friend, Will who is still with the resistence fighters He goes a little crazy at the start of Remember Me after Anamae is taken In the same way that she rushed into danger to try and save her dad in the first book, he doesn t exactly think through his actions in trying to save Mae To give him credit, though, he does realise after a while that he s behaving rashly, and since he loves Mae I forgave him.My other favourite character in this book is Lilly, daughter of the resistance leader I love how determined she was not to be over protected by her father I think when Mae breaks Will s heart which I m just assuming is going to happen because she s still all googly eyed for Jax , Lilly would look after it and nurse it back to health.Yes, I m planning the futures of these characters I told you I love this book

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    Review originally posted on Sharon s Book Nook A copy of this book was kindly provided by the author in return for an honest reviewThe first thing I will mention is that you need to read the first book, Forget Me Not, for the second one to make sense as the story is a continuation OK now on with the review Remember Me was a fun ride and I was glued to this book needing to know what was going to happen next I flew through it as a result.This was a fantastic read and we don t have to get very many pages into the book before the action starts Here we thought that Anamae, Will and Jax were safe from the clutches of The Collective but that all changes right from the start We then go on a journey and learn about lots of new tech that is in the possession of Manvyke and his community and just how far they are willing to go to protect themselves and hide their secrets from the world.The characters are great Anamae is strong and you can see how she s changed since book 1 Even Will and Jax have matured, and the villain Manvyke is just a ruthless as he has always been, maybe even worse as we get to know him better in this time.The love triangle is prominent in this book due to the circumstances that Anamae was thrown into and her decision is a tough one for her to make You really feel for her and can understand why she feels the way she does.My only gripe is that the ending leaves you hanging, and even though the main part of the story was tied up, this opening was what I was really wanting to know Perhaps that was the authors ploy all the time hmmmm Overall, fabulous read once again and I recommend this to you if you love tech gadgets, young love and a ruthless villain I look forward to the next installment in this series.4 stars

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    Review for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock4 FangsRemember Me is the second book in the Collective Series In this book Mae and Jax are kidnapped by the collective The collective wipe out their memories They tell Mae she was injured in a training exercise and that is why she can t remember anything With Jax they only wiped his memories from when he was with the resistance The Collective have Mae go to school and training to learn the Collective ways The whole time Mae feels as if something is off She can t understand why she would not remember anything at all She gets the feeling she does not belong there After she meets Joshua who is Jax she keeps getting a sense of deja vu Then things start to happen that reinforce to her she is not suppose to be there and neither is Joshua.I enjoyed this book than the first Mae was not as irritating and running off without thinking first Will was the one in this book who kept acting before thinking In this book you got to see what goes on in the Collective community You also see that not all Collective feel the same way about keeping the tech a secret Some feel that the public have a right to know it is out there In this book they also go in depth about the Tarlequin and it s history The characters were better written this time They had depth and were interesting The love triangle was heart wrenching You know someone will be hurt After getting to know the characters better you feel bad about it.I would recommend this book to YA who enjoy Sci Fi.

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    I didn t read book 1 I don t think it has any bearing on my review Daddy is kidnapped and is no longer the same man he was Mae has a thing with Jax and Will loves her She is fighting for the rebellion I guess that s what book 1 would have told me I many have missed out on the world building Now book 2, the beginning is good but it goes down hill from there It does pick up towards the end, but I m left with a feeling of too little too late I have no connection with the characters possibly due to not reading book 1 But hey Mae is a whole new person in this book due to amnesia, but I still don t connect with her I read reviews on book 1 raving about tech Yeah there is tech in this book but an author has power to think up great technologies without any scientific foundation Pigs can fly in books However I don t base a books worth on how great the authors technological imagination is The book has to have substance.There needs to be a good story line with memorable characters who are funny, brave, smart, bold, wreckless, irresponsible and so on The dialogue has to be engaging not flat and boring just to fill up pages Characters have to have chemistry, love, hate, power and depth or even be shallow as long as they have flare and sparks Its an okay read when there is nothing left to read It s not a page turner Maybe my views would be different if I read book 1, if I got to know the other characters better But as it is, 2.5 5 is the best I can give it.

An Exciting New Adventure From Stacey Nash, Set In The World Of The Collective When All Is Lost, She Must RememberAnamae Gilbert Managed To Thwart The Collective And Rescue Her Father, Even Though His Mind Is Now A Shell Determined To Stop Councilor Manvyke Hurting Her Family Again, She S Training To Become An Active Resistance Member And Enjoying A Growing Romance But Things Never Sail Along Smoothly Manvyke Wants Retribution And Anamae S Name Is High On His ListAfter A Blow To The Head, She Awakes In An Unfamiliar Location Anamae Can T Remember The Last Few Weeks And She Can T Believe The Fascinating New Technology She S Seeing She S The New Kid At School And Weapons Training Comes With Ease, But Something Feels Off Why Does The Other New Kid S Smile Make Her Heart Ache And Why Does She Get The Feeling These People Are Deadly