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This Is A Very Explicit Sex Story Of The Claiming Of Angelica, A Supernatural Sleuth Who Investigates Dangerous Paranormal Events She Enters Into The Dangerous Elysian Jungle And Encounters Many Extremely Masterful And Horny Creatures Who Take Control Of Her Unwilling Body And Force Her To Submit To Waves Of Sexual Pleasure Intertwined With Pain Warning This Is A Work Of Fiction That Contains Materials Meant For Those Over The Age Of , Including Elements Of Dubious Consent, Sleep Sex, Dominant Male, Submissive Female, BDSM, And Monster Sex This is an extremely well written, graphic, non stop erotic roller coaster that revolves around the accidental sensual exploits of our triple D supernatural sleuth Angelica Angelica s sleuthing aside, her real knack is for finding the most disreputable humans and plant life available to intoxicate and pleasure her much to her deep shame and complete satisfaction And then there are bigfoots Angelica was born under the Thrice Blessed Moon of the Goddess Selune, gifted with the powers to fight the supernatural, as well as a gorgeous, curvy body Last time she failed in her mission, maybe this time she ll be successful She s been hired by the billionaire Sir Richard Tyson to find his missing assistant, Laylah Hawn, lost in the Elysium Jungle.But her problems start on the plane ride as the billionaire wants to mix business with pleasure, eyeing Angelica s curvy body Then Angelica has to deal with the horny, Black guide that drives her out to the jungle Finally free, she ventures into the jungle to discover what happened to Laylah But her body has been so aroused by the billionaire s and the guide s attention, she leaves a fragrant trail behind.The creatures of the jungle are attracted to her sweet, aroused scent, and she succumbs to the lust of her body to the vines of a flower plant and the true masters of the jungle the Bigfoot Will Angelica forever be the plaything of these hairy monsters and share Laylah s fate, or can she escape and rescue Laylah from the depraved desires of the Bigfoots.Angelica s second outing is just as hot as her first as her body s desires force her to submit to the lusts of every man and creature she comes across Bella once again delivers on as Angelica is claimed by the dangerous Elysium jungle What s better than one Bigfoot Why, two Bigfoots, of course This is a great erotic story that has a supernatural detective, think Buffy with bdsm, who goes off to a dangerous jungle to find a missing woman Angelica has gangbangs galore and lots of dubious consent sexual encounters.Readers of Virginia Wade, Tori Westwood, Coyote Rose, Jesse Jordan, and Lucinda Lane will love this story.