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This Is A Very Erotic Story Of The Claiming Of Iris, The Sweet And Innocent Angel Of Hope Who Falls Into Sinful And Lustful Darkness As A Result Of Her Journeys Through The Shadowlands Iris Encounters Several Masterful And Horny Creatures Who Take Control Of Her Sweet And Submissive Angel Body And Force Her To Submit To Waves Of Unending Sexual Pleasure Intertwined With Pain Warning This Is A Work Of Fiction And Contains Explicit Material Meant For Those Over The Age Of

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    Iris, an innocent ball of light, travels form her Realm to the Shadowlands to spread hope to the inhabitants She comes across the buxom and sultry Lilith, and Iris asks her to garb the angel in the appropriate flesh Lilith transforms her into a busty woman, scantily dressed, much to Iris s chagrined Lilith assures her this will spread hope, and then proceeds to molest her.Bella can write a hot, lesbian molestation as well as she writes men or monsters molesting her angels It s hot and sensual, and Iris learns how hope should be spread in the Shadowlands, pleasuring a passing soldier, and finally bringing hope to a horny mountain troll.Once again, another hot angel gets dominated and molested It never gets old reading about a hot woman getting submitting to the lusts of others as her body reacts to their lust, giving her sweet orgasms until she is happy to be their slave If this is your kink, you will not be disappointed

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    This is a great erotic short novel First, submissive Iris is dominated by a very feisty Lilith who then leaves Iris in the dust to the mercy of a very dominant guard who decides to make Iris pay for her lewd and lascivious behaviour That of course entails forcing her to perform even lewder and lascivious behaviour Luckily, for Iris, a huge mountain troll decides she will be his perfect sexual plaything and takes her captive And the sexual games continue Readers of Virginia Wade, Tori Westwood, Coyote Rose, Jesse Jordan, and Lucinda Lane will love this story.

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    This author has a distinct way of writingand I am just not a fan of the constant reiteration of the same character details, over exaggeration, and the use of really, really The fantasy world is there that s for sure, but hard concept to understand Unrealistic fantasy, or fantasy that you just can t picture because it couldn t possibly work or make sense is bothersome.