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This is a hot novella of angel erotica The innocent and submissive Af goes on a divine quest but encounters some diabolical creatures very interested in using her for their pleasures I will never look at the elves in Lord of the Rings the same way after reading about the elf Kalen and his encounters with Af Fans of Virginia Wade, Tori Westwood, Lita Clift, and Coyote Rose will enjoy this story. Extremely hot taboo erotica Af is an Angel of light and her task is to come into the world and deliver souls to the light However, the first creature she encounters is a horny fairy, Kalen, who shows her the form most cherished in that land and schools her in the ways of the world He tells the innocent angel that she must submit to his domination or else she is being rebellious Since the last thing Af wants is to be a naughty angel, she does everything she asks so of him without protest After submitting to Kalen she encounters several other creatures that have their way with her This book was full of delectable taboo situations I love how Bella Swann turns an innocent virgin angel into a sweet and dirty snack for any male creature that might find her I look forward to reading books in this series This Is A Very Erotic Story Of The Claiming Of Af, An Innocent Angel Of Light Who Falls Into Sinful And Lustful Darkness As A Result Of Her Journeys Through The Realm Of The Fairee Af Encounters Several Very Masterful Beings Who Take Control Of Her Sweet And Innocent Angel Body And Force Her To Submit To Unending Waves Of Sexual Pleasure Warning This Is A Work Of Fiction That Contains Adult Materials Meant For Those Over The Age Of