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good The Philosophy Of Epictetus, A Freed Slave In The Roman Empire, Has Been Profoundly Influential On Western Thought It Offers Not Only Stimulating Ideas But Practical Guidance In Living One S Life A A Long, A Leading Scholar Of Later Ancient Philosophy, Gives The Definitive Presentation Of The Thought Of Epictetus For A Broad Readership Long S Fresh And Vivid Translations Of A Selection Of The Best Of Epictetus Discourses Show That His Ideas Are As Valuable And Striking Today As They Were Almost Two Thousand Years Ago This Is A Book For Anyone Interested In What We Can Learn From Ancient Philosophy About How To Live Our Lives An engaging read, I had trouble putting it aside each evening nor did it bore me to tears While reading I heard echoes of my father in Epictetus words Now on to the full Discourses Insightful But a lot of ink over a philosophy that s supposed to be lived. Nice light reading on the very interesting Stoic author, and a good introduction to his work if you ve never read any of it Not a particularly challenging or scholarly book, though, seems to have been aimed at a popular audience It drags a bit in the middle where Long emphasizes the pedagogical significance of Epictetus a bit than I cared for But I learned some things. Only got about half way through this Interesting in places, but way too academic for my tastes. One of the Big Three of the stoics, Epictetus is foundational reading for anyone interested in philosophy The primary sources are best, and Epictetus is quite readable in a good translation, but Long does give some value with his own take on the extant works. An excellent introduction to Epictetus s thought and how he differed from other contemporary Stoics.