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Innocence Was Never Meant For The AddictiveAddiction Was Something Krit Corbin Accepted As Part Of His Nature A Long Time Ago He Decided To Embrace It And Flip His Finger At The Rules Women Had Always Been The Number One Thing On His List Of Addictions He Couldn T Get Enough Being The Lead Singer In A Rock Band Had Only Made Access To His Favorite Addiction That Much Easier Being Alone Was The Only Thing Blythe Denton Understood The Small Town Minister S Family That Raised Her Hadn T Accepted Her As Their Own The Minister S Wife Had Always Made Sure Blythe Understood Just How Unworthy She Was Of Love When Blythe Is Sent Away To College And Given A Chance To Finally Be Free Of Living As An Unwanted Burden, She Looks Forward To Having Peace In Her Life Being Alone Isn T Something That Bothers Her She Escapes Reality In The Stories She WritesHowever, The Ridiculously Sexy Tattooed Guy Who Keeps Throwing Parties In The Apartment Above Hers Is Driving Her Crazy For Starters, He Doesn T Treat Her Like She Would Expect A Guy With A Different Woman Always Hanging On His Arm To Treat Someone As Uninteresting As Her She Looks Nothing Like The Gorgeous Women She Sees Parading In And Out Of His Apartment, But For Some Strange Reason He Keeps Showing Up At Her DoorDuring A Party At His Apartment, Krit S New Neighbor Comes To The Door With Her Long Brown Hair Pulled Up In A Messy Knot And A Pair Of Glasses Perched On Her Cute Little Nose She Wants Him To Turn Down The Music, But He Convinces Her To Stay Krit Corbin May Have Just Found His Biggest Addiction Yet And Blythe Denton Realizes Too Late That She S Finally Been Claimed

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    4 4.5 Addicted stars Abbi Glines has always been a favorite of mine When I need a good NA book, she is a go to author Lately, her last few books have just been okay for me After reading Bad for You, I m happy to say I am out of my Abbi funk This one was another winner of hers I loved both of the characters and the story was great We ve met Krit Corbin in many of the past Sea Breeze books He s the lead singer of a band, the player, Trish s younger brother We know only a little about his past, but one thing we do know is He has an addictive personality And women may be his biggest addiction When I read the last Sea Breeze book, I was actually rooting for Krit to get the girl over Jason I loved his character and thought he was deserving Now I m glad it didn t end up that way I m glad because he met Blythe Blythe lived a completely and utterly sheltered and messed up life After her mother died in childbirth, she was raised by the pastor in town and his abusive wife She can be naive, but she really is innocent and lost Living on her own the first time is scary, but shes so happy to be out of that town Where it was drilled into her that she was bad, worthless, and ugly After meeting a few people in Sea Breeze, she realizes that may not be the case Blythe and Krit are neighbors Naturally, one of Krit s parties keep Blythe awake one night so she goes upstairs The friendship between them begins I loved watching their relationship grow and develop It was real Watching Blythe come out of her shell was great For the first time, she felt a connection to someone Like someone cared It was a warm feeling having someone s palm pressed against yours His fingers laced with mine made me feel like I wasn t alone Like I was connected to someone Had I ever felt that before I wasn t sure This friendship was not easy on Krit He had to ride the line of spending as much time as possible with this irresistible girl, and making sure no lines were crossed He knows who he is He knows he isn t deserving of someone like Blythe She had to remember who I was I was only worthy of her friendship She had to remember we would always be friends The problem Spending time with Blythe, being wanted and needed is just feeding in to the addiction Krit is developing an addiction to her Another thing about Blythe She made me feel important Needed Like I was a part of her life that she relied on That felt fucking good Too good Blythe and Krit both find it difficult to hide the feelings that are growing between them Both want to spend every free moment they have together Slowly but surely, friendship turns into The questions is, will they be able to handle that Krit and Blythe are both imperfect characters, but they are completely lovable Blythe s story tugged at my heartstrings Everytime she got confused about something going on, or thought everything was her fault broke my heart I had let my guard down, and I was me He had seen me That was the only thing it could be I let him see me, and what he saw sent him running I loved that Krit was able to get in drilled in her head that she was not that girl That she was as close to perfect as they come The funny thing is, even with all his faults, Blythe felt the same way about Krit That he was perfect Just the way he was When I act like an ass, it s because I m all kinds of fucked up You are perfect, Blythe I swear Stop worrying Okay For what it s worth, I think you re perfect too Krit loved hard and fiercely Blythe was loyal to a fault Although everyone might think Krit is bad for Blythe, he couldn t be perfect if he tried He was the one able to help Blythe, fix all the things from her past that held her captive He s my home He s healed me Fixed all that was broken After reading Bad for You, I feel happy and relieved I m so glad that I enjoyed this book so much There was some conflict and a little drama towards the end, but overall not over the top angsty The things that did come about only strengthen the relationship It had that signature Abbi steam Mmmm Krit and Blythe s story was a beautiful tale of friends to lovers A story of growth, overcoming obstacles and knowing that you are worthy of love If you re in the mood for a good NA book, give this a go I was in so deep Funny thing was, I didn t give a shit I would gladly drown in her if she d let me From the moment you walked into my life, you have never ruined anything You light up the things you touch

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    Kit s story Yayyy

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    3 Same old with a little twist stars Innocence was never meant for the addictive I ll admit, Abbi Glines books used to be like crack to me But I m thinking that while there s still a somewhat entertaining read, I may be starting to outgrow them.Don t get me wrong, I liked the book But it didn t really bring anything new to the table It was a little bit of been done mixed with a little read that with a twist of nothing new You get your bad boy manwhore rocker meet the BEYOND innocent virginal heroine Oh, but said heroine is gorgeous but has no idea about it She s naive, she s introverted, she has absolutely ZERO self confidence, and she apologizes for pretty much everythingeven shit that isn t her fault.Now now Blythe, no need to turn on the waterworks I understand that you didn t exactly have an ideal childhood Actually, Blythe s childhood was absolutely terrible.Krit is the bad boy rocker next doorliterary He s Blythe s manwhoring next door neighbor Of course he s drawn to her innocence but she s just too good for him Thus begins the intricate little dance of I want you, but I can t have you Maybe I ll just give in for a little bit.NO no no no I can t I definitely can t The constant back and forth left me feeling a littleI think I was torn between really liking Krit to being slightly creeped out Krit has an addictive personality To be honest, the way that he was with Blythe toward the end almost didn t sound healthy He was completely obsessed with her.But I do have to admit that I have a soft spot for those dirty talkers, and Krit definitely hit the spot with that Was he my favorite in the series No But I still liked him a lotI wasn t sure what the necessity of Linc wasother than for the typical Abbi Glines other boy interested in the virginal ingenue love triangle y plot Then the whole part of him view spoiler engaged hide spoiler

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    Third re read 19 09 2016It s been awhile since I ve first read this book and there is just something that keeps me coming back to it and want to re read it The story is so great and I totally fell in love with both main characters They simply fit each other and fill their voids From friendship to something even beautiful, those two sure know how to play the cat and mouse game, especially Krit I get him somehow, that he never really felt what he does now and that it scares him but to be honest his reactions to that can also make him times than not a real jerk to Blythe But thankfully we do get also his POV and we get to see that he has a wonderful heart I think the worst part was reading about Blythe s past and childhood and what all she had to go through and how her self esteem has suffered because of that I have to say that I don t like her parents at all Even at the end, where she has to help one of them I felt like she should of just walked away But the gentle souls that she is, she of course stays and helps them And the way she stand up for Krit is just amazing, even when he doesn t deserve it Those two make a fantastic team and we really get to see that in the second part of the story I loved that part than the first, since I m not one for seeing him with OW but oh well Rockers, right Anyway, this book is definitely one of my favourites and I definitely recommend it to other romance readers

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    4,5 Rocker Stars Blythe lived a much closed life, being guarded by the Pastor of her little town and his wife.She didn t go anywhere except school and church, she was seen like something sinful because her single mother died during birth and the Pastor s wife spent all her life telling her she was ugly and worthless She didn t have a family or friends or anything she could hold on to, so she was used to being alone and not being appreciated by people Krit didn t let anything or anyone enter in his mind He was emotionally damaged and refused to let people in, so it was much easier to only have emotionless relationships He believed he was not worthy of someone loving him, manly because he was too dark for that Until the day Blythe enters in his life, so beautiful and innocent and suddenly everything changes for both of them Now they can learn that sometimes the past doesn t define us and other times letting people in can be a wonderful thing Rating 4,5 Stars Storyline Well, this was your traditional NA book, with broken MC s, drama, rock stars, hot guys, bitchy girls and completely predictable Which obviously mean I LOVED IT I m a sucker for cliches, what can I say And let s be real there are days where we just need an easy book, with just enough angst, to give us butterflies in our stomachs.Writing Style First person, dual POV Completely addictive, sexy and sweet, all wrapped in the amazing new adult world that Abbi Glines writes so wonderfully Character Development Well, if you are not into the innocent and goody shoes, sometimes infuriatingly oblivious heroine, you re not going to like Blythe I liked her And if you re not into the sexy and playboy rock star, sometimes downright jackass that suddenly finds the one and becomes a possessive alpha male, you re not going to like Krit either I loved him I also like the supportive characters, but considering I m starting this series on the 7th book, there s a lot of things I ve missed So I guess I have to read the previous books Steam Hot HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    2.5 StarsI love Abbi Glines novels but I am getting and frustrated with every book she has written recently Is anyone reading them before they are put on Where is the basic editing I have found at least 10 mistakes including bad spelling, grammar, unfinished sentences, and the wrong endings of words I can t even imagine what my reaction would be if I was a severe grammar nazi.The story was the very typical broken girl that needs a man to fix her Honestly, I don t know if I can afford to continue reading these novels by Abbi Glines 6.99 for a book that is just like all the others she has written before and terrible editing I am extremely disappointed because I loved Krit in all the other novels of the Sea Breeze series and wanted a great story for him.

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    This is Sea Breeze 7 Release date April 1st Innocence was never meant for the addictive

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    3.5 stars You don t just fit into my world, Blythe You are my world I love stories with a damaged heroine I know that probably makes me really messed up but who cares Bad For You is about rock star Krit, who was introduced in the previous book After Jess broke his heart, he decided he was no good in relationships and vowed not to have another one But when his new shy, innocent neighbor moves downstairs he s fascinated.Blythe moved to Sea Breeze with a plan for a new life The people who raised her hadn t shown any interest or love in her, and she s eager to move on with her life and become a writer Sea Breeze is the perfect opportunity, if only her neighbors would stop throwing loud parties until the early morning I was completely obsessed with her Addicted wasn t a strong enough word She had surpassed my addictive tendencies, and I was full blown obsessed I liked this one a lot than the last book, because it was alot less cheesy to me Plus the characters were friends first and actually got to know one another before falling for each other There was attraction between them at first, but not insta love, which is much better Plus, Ms Glines brought good angst again, that s what keeps me reading For what it s worth, I don t think you re fucked up I think you re perfect Blythe I loved as a heroine because after everything she went through growing up, she decided she wanted out of her life, and she went for it No complaining, only hesitance in social scenarios where she was uncomfortable I m not sharing You re mine No one will touch you but me And Krit was so sweet, I was glad he got his own book view spoiler and his own HEA hide spoiler

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    3 3.25 Stars Fuck me, I wasn t just obsessed I was in love Blythe was an innocent who came from a pastor s home, where she was ignored and programed to believe she was evil and ugly She is now living on her own without the shame and abuse of her past She was likable BUT I think the author missed the mark on working with her issues So much could have been done with this character and I wished the author brought us there She sees you Not the guy the others see She sees you The guy I ve known all my life The one you don t share That guy She saw him when she first looked at you Krit was the man whore who falls for the beautiful virgin He too had issues which weren t expanded on enough for me I did like the couple together, their journey to love and the interactions with other friends of ours from Sea Breeze, Alabama The time I spent with her, the I realized just how fragile she was I wasn t good with fragile I broke shit I d never forgive myself if I broke her That would destroy me The instant drama that blows in and out with the same quick fixes was so darn fast for me Basically, the story felt like the cliff notes version instead of expanding and making me feel I love her She fills the void She s my soul

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    It was kind of entertaining.