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    Get in the holiday spirit with this fantastic collection of Christmas tales A couple of the stories are made for the romantics with snow capped mountains, secluded cabins and enough spark to keep the fires roaring And then there are a couple of heartwarming tales featuring Southern Belles and their beaux that ll charm the pants off you And for those who like surpises, there s an adorable story about a girl on a treasure hunt to fulfill her greatest Christmas wish that will have you believing in Christmas miracles again And finally, a hilarious look at holiday dating that will make you laugh so hard, eggnog shoots out of your nose Truly, this collection has something for everyone It s 100% Christmas fun

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    Merry Bright is an entertaining collection of holiday chick lit stories from some of the best authors in the genre that will definitely get you in the holiday spirit Whether its from the Rocky Mountains to LA to the Deep South, the holiday cheer and magic of Christmas abounds in each of these sweet romantic tales With lovable characters and a variety of romantic storylines, this collection has a little bit of everything that chick lit fans will surely enjoy.Merry Bright has enough flirty holiday fun, romance, and humor within this fabulous collection of stories that it will put a smile on your face and leave you with a fuzzy warm feeling this holiday season

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    A collection of Christmas chick lit stories that are fun and flirty and capture the magic of Christmas Each one has it s own merits however together they work in agreement enough to read in one sitting Humorous and warm go so well and are in abundance in this book.Viva la Christmas chick lit A must add to your Christmas reading list 4.5 starsI received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 Merry Bright StarsWhat a great collection of Christmas tales There is truly a story for everyone within this collection There is romance, snow, humor, great characters and pure fun Each story has a different voice and you can get a sampling of these very talented ladies I love reading collections like this because you get to experience so much great writing by amazing writers in one place

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    Debbie Macomber has gifted her readers with an adorable holiday story in Merry Bright It is a comforting holiday read Fans of Debbie Macomber s other Christmas stories will love this one.

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    A Very Dixie Christmas by Lauren Clark The Christmas that wasn t is how single mom P.D thinks when her eight year old daughter Ella Rae is abruptly told by schoolmate Arthur that Santa Claus is not real P.D hatches a plan to prove Arthur wrong with the help of her boyfriend Billy but things awry when P.D catches Billy in the act of cheating with Christmas three days away causing P.D to come up with Plan B quickly before it is too late.Lauren Clark has written a novella about believing in the magic of Christmastime whether you are young or old It is sweet and entertaining for the young at heart and those who love the goodness that come from the hearts of all who believe in Santa.Christmas at Mulberry Inn by Cindy AroraSaffron Smith will be spending Christmas at Mulberry Inn owned by soon to be ex sister in law and best friend Taylor Swift as they prepare for the annual pie bake a thon Just as everything is going smoothly, Saffron s ex husband Patrick arrives with his girlfriend Delta so he can introduce her to his sister Taylor causing Saffron to plan a quick getaway Taylor has other ideas to make Saffron stay and show Patrick that she has moved on.Cindy Arora has penned a cute story of moving forward after divorce, making new friends, and learning to open your heart to love again.Ice Dating by Nancy ScrofanoQuinn, Dani, and Britt are on ice skates at an ice skate speed dating event determined to find dates before Christmas Speed Ice Dating does not quite pan out for the girls and Quinn goes into hiding at the ice rink ice cream stand when Dani find hers The man behind the counters helps Quinn convince Dani that his Quinn s date from the speed dating and is only helping at the counter for his father who owns the rink For Quinn, nothing matters because she misses her ex boyfriend and fianc Aaron Nancy Scrofano shares a tale of women and men relationships using ice skates for speed dating to find companions This is an interesting plot with the ice dating as a theme for finding love to be enjoyed in the spirit of Christmas Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Isabella Louise Anderson Lexi Davenport is on her way to a cabin in Halletsville, Texas for a writing retreat to complete her manuscript that is due by December 31st After arriving at her destination, she receives an email moving the deadline to December 27th and if that is not enough on her plate the owner Sterling Bradenton arrives unexpectedly Thinking of the break up with her boyfriend, Lexi wonders if she will have an opportunity to love again.Isabella Louise Anderson brings an instant romance in true chick lit form with a handsome widower and a novelist both looking for the chance to love again.Secret Santa by Libby MercerAbbie MacQueen is celebrating at the office Christmas party complete with Secret Santa gifts when she receives her Christmas gift of a treasure hunt where your Christmas dreams will come true but the only problem is Abbie does not have any Christmas dreams or so she thinks.Libby Mercer creates a nice and original story line with a treasure hunt as a Secret Santa gift that is sure to please the avid reader The problem I had with the novella was the cursing in the beginning and again near the end which seemed to be out of place Nonetheless, this is a good story with plenty of Christmas Cheer.Twelve Drummers Drumming by Laura ChapmanAutumn and Tuck are headed to Westminster, Colorado for Christmas with their families while staying at a home built into the side of a mountain with a breathtaking view This is a much deserved vacation for Tuck who is a band drummer and Autumn because of Tuck s band schedule that rarely allows them time alone together This will be a special Christmas for Autumn and Tuck that neither knows about the special gifts they will share with each other.Laura Chapman s romantic Christmas story is full of love, family, and friends that may bring a tear to your eye Not that it happened to me, I am just saying wink, wink.Merry Bright has six great Christmas tales that will surely delight any faithful chick lit genre reader on a cozy afternoon or evening with a cup of joe or glass of wine This collection would definitely be appreciated as a gift to a fellow avid reader for Christmas or anytime which I am highly recommending.I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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    This review was peviosuly posted on Corazones Literarios This book was provied by the editor via CLP Book Tour in exchange a honest review In general, this book was very entertainent I really enjoy have a holiday read and each tale brings some joy and lovelyness in this time of the year.A Very Dixie Chritsmas by Lauren Clark was, like, my favorite story of all I think it was perfect as the introduction to the book It actually has everything we want on christmas friends, love, gifts, kids, believing on magic things, and of course the eternal and always wanted, christmas miracle I think it was perfect, and I love the characters and the holiday feeling that this story has I love it.Christmas at Mulberry Inn by Cindy Arora was great as well, and it just another of my favorites I love the romance in it You know, christmas is also about love between couples and to find someone that chance our world So, I was very happy to read this story that not necessary has sex or lot of over the top stuff, no, it s just romantic, sweet and lovely It s like, a summer romance but on christmas It is just perfect, very italian or spanish air with all the wine and the small town spirit Ice Dating by Nancy Scrofano was as great I like it but I felt that it doesn t suposse to hapend that way I don t want to say much to not give away but, my whole problem is that I think that Jake is the one who should be back I think that she hadn t over him yet and that makes me wonder if she hasn t really learn from her guy problem or that she doesn t care, I don t know Everything was developing so good and I was feeling for her but then it ended too soon for me to understand anything, so I just was like, would this work it out It s not that I didn t like it, I didn t like how it end it I think that it does has lot of petetial but larging the story and give us to swoon about it I would totally read it, I actaully like the idea that author give us of it It would be amazing Meet Me Under the Mistletoe by Isabella Louise Anderson You know when you previously read some great stories that keep you wonder and give you some beautiful romance, you expect that that continious in the following stories as well But there s something that will always ruin what you re reading and that is the instant love Readers hate instalove and it s not a hashtag from Instagram I just I can t comment becuase it DOES has instalove It ruins my read, and sorry, because I don t want to be mean but it just was that.Secret Santa by Libby Mercer was so much fun I think it was funny and original idea to develope It keep you wonder like half of the read but then you know what s going to happend and you re happy about it becuase at the end it work out perfectly I think that story it gives you hope and corage to look for love and don t give up I just enjoy this read so much, and as I said, it s fun.Twelve Drummers Drumming by Lauren Chapman was just so lovely It left me with a big smile after I finished it It was so romantic Twelve Days of Christmas is my favorite song from the holidays, so reading about it is just a plus I enjoy this very much, as I said sooo romantic, I never imagine the bad boys could be so lovelies I need to look if this is part of a series becuase it seems so and I can t wait to find the whole story and the other bands member Overall, I enjoy this anthology It make you happy and warm this season Except for just one the stories each of them give sweet, beautiful romance and will keep you whishing for I recommend it.

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    Merry Christmas Blogosphere I hope you re all enjoying some freedom family, and friends over the Christmas New Years break If you re suffering from some holiday blues, however, then I suggest picking up a copy of Merry Bright for a cheer up These six stories are full of Christmas cheer, romance, family drama, mistletoe and fresh baked goodies.Each story was based on a different female character s experiences in the holidays Personally, my favourite was the first story in the anthology A Very Dixie Christmas by Lauren Clark Perhaps this had something to do with it being the longest story in the anthology, or perhaps it was the skill with which Clark immediately pulled us into the warm world of the Ella Rae Bakery Had this story been turned into a full length novel, I think I could have easily devoured it I ll be keeping an eye out for her future works In Christmas at Mulberry Inn Cindy Arora quickly set the scene of her Christmas tale with some interesting characters and a festive holiday setting These characters were surprisingly well developed for such a short story, and I was again left wanting I did feel that the story was wrapped up a little quickly, considering the details in the first half of it, but it was fun and engaging I d be happy to return to the Mulberry Inn anytime I found Ice Dating by Nancy Scrofano and Secret Santa by Libby Mercy a little clich In part, I blame the length It s hard to describe four failed engagements in 30 pages, as Scrofano tried to do in Ice Dating , which meant that the story seemed a little far fetched, and hard to relate to Similarly, in Secret Santa , I picked the twist early on and found the story quite un engaging perhaps there just wasn t the time to hook me Twelve Drummers Drumming by Laura Chapman was a feel good love story, about finding a good man and trusting your instincts jumping to conclusions can be a bad idea The idyllic snowy setting and little Christmas miracle brought a smile to my face.For those looking for a racy read, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Isabella Louise Anderson held tinges of what I imagine 50 Shades of Grey to hold though I refuse to read the latter for the sake of my literary integrity While things can t get too spicy under the mistletoe in less than 35 pages, Anderson manages to write a love at first sight romance.All in all, I think this anthology had a little something for everyone The stories were short, and perfect to read in one sitting in between the crazy running around of Christmas, or when you re feeling a little of the Christmas blues I did catch a few spelling mistakes, enough to drive a grammar nut a little crazy, but not enough to turn me off the book.Christmas may be over for 2013, but you can grab a copy for a few dollars and keep it on your bookshelf ready for next year Merry Christmas

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    Merry Bright is the perfect collection of Christmas stories guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit This is the great group of chick lit reads that as a little of everything that showcases some of the best authors around While I love all the reads for different reasons my favorite is A Very Dixie Christmas I m a sucker a great Southern read and this one delivers without a doubt We met a single mother just trying to make it with her daughter all while she tries to keep her daughters faith in the Christmas spirit just a little longer When her daughter comes across a classmate who doesn t believe in Christmas she makes it her mission to get all parties involved in believing that Christmas, Santa and all things about the holidays are something to believe in I found these stories magical, funny and just the thing to make the season bright If you want something entertaining and not time consuming then I recommend Merry Bright, I dare you not to fall in love with these fantastic reads.

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    When I reviewed this on www.justheardreadseen.com, I actually gave it three and a half stars but I can t seem to do that on here.This great little curl up and escape with happy endings is one of those books you just can t help but like It s not ever going to win a Pulitzer but it s not meant to It s meant to do exactly what it does do let you escape from reality and get a good Christmas dose of the warm fuzzies.From the single mom wanting a perfect Christmas to the surprise Christmas wedding, it s sugary, sweet, and really enjoyable.Chick lit and Romance are often criticized for the warm glow, happy ending formuals but as the wonderful, late Sandra Hyatt told me in an interview sometimes I like gourmet dining, sometimes I like pizza There is nothing wrong with a little escapism, she said, and certainly nothing wrong with a happy ending she believed they were good for us And I tend to agree.Merry Bright delivers on its promises it s merry, it s bright, it has perfect happy endings and it makes you smile.And really what s wrong with that

Sip Your Eggnog, Linger Under The Mistletoe, And Make A Christmas Wish Merry Bright Brings You Six Tales Of Christmas Cheer, Featuring Stories Of Budding Romances, Southern Charm, Lost Loves, Heaps Of Humor, And Lots Of Pie By Authors Isabella Louise Anderson, Cindy Arora, Laura Chapman, Lauren Clark, Libby Mercer, And Nancy Scrofano From Sunny Los Angeles To The Rocky Mountains To The Deep South, Merry Bright Will Take You On A Heartwarming Adventure You Ll Love To Visit Again And Again Wrap Yourself In Holiday Mirth And Prepare To Be Swept Off Your Feet

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About the Author: Isabella Louise Anderson

Isabella Louise grew up with a book in her hand, and to this day nothing has changed Aside from writing, she focuses her time on featuring other authors on her blog, Chick Lit Goddess, along with sharing book reviews Isabella Louise is also a member of the Romance Writers of America.She lives in Dallas with her husband, enjoys spicy Indian and Mexican food, margaritas, and red and white wines S