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For Years I Have Followed His Life, Biding My TimeI Will Infiltrate His Life,I Will Have My RevengeMadeline Has Followed Businessman Daniel Harker From Afar, Biding Her Time For The Perfect Opportunity To Infiltrate His Life And Seek Her Revenge But She Has Not Countered For The Powerful Presence Of This Enigmatic ManAs Their Lives Entwine, A Compelling Obsession Develops Between Them And Madeline Must Fight To Retain Control A Short Erotic Romance With Strong Scenes Of Explicit Sex, This Is Suitable Only For Those Over Prelude The Tension In The Room Reached A New Level The Predatory Look In His Eyes Her Anxiety Took On Added Meaning As Nothing Could Distract From The Heightened Air Of Sexual Attraction Between Them The Presence Of This Man Who Seemed To Wield Control Over Her Senses, An Arousal That Consumed Her As She Stood Within His Reach, His Raw Masculinity Barely Concealed Behind The Refined Tailored Suit He Wore

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    Holy Hell, this was hot and intense sex, strong characters, interesting plot.I was so not ready for this to end Great plot and interesting characters Madeline is determined to revenge on Daniel, we don t know what for, but she hasn t countered for the strength of his character and the way in which he imposes his will on her Conflicted, she is drawn in, all the time knowing she will destroy him Hot scenes and mystery, loved it.

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    Blah terrible. So dumb. Horrible editing. Typos left and right. Terrible plot you had no clue why she was trying to get something to Daniel until the end only to find out he had nothing to do with it. and it was a WTF ending..

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    Let me start by saying, I m eternally grateful that this was a freebie Paying for a book like this isn t something I want on my conscience.What the f did I just read The writing was a mix up between trying too hard and not trying at all The POV switching within the same paragraphs was giving me a whiplash not to mention the confusion it creates The story had some good moments and a few steamy scenes, but for me it didn t make up for the overall failure I don t even remember the character names and I just finished reading And the first place for biggest disappointment goes to THE ENDING You keep that big secret dangling just out of reach, begging us to read on to find out what it is and that s how you end it Seriously

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    Madeline Taylor is obsessed with Daniel Harker, but not the type of obsession that you would think Madeline wants to destroy Daniel and is planning on doing just that After Maddy acquired a job as Daniels PA, she put her plan in motion and started to look for evidence that she could use against him Daniel on the other hand had other plans for Maddy He wanted to get to know her intimately and Maddy knew that if she was to get her revenge, she needed to comply with his every whim After her first sexual encounter with him, Maddy realized that she was losing focus but, couldn t stop seeing him because she was starting to have feelings for him Soon after seeing Daniel with another woman, Maddy regains her focus and puts her plan back in motion I won t give away everything but Maddy had to decide if revenge is worth losing someone that she is really starting to care for.This is a really good book with really steamy sex scenes I recommend reading this book

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    Loved this one I recently started getting into NA novels and this one is steaming Great chemistry between the characters which kept me turning pages long into the night I loved that Madeleine had a vengeful streak I get a little tired of romance novels where the female is a meek, submissive little mouse This chick has spunk This is a quick read which you will finish in one entertaining sitting The writing is so immersive that you won t want to put it down Definitely recommended

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    This Book was very sexy, steamy, with drama was well, suspense and highly erotic content.It was beautifully written with a very interesting plot,the characters were amazing it captivated my attention from beginning to the end of the bookLaura Bailey has written a sophisticated, highly erotic read, that I highly recommend.

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    In the fifty shades genre, full of extremely HOT Kinky Dominant action, with likeable characters an exciting plot Absolutely Schmexy with a hot handsome alpha deviantly delicious

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    Awesome bookdid NOT like the end It was too abrupt I hope there s going to be a sequel.

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    Laura Bailey has written a sophisticated, highly erotic read