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After reading the reviews on this, I was expecting a lot I know it s erotica, but still after 45 pages, I expect the characters to have a little personality But nope, five interchangeable men who want to shar one curvy but otherwise nondescript woman The sex is mostly repetitive gang bangs, and honestly I was preoccupied with the absolute lack of understanding of English vocabulary, spelling or grammar Never mind that in half the scenes the author couldn t remember that the woman put on a dress but her lovers are taking off her blouse and skirts, or that the new twist that she d never felt before had already been done two chapters ago I can t believe is charging money for this pile of drivel that hasn t even been through spell check. Kept lots of hot mind blowing sex wish there was interaction with the people of a store then bedroom action. An Exclusive Private Members Club, Where A Group Of Tightly Bonded Men Indulge Their Secret Forbidden Desire To Share Just One Woman, To Indulge Her, Possess Her, Claim Her, Over And Over Leave Your Everyday Cares Behind And Step Into The Decadent Fantasy Of The Club Fulfill All Your Secret Desires Gabrielle Finds Herself Treasured, Adored, Possessed, By The Most Alluringly Handsome Millionaires Thrilling Forbidden Sexual Acts Performed On Her Without Restraint, Pure Sexual Fulfillment Given To Her By These Brooding, Magnetic, Stunningly Masculine Men, Scorching Her Soul And Biding Them To Her In Their Secret Surrender To Her Raw Primal Sex, Unrestrained Menages, Unadulterated Explicit Sexual Acts Fulfilling Her Wildest Fantasies As She Yields To Them In Utter Abandon The Most Erotic Scenes Of Sexual Possession holy hell, hottest dirty talk i ve ever read non stop seduction and sex, loved it who needs a plot when you got this repetitive Didn t matter how they changed the surroundings it just seemed like the same scene over and over again. Like that the men devote themselves to her, never push her to do anything she doesn t want and really care for her Totally EROTIC and Scorching Hot writing read very explicit and totally ADDICTIVE Something you can read over and over again This is a very naughty book Very naughty I can t say that there is much character development or an arc to the story other than many, many climaxes It was educational I can t decide I can confidently tell you it was naughtyI have no idea what the ending signifies If it were me, I probably would have taken the gift in the wrong way, especially because it wasn t given in person but that is me Perhaps they were tired of giving to her in person If you read the book you ll understand.I may have purchased the first edition and it looks like there are 2 in print I suspect the 3rd edition will be better edited because there are a number of grammatical, sentence structure errors in this first edition I usually don t get my panties in a bunch about that but I did have to re read paragraphs a number of times because I thought I wasn t reading the sentence correctly only to discover the wording was incorrect I wonder if the English wasn t the writers first language It isn t the end of the world There are also some spacial physicality issues where I couldn t figure out the choreography of certain activities I gave it 4 stars based on boldness, imagination, creativity and bravado. I gave this story what I read of it anyway three stars because the sex was hot No doubt about it HOWEVER I thought for sure this would have some sort of plot or something but I was severely disappointed It was nothing but sex and while again it was hot, I just wanted of an actual story She goes on this job interview and the guy tells her what they want and she comes back the next not even 24 hours later, I m sorry but I would need to think a little harder about what they were offering I didn t finish it I stopped at 5 chapters in so who knows what the rest held, but unfortunately for me, I will not be finding out Don t let my review keep you from reading because Laura Bailey is very talented. five hot, sexy men..one very lucky lady.who wouldn t want that job sometimes you want to just read a hot erotic bookthis one is it.and then dream on Considering the story is about 5 guys and 1 woman, I thought it would be pretty hot I was wrong Sure, there s lots of sex, but the story is meant to be these 5 hot men, pleasuring this one woman, making her feel treasured and special and blah, blah, blah, when really all they re doing is taking turns in getting off Not really sexy.