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What If The Horrors Of A Seemingly Innocent And Fun Haunted House Attraction Were Real What If Someone Were Inside With You, Stalking You And Feeding On Your Fear What If Every Corner Of The Maze Were Deadly What If You Couldn T Get Out The Horror Tells The Story Of Lisa And Alan, Two College Teens Visiting A Theatrical Haunted Maze Themed After Local Urban Legends Once Inside It Becomes Clear That The Macabre, Grisly Sights Are Not Just Smoke And Mirrors, And Gallons Of Fake Blood, But The Gory Work Of A Deranged Psychopath Who Is Inside The House, Hunting Them ThisPage One Shot Novellete Aka An Extended Short Story Was A Labor Of Love, A Tribute To The Slasher Genre, And Was Inspired By One Of Author Randy L Shaffer S Worst Fears That Someone Sinister Could Easily Stalk An Unassuming Guest In A Haunted House Maze The Result Is A Terrifying, Atmospheric Ride Through A Fast Paced, Nail Biting Narrative That Simply Does Not Let Up Be On The Lookout For A Follow Up One Shot In FallAlso, Check Out Randy L Shaffer S Other Books, Including The Dramatic Short Story, Does She Smile At Home , The Spirited Novella, Vampire Zombie Claus, And His Goosebumps For Adults Short Story Series, Wicked Neighborhood With Titles Including The Stray Cats And The Foot Praise For The Horror The Horror Offers Fresh Scares Within The Traditional Feel Of The Scary Story Shaffer Has Possibly Ruined Haunted Houses For Most Of His Readers, But In A Good Way Horror Writers Visceral And Terrifying Review Once You Start This Short Story You Won T Want To Put It Down Until It S Done Review Chilling Review The True Sign Of A Good Horror Story Is The Impact Of The Realistic Fear On Its Readerand This Is As Realistic As It Can Get Review The Horror Has Enjoyed ThanDays As One Of S TopBest Selling Horror Short Stories

About the Author: Randy Shaffer

Randy L Shaffer has been an imaginative force of nature since his early days growing up near Cleveland, Ohio Today, he is a novelist, screenwriter, nonfiction writer, journalist, traveler, comedian, and cat owner He loves movies, books, horror and cuddly things He s also a former film and home video journalist for numerous popular websites.Randy is currently working on a slew of projects, from

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    Brainycat s 5 B s blood 3boobs 0bombs 0bondage 0blasphemy 2 Stars 3 Bechdel Test FAIL Deggan s Rule FAIL Gay Bechdel Test FAIL Please note I don t review to provide synopses, I review to share a purely visceral reaction to books and perhaps answer some of the questions I ask when I m contemplating investing time and money into a book. This is a very quick read, too short and simple to be marketed as a novella It doesn t really add anything to the crazed chainsaw wielding psychopath slaughtering kids trapped in a locked house genre, but it is mercifully well edited Mr Shaffer is no Ed Lee, nor is he trying to be this is a middle of the road bog standard not especially gruesome slasher Comforting in it s predictability, to be honest The writing is competent if not expansive the pacing, arc and resolution all worked well but I felt the sentence structures to be repetitive and the vocabulary to be a bit limited I m feeling generous because I got this free through Kindle Unlimited I dve paid up 0.50 before feeling ripped off.

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    A classic short story that is far better than ninety percent of short stories I have recently read.Now this was a fun short story I recommend to anyone who doesn t have time to read a full novel but needs a quick rush I love the idea of a madman serial killer using a Halloween haunted house to do his dirty deeds Charley scans the line of people waiting to go though the house of horrors, looking for the perfect victims He finds the perfect unsuspecting couple, and once its their turn to enter, he locks the doors and begins his killing spree which also includes hired actors inside the house dressed as monsters and zombies.A bit campy, but I highly recommend The Horror Enjoy

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    I love me some Horror and this short story did not disappoint Well written and very descriptive it held my attention until the very end I amLooking forward to reading stories by this author.

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    So this short story was something I picked up because it looked interesting and luckily that s exactly what it turned out to be It was somewhat formulaic but that s what the author was aiming for in doing a homage to serial killer movies It did utilize an interesting setting and some clever inclusion of the local folklore which was a nice touch Also I liked that the people were reasonable in the face of such terror and also that the villain was evil for evil s sake with no back story or anything In some ways someone willing to kill for the hell of it is far scarier than someone nursing a grudge for something very real that d been done against them in the past It was quite entertaining and definitely warrants a read.

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    Ho,humanother teeny gore story, not terribly impressed Getting slapped by one of the actors in a haunted house was not any scarier Real life, don t snap their masks There are actual people under them, and they DO get pissed.

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    This book was crapReally Are you kidding me This was not a real book This was a high school essay contest I want my.99 back.

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    Cray Craya good tale kinda gross in a few spotsI won t be going there in my lifetime but a good tale.

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    Seriously Just as soon as it was getting interesting it was over Less than one hundred pages Probably less than 50 Very disappointing.